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    Retrofit USB port?

    SA maps in Audi SA cost around 3500 to 4000 rand (around 250 pounds), the discs for SA get updated every 2 years so next update only next year. The unit from Ebay is a good buy, I had a few friends who bought and installed it with no hassle. Some people take paypal, others you need to go...
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    Audi S3 clutch problem

    Thank you. Can you also please give me price for replacement clutch and part number? Also is it special order in the UK that takes a few days/weeks to arrive?
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    Audi S3 clutch problem

    Are you able to provide some information on this? If not that is fine.
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    Audi S3 clutch problem

    Hi there, In the 8P Audi A3 section, there are a couple of guys wit S3's (both modded and standard) that have had their clutches/flywheels replaced recently... most of these seem to be from 2007 models fitted with the LUK clutch, which appeared to have been changed to a SACHS unit from middle...
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    My new toy has arrived!

    So, what does it feel like?
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    Please Help - My Car Is Bust

    So can you just indicate if you had to pay for the clutch upgrade yourself or if Audi covered it (in full or part?), and also what it cost? This is pretty scary stuff, as it is a wear/tear item not normally covered unless your dealer has a good understanding of the problem.
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    Please Help - My Car Is Bust

    How many km's/miles on your cars? I'm sure if you get there with 30,000km or so (which would be normal for a 2007 car) they will just shout misuse? Or are there technical articles or referenes you can point them to? How much does such a clutch replacement cost in South Africa?
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    New S3 ASR / ESP

    But thats only on the facelift S3? The pre-facelift was just one press for everything?
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    A pic I have to share!

    Looks like a fun day :) Sad to say though, but the pre-facelift S3 currently looks very very old compared to the facelift one :(
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    My Revo Stage2+ S3 has a new clutch...

    What links did you print out showing the investigations?
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    S3 exhausts

    one last question, what is the size of the standard S3 exhaust, 3"?
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    S3 exhausts

    Do you recommend changing the whole exhaust or just fitting the DP?
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    S3 exhausts

    Thanks Rabbit. I'm in Pietermaritzburg but will call them and see if they can ship down or something. How is your Milltek, how many boxes etc did it come with? Did it change the note quite a lot? I find that the car seems to have a very mono-ish tone to it, does it improve or does it just get...
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    S3 exhausts

    For those that have done the full exhaust on the system, what make/how many boxes etc did you put on? Was thinking of changing the exhaust on the S3 and doing downpipe at the same time. Is there a problem with droning with the car or what do you suggest to do if you get that? Also, is the car...
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    ECU Reflash reliability?

    S3's in South Africa with chip + intake + downpipe are doing around 205kW on the wheels, with no problems. 1/4 mile times in the middle of 13 seconds at Johannesburg altitude (1600m above sea level I think)
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    Forge CAI + Forge DV - dont know whether I am being paranoid

    The Forge does make a lot of really scary noises. It should choo-choo-choo around 3500 to 4500 rpm or so as it regulates under WOT, and then under hard throttle when gear change you should get a quick, hard sound as well (a very scary one like your turbo wants to climb out from the car). A bit...
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    Fogging up front window

    Does anyone else find their front window on the pre-facelift S3 fog up when the temperature inside is more than say 3 or 4 degrees higher or lower than the outside temp? The fogging seems to happen on the outside, as a quick splash and dash wiper movement gets rid of it. Anything you can put on...
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    Altering time for ch/lh lights

    If your 07 that does a needle sweep on startup, you got the 08 cluster which should support these options, as the 08 cluster was fitted after the July 07 builds. There is no difference between the UK and SA ones.
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    Iphone 3G + Cradle

    Iphone 3G uses different pins to charge than the normal Iphone. So the cradle you got is probably not compatible with it.
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    Anybody flash their S3s with REVO Stage2+ ?

    *bump* Did you get the file?