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  1. evilbow

    Wheel Centre Cap Help!

    Hi guys My dads A4 Convertible had its centre caps stolen last night from his wheels. The wheels are 6 spoke 8e0601 025J I know the part number for them is 8E0601165A 7ZJ But with him a distance away to save me a 150mile round trip does anyone have these centre caps the could measure and let...
  2. evilbow

    Mk5 Golf

    Hi guys been a while since I've been on, was loured away to Civics for a few years and dreaded fords but back with a mk5 golf. wheels are dead a friend has offered me his A3 wheels i have standard suspension and brake set up, the wheels are 17" with 225/45 rubber 7.5j and et56 will I be ok...
  3. evilbow

    Back to A3

    Goin to test drive a 2.0Tdi tomorrow. Unsure what to expect. Last tdi I drive was horrendous. Wasnt an Audi tho, it was a vectra :P
  4. evilbow

    Back to A3

    Hi guys. Previously owned a couple of 8L A3's a few years back. But went to Focus St then onto my current Civic. Now after a neighbour hit this and didnt own up I've decided to come back to Audi. Looking for some advice. Been looking through the site for buyers tips etc. I've decided on a...
  5. evilbow

    Front seat problem

    any other suggestions
  6. evilbow

    Front seat problem

    The back support of mines goes forward and back and locks into place ok. It's the actual seat part were yer butt sits that's movin forward and up like it's not clicked into place underneath right royal pain
  7. evilbow

    Front seat problem

    Hi guys My front seat won't lock down into position anymore. I'm driving along and it's flying forward n back. Not the back bit that still works ok back and forward and locks into place. But it's the actual part you sit on that is moving up and forward and down and back. Have tried to...
  8. evilbow

    WTF! Rain = Cant See......

    I am a comfort whore....:applaus::laugh:
  9. evilbow

    headlight question.

    Thinking about this myself and think you need to modify the bodywork slightly with a piece cut out to allow full unit to fit in
  10. evilbow

    Audi key cutting

    Hi I recently purchased a flip key fob of Ebay, Took it to local key cutting place who quoted me £5 and said leave it for 10 mins come back, when I returned he said was unable to cut it showed me it and in the 10mins it had only cut into the blade about 3 or 4 mm?? He said had never seen that...
  11. evilbow

    Tow bar on S3

    Thinking on removing mine, once I get rid of those orrible wheeelllsss:tumble: Only just purchased it so lucky it has a back light lens cracked:whistle2: so its new set of facelift rears first:icon_thumright:
  12. evilbow

    Free Audi Health Checks?

    Is it worth getting done Mike? o is it basic stuff like checking levels etc?
  13. evilbow

    Free Audi Health Checks?

    Thats from the website So although it says NO PURCHASE NECESSARY its not free?
  14. evilbow

    Free Audi Health Checks?

    Do Audi do free Health checks on your car, giving a report on its condition and anything needing done?? Ands its FREE?? I'm also enquirying with them over a patch of rust 6inches long at bottom of drivers door? How stubborn are they over claims? Any requirments like FASH? Owned car for x...
  15. evilbow

    New to the site.. What wheels are these????? Prefer these ones and if hadnt just bought new kitcheb I'd be having them :sob:
  16. evilbow

    What on earth is this (and how do i remove it?)[pics]

    My BMW one was bolted to underneath the car mate, and wasn't bolts that a spanner could be used on, we had to use an angle grinder to cut it out:banghead:
  17. evilbow

    What on earth is this (and how do i remove it?)[pics]

    Look kinda the same as something i had fitted to an old BMW 325i years ago, its an anti theft device were if you put car into gear(usually reverse) another part would hold it there locked. removing is gonna be hell on earth cos the bolts wont have heads to remove, you'd need get underneath it...
  18. evilbow

    De wipering rear

    first I've seen that done, looks very nice:icon_thumright: well impressed
  19. evilbow

    New to the site.. What wheels are these????? C'mon then fight fight fight :laugh:
  20. evilbow

    1.8T Wheels - Not wanted

    link for ebay ones? just came bk to a3 from a4 n got the ****** steelies on em cos guy wouldnt include wheels he had in deal:banghead: