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  1. Odyn

    Looking at a 3.0 TDI but is the bitdi better?

    Sports diff is not standard on the BiTDI. I have owned a 2.0 Ultra, had a 272 for an afternoon test drive and have owned a BiTDI A6 for 6 months. The extra grunt in the BiTDI imo is not that noticeable, maybe once you get over 100+ mph you see a difference but in my own experience driving 0-60...
  2. Odyn

    My new 2017 A6 Avant Black Edition

    Lovely car, congratulations. I love Moonlight Blue, nearly went for it on mine but went for the bolder choice with Misano Red. Any options specced?
  3. Odyn

    What colour A6 Avant would you avoid?

    I have a Black Edition in Misano Red, think it looks fantastic! Pretty rare too which I like, though a bit more showy than the standard palate which makes you feel a bit conspicuous sometimes. Don't think I'd avoid any colours tbh, I think BE A6s look great in all the colours they do. I did see...
  4. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Coulsdon Audi Croydon, so not far from Sheerness. You?
  5. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Ha, well that rather takes the sheen off it! Should've known! Spoke to my dealer today who is going to raise a transport order to get my car from Sheerness. Finance docs are coming through the post..
  6. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Mine showed as status 40 on Friday morning (00:00) and haven't heard from the dealer since. I will phone him first thing Monday morning to ask about timeframes. Last time I spoke to him he told me he had some cars arrive in the UK on the Thursday and he had them in his compound on Monday so...
  7. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Woken up to Status 39 this morning! So arrived at Emden on Sunday and registered as on a boat today. It's getting close!
  8. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Neckarsulm :chuncky:
  9. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I feel for you. Which factory is your build at?
  10. Odyn

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Hi all, thought I'd join in the fun on this thread! A6 was ordered through a very helpful broker/dealership on the 8th of June. Dealer amended a stock order due for build week beginning 3rd July. Build started the Thursday beforehand and left the factory with status 30 on the 6th. Just seen...
  11. Odyn

    Alarming Fuel consumption

    My economy was in the 50s today also, while I've been averaging 40s all winter. 2.0 TDI S Tronic Avant on 20s.
  12. Odyn

    Orange Wheels Go-to-dealer?

    If you're happy then go for it! This thread was about how they were misleading last year on how long it would take to deliver certain cars for factory orders. I found this out after placing an order and being told it would be December delivery, but upon ringing Audi UK they informed me there...
  13. Odyn

    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    Well that makes me look a bit foolish! Whatever the colour it looks lovely, enjoy the car.
  14. Odyn

    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    Congrats! It's an absolute beauty. I love my daytona grey but I'm still not sure I made the right decision over black. All that really tipped it for me was that my last car was black so I wanted something different. Which black paint is it? Feel free to post more pics and opinions!
  15. Odyn

    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    That's great, not long to wait now!
  16. Odyn

    My A6 Avant Black Edition

    Congrats mate, lovely car :) I think it looks great in white! What wheels are you replacing the rotors with?
  17. Odyn

    New to the C7

    I guess some would call it sacrilege, but I do think it sounds great and the BiTDI is a beast! I've ordered some of those carbon mirror covers from HK too after seeing yours :)
  18. Odyn

    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    Thanks! Any developments with your build yet? I had a day off work today so decided to clean my filthy car and give it some winter protection with a wax and sealant product (Gyeon Wetcoat). Also made a video for fun :D
  19. Odyn

    A6 2.0 S Line Ultra TDI Black edition - Newbie question ?

    Interesting topic as I've found this fairly similar with my 16 plate Ultra. Highest MPG I've seen is just over 50 which was actually on a fairly short run (15 miles) and usually sitting around 45-48 on motorway journeys and commuting on A-Roads. My car's done 6k miles so I'm hoping the...
  20. Odyn

    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    Glad to hear you have a build date, when do you think you'll get the car in that case? January? I ended up buying the car I described from Halesowen and I've actually had it for 2 weeks now! Very pleased overall and thanks to a £2000 deposit contribution, 2 free services and withdrawing from...