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    2000 miles in..

    Looking at your vids it appears to me that Vid one (no. 2) is slightly quicker to 60, but there isn't a lot in it. To be honest I don't think the launch control is a good way of comparing the two - 0-60 times from a stage 1 map will improve by 3 or 4 tenths at most, and with other factors...
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    S3 Bluefin experience

    No probs...yeah I went for a Bluefin for exactly the reasons you've mentioned. They may not be the strongest maps available compared to REVO/Shark etc. but I believe it represents good value for money. Plus, if you have any issues with the generic map you can contact them and they will adapt...
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    A3 Fuel tank capacity

    I did 12 miles with 0 miles on the DIS once and was surprised to only get just under 58 litres in (I think my sweat had run into the fuel tank) So yeah 4-5 litres in reserve sounds about right, but not worth the risk trying to find out!
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    S3 Bluefin experience

    Yeah I never had any problems when car was standard. Will consider changing them at every service now, cheers
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    S3 Bluefin experience

    After 2 1/2 years of happy motoring I decided to get a Bluefin Stage 1 upgrade to my S3 at the end of October - the 20% discount was just too hard to resist! I've had a couple of remapped cars before, 1 with Bluefin, so knew what to expect. Unfortunately things didn't quite go according to...
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    S-tronic mpg on your S3???

    My long-term average is 28.3mpg (DIS), I get around 29mpg in summer, 27mpg in winter. However I drive mainly in manual mode and overtake where possible, so it would probably be higher just cruising in D mode. A mate who owned a TTS S-tronic was getting about the same figures. I don't have the...
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    Sportback Vs 3dr

    Moving from an 8P2 to an 8P3 model will be more of a difference than adding 2 doors... Not sure which A5 you are looking at but I test drove the 3.0TDI at launch and even though the interior is a step up from the A3's (especially the B&O sound system) I found the ride wasn't very involving and...
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    Attempted Burglary Last Night!!!

    Never overestimate the intelligence of these thieving scumbags... I would just make sure your keys are in a very safe place, and (if possible) block your car in with another vehicle, which would deter them from trying to steal it. Also get PIR lights if you haven't got them already, as...
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    Starting the process of getting the car back to standard - inc. pics of de-build!

    Nice write-up Warren and good luck with the new motor when it finally arrives. Glad you got on well at APS - Ed's a really nice guy, and I've had my S3 serviced there from new, that's how much I respect them.
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    New S3 Order

    The headlining is black as standard on an S3 but you can change it to light grey (I did).
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    Paddy, have you ever checked your DIS MPG for accuracy? My S3 is surprisingly accurate as previous Audis have overestimated MPG by 10-15%. I have only achieved 36MPG once, recently on a late-night trip home running on empty, no petrol stations open, never went above 40mph & had to drive 12...
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    Bridgestone RE050s, as fitted by Audi. 1st set lasted 18k, replaced with same, don't find them noisy at all. Tempted to try Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 2's next time as they have great reviews.
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    S3 take off :)

    Going back to gear changes, one area where the manual is definitely quicker is 3-point turns lol. Like, coming up to a big queue of traffic and deciding to do an about-turn to go back to the previous junction, the DSG seems to take an AGE to switch between 1st and's the only time I...
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    S3 take off :)

    Ah I that case I haven't experienced the same issue. Yeah sport mode shouldn't make any difference to a fast start (unless in launch mode). I can understand that you are missing the low-down torque of the 3.2, and I doubt your remap would have made any noticeable difference to torque...
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    S3 take off :)

    I can only assume that you were in D mode at the time? I have encountered this sort of laggy behaviour in D mode once or twice (although no more than a second's delay), and it occurs when the gearbox decides to switch down 2 or more gears, and only 1 gear up or down is preselected. This is why...
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    S3 insurance

    Some interesting points about what things that bring the premium down. I too always put Computer Technician which isn't my exact job title but never thought it would make any difference from a Computer Engineer... Can't remember what my exact cost for the S3 was this year but it was just over...
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    Discount on used S3 from Audi - Any hints or tips?

    Well if you go in armed with the figures then it will help justify the reasons why you should get a discount... Yeah I was a bit surprised that the dealers matched the online broker price, but yeah there's other factors that probably influence the outcome such as whether the salesmen have met...
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    Discount on used S3 from Audi - Any hints or tips?

    If 28k is your absolute limit, then I would be looking at cars priced at £29-£30k with all the options you want, and haggle the dealers down - no point spending all that money and then regretting not getting one with certain options later... It may depend on which Audi dealer you go to though -...
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    Hissing noise coming from brakes

    Thanks for the clear instructions Gary. Just gone to car park to test and all seems ok with the servo. It's interesting that when the pedal was pumped the 2nd time and went firm there was no hiss when released, until the engine was started - the pedal stayed firm.
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    Hissing noise coming from brakes

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue...basically there is a slight hissing noise coming from the brake pedal area but when I depress the pedal it stops. I discovered it last year some time (when radio & air-con were switched off) and initially it worried the hell out of me, but I...