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    Headlight ballast

    Hi guys, not posted on here in a while as I got rid of the 'S' in march (sorely missing it, it has to be said) Got a pretty mint phase1 mk2 clio 172 now. Quick enough but its no S3. Anyway, I was having a clearout of old bits and have found the old ballast that I took from the Audi after the...
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    Time for Stage 2 me thinks....REVO Stage 2 Owners Help

    Welly just get a new TIP on there and get that stage 2 on it you know you want to. lol.
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    Power Steering Pipe

    The metal pipe went on mine as well when I still had it. Makes a horrible noise when your PAS system is low on fluid. What is the purpose of this pipe anyway ? It just seem to come out of the rack and go back in again ??
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    Pillar Pods

    My suggestion is to manufacturer your own using fibre glass and a 2nd hand a pillar off ebay so that you can return it to stock if required. I did this once for tweeter pods on the wing mirror internal covers on a mondeo and it looked like the car came like that when I had finished. takes a...
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Did a bit of heavy braking last night with the clio just to check what was happening, and it didnt squirm at all, which I thought odd. Then i did a sudden sharp heavy breaking run and that is when it squirmed a bit. So basicly controlled heavy breaking it is fine, its just sudden breaking...
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    I'll have a look at the actuator rod thingy then when I get chance cheers bud.
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    I also sold my S3 to get a cheaper car, althugh I opted for a LOT cheaper car in a 2000 W plate 172. It isnt as quick that is certain and I found my mapped S3 with bilsteins and H&R springs held the road a lot better, the clio squirms a lot under heavy braking although I havent wet my pants...
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    O/S Front Window Problem, Went bang !!!

    order a new clip from audi/vw. 30 mins max job to sort. I would order two clips whilst you are there for what they cost just so you dont have this hassle again with that door and make sure you grease the runners before you put it all back together again.
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    hazard lights stuck on

    yeh the black trim is just clipped in, carefully get a cloth +flat-headed screwdriver behind it, it doesnt take much force IIRC to prise it off. It should all be clear from there. As for the cup holder, mind was a bit iffy going back in sometimes so i priced a new one up from Audi it was over...
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    Brakes doing my head in

    Take it to a VAG specialist who can plug in a laptop and bleed it properly useing VAG-COM. I can reccomend C&R enterprises in Nottingham, they did mine when even JBS struggled to get it right. The reason VAG-COM needs to be used is that it will activate the ABS pump which pressures up the...
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    hazard lights stuck on

    takes about 5 minutes to change. lol. There is another not so common fault as well, so if this doesnt solve it, start looking at your ECU.
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    HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!

    Are you using wheel spacers ?
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    Why might my S3 be smelling of petrol pretty much all the time?

    I had this and the fix was unbelieveable easy. Under the rear bench there are two service hatches to get to the petrol tank both removed with about 3 screws I think, under each one of these (or at least one anywaay) is like a screw on cap to the top of the tank, one of mine had worked its way...
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    Everyone Is SELLING UP

    I am only selling mine to start a business. If I wasn't doing that there is no way I would sell mine even though I can only just afford to run it nowadays. If things go well I think i would probably aim for an RS4 as my next decent car as well either that or an M3. :D
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    Heating smells of puke!!

    It will be called air con cleaner or some thing similar. It smells strongly of lemon (or at least the one i used did) I had to set the aircon to LOW (making sure air con is on of course) also make sure it is on recirculate, you then put the passenger seat as far forward as poss and also tilt...
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    Recieved some goodies in the post today (ARB related)

    Damn all this time i put off buying ARBs cas I thought they cost loads. Shame as I am selling the '3' now so I'll probably never experience what the car feels like with these on. ahh well. Hope you enjoy em bud.
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    Looking for some opinions on buying an s3.

    I do ~1000 miles a month and spend about £250ish a month on fuel. Hence the reason I am selling mine. The only problem with buying a high mileage car for me is, has the previous owner maintained it, and I dont just mean servicing it, I mean to be quite anal about things on the car that don't...
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    another s3 boost problem

    I would be interested to know what the answer to this is. As mine is requesting 1.4 and actual is 1.2bar, MAF reading is also low on mine at 182 g/s, so it sounds to me like we have a similar problem.
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    Double to single din conversion

    that fascia is for an 8P noone makes a double din Fascia for the 8L.
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    17705 + car not making requested boost

    posted this in a rush earlier. James' explanation was that he thinks the wastegate has cracked so it cant seal fully therefore leaking boost, and throwing up a 17705 error code and also not making requested boost. He seems to think it will most likely be the Turbo. I had a think about this and...