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    Hi fozRB25 - I received your message, but the vehicle is no longer for sale. Thanks.

    Hi fozRB25 - I received your message, but the vehicle is no longer for sale. Thanks.
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    EPC Light on...

    Just a thought on the cruise - the stalk has to be in the 'on' position which doesnt give any indication that is on. I think its either pushed back or pulled towards you (as if you were flashing your head lights). Then give it a try.
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    S3 Sprint Blue in Bridlington

    Thanks gogz, Ive posted in there before with no replies but I guessed people will check this forum more than the spotters...!
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    S3 Sprint Blue in Bridlington

    Just seen this in town - anybody on here?
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    Smashed Air Con Condenser - Advice Needed!

    Kempysue - is this an 8P or 8V S3? Brand new I would expect a little more from Audi - I guess you have already had 'strong' words with them?
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    Paul Walker Memorial at Teesside Park 28th December

    As above - anybody attending?
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    Error free LED number plate bulbs for facelift 8P - a decent alternative!

    +1 for this problem. I had these installed for a lot longer, and during the winter now I had two dry vertical lines from the number plate lights up to the back window. Took the bulbs out this weekend and the plastic has melted. Needless to say I have now replaced the bulbs with the originals...
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    Just got some coilovers fitting advice

    Mat - I asked a similar question and somebody gave me this link. Although I am considering the job myself, this will give you an idea of whats in - Koni Coilover Install DIY
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    S3 service light reset

    +1 VCDS works everytime, had it done twice now to my car. However, you need to be sure to select the correct service reset in the big list, some are for european countries, some are for variable or fixed servicing etc. If you get the wrong one it wont clear it.
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    Horn doesn't work after swapping for a FBMFSW

    PS any pics of the completed install?
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    Lowering Springs Install Guide

    As above - does anybody have a step-by-step guide with photos? Or a guide for replacing springs? Or installing coil overs? Have tried searching but can't seem to find anything. Looking at perhaps lowering but I would like to know what I am dealing with before I start - would I need spring...
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    Auto lights/wipers/dimming rear view mirror & CH/LH install complete!

    As this requires replacement of the windscreen, does anybody have the Audi part numbers of the glass with the bracket already pre-installed? With sunstrip options? Thanks.
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    Help! Milltek Install Problems - Pictures Inside

    OK - so finally got to the bottom of the problems... Turns out the part numbers match an A3 2.0T FSI Quattro and are NOT for an S3. Hence why it may be longer and unable to fit it to my car!
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    TPMS on 2010 S3

    Anybody have a solution for this for 2010 cars? Thanks.
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    Is there a DIY guide for the pollen filter replacement? Thanks. EDIT: Yes there is: 2006-2013 Audi A3 Cabin Air Filter Check - 2008 Audi A3 Quattro 3.2L V6
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    Smashed Air Con Condenser - Advice Needed!

    OK guys - finally sorted this out and put the car back together. Costs (not including my time) inc vat: Condenser - £180 Intercooler - £239 Air con recharge - £30 Total - £449 If I had gone to Audi, the parts would have been £600 inc vat, plus labour (quoted 4hrs) of £300. So hopefully halved...
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    TPMS on 2010 S3

    NHN - tried the coding last night from the previous thread ( Managed to get the warning light but no options in the DIS. We came across the same stumbling point where we...
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    TPMS on 2010 S3

    ABS controller is 1AT? Is that the info you were looking for?
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    Retrofitting coming home lights uptodate information

    Ah so are you saying the wire only needs grounding once to turn it 'on'. And then you tap it on ground again to turn it off? So in theory, if I coded, tapped ground, I could then leave it turned on forever more?