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  1. FranA3

    RSQ3 New Car Protection

    Something to brighten up a rather dull day, this Turbo blue RSQ3 received my new car protection detail recently with Gyeon MOHS being used for the protection of the paintwork. ———————————————————————— 07706 268041 ———————————————————————— Max Protect...
  2. FranA3

    Audi RS6 paint correction & ceramic coating.

    #Audi #RS6 #Phantomblack #audisportnet @audisportnet #paintenahncement #ceramiccoating [emoji838] Max Protect Approved Service Centre [emoji838] Ceramic Coating Specialist [emoji838] 20 years skilled trade [emoji838] International Detailers Assosiation [emoji838] Member of Professional Valeters...
  3. FranA3

    Audi 80 Cabriolet.

    Out of storage the lovely Audi 80 cabriolet for its annual MOT & clean. Detailed this lovely example 2 years ago, full paint correction & ceramic coating before it was put away in dry storage. 2 years later it is still perfect and the coating is working exactly as I applied it but that’s to be...
  4. FranA3

    Audi S3 paint enhancement & ceramic coating

    Good evening guys & gals, been super busy of late but haven’t posted on here for a little while, I’ve been busy at it working on lots of lovely Audi’s as per usual, here’s one I did on the weekend, a previous car I’ve worked on and this time the owner opting for ceramic coating for the...
  5. FranA3

    Audi RS4 Convertible paint correction detail

    Well this phantom black RS4 certainly needed some major paint correction but after some decent tlc it looked great :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. FranA3

    Audi A6 show car paint correction

    In for a paint correction detail this lovely A6 on Accuair air suspension. I first detailed this car some 5 years ago not long after the owner purchased it and installed the air ride and wheels etc. He then sold it and bought a Vw Jetta but then last year bought the A6 back and here we go back...
  7. FranA3

    Audi A8 paint correction detail.

    Recently I have this stunning grey A8 for a paint correction detail as the paint was lacking a bit of lustre due to a light covering in swirls and some overspray also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. FranA3

    John’s RS4 Maintenance

    Hi all just a little post to show johns lovely RS4 after its recent maintenance using TJ’s products. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. FranA3

    RS6 paint enhancement& ceramic coating

    In for a paint enhancement detail with Max Protect ceramic coatings on all exterior surfaces this stunning Sepang Blue RS6 C7 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. FranA3

    Audi A3 New Car Detail

    In for a new car detail another members lovely A3 S-Line black edition after getting recommendations from other members :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. FranA3

    Audi S3 badge change

    So today my good customer John asked me to change out the front & rear Audi rings on his wife’s Audi S3 saloon, happy to do such a job as I did on his RS3 & recently the RS4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. FranA3

    Audi RS4 Avant B9 New Car Detail

    In for a new car protection detail this stunning Nardo Grey Audi RS4 Avant. A recent purchase for a regular client of fmdetailing. Giving the RS4 the best start in life with a full exterior Max Protect ceramic coatings package, paint, glass & alloy wheels receiving protective coatings with the...
  13. FranA3

    New Car Details

    Hi folks next month see's the release of 18 reg, only a month away. Why no get those cars booked in for the best start in life with one of FM Detailing's new car details with the added bonus of up to 5 year ceramic coatings available from Max Protect that FM Detailing are approved by. Our new...
  14. FranA3

    Alex's Stunning Sepang S3 Sportback

    Back for a Paint Enhancement Detail with Max Protect coatings the stunning Sepang blue Audi S3 . First thing was the alloy wheels were cleaned inside and out before the snowfoam blanket was applied, once rinsed of the snowfoam and shampoo suds the exterior was dried with soft microfibre towels...
  15. FranA3

    FMdetailings Portfolio

    Hello and welcome to my ever expanding extensive portfolio working on some of the finest vehicles and privileged to be trusted to work upon them.
  16. FranA3

    Audi SQ7 New Car Detail

    Back in march i was contacted by a chap with a stunning new SQ7 on order and booked it in for a new car detail as soon as possible after delivery. Opting for ceramic coating protection for the best possible start in life. Starting off with a wheel clean in the shape of valetpro bilberry wheel...
  17. FranA3

    Audi S4 New Car Detail

    After seeing a few new Audi’s I’ve detailed recently my customer got in touch to carry out a new car Detail on this lovely S4 Avant, the write up from the album on my Facebook page is as follows. In for a new car Detail this stunning silver Audi S4 Avant, with just 80 miles on the clock it has...
  18. FranA3

    Audi Q5 New Car Detail

    On tuesday 27th June I carried out a new car detail on this stunning Q5 S-Line after a recommendation from another client after doing a new car detail on his S5 sportback recently. First thing was the alloy wheels with valetpro Bilberry wheel cleaner before the snowfoam blanket to remove the...
  19. FranA3

    Hello and welcome to FMdetailing

    Hi everyone, this is the section for FMdetailing, stay up to date with the cool cars im working on at my Facebook page & Instagram but will be posting here on a regular basis. Im based in Basingstoke, Hampshire but am a mobile detailing service so can travel to your location with ease! I...
  20. FranA3

    Bye Bye Audi

    Hi all, the time came to get rid of my trusty A3, she's gone now and ive purchased a facelift vw caddy for my business, needs must and all that eh! i wont be leaving asn but wont be on here as much. Here's my new purchase