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  1. Andy101

    Facelift Dash cam

    I've had a couple in the past. Next base and MioVue. Currently running Garmin 56 from John Lewis (2yr guarantee). Hugh quality, excellent magnetic mount (no suckers) very small. Playback via Ap is great. Also does speed canera locations and driver assist such as distance from car in front and...
  2. Andy101

    2020 Audi A4 myAudi Login Issues

    I had this for a number of months in my 2020 A4 and had a couple of beta software updates applied by the dealer. Non of this worked. Eventually the Gateway Control Unit was replaced in the car as advised by Audi Digital. This has resolved all issues. They know the fix but it is an expensive one...
  3. Andy101

    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    Ive had Beta versions of updates installed by dealer sent to them by Audi Technical. Both of which didn't solve the login issues. Now had the Gateway Control Unit replaced on the advice of Audi Technical. After two weeks I still have had had no log in prompts and have full functionality...
  4. Andy101

    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Insta @fifty_shades_of_daytona
  5. Andy101

    MMI not remembering user profile

    It not to do with MMI software version or MyAudi Ap version. It is a manufacturing issue with the Gateway Control Unit. Just had mine replaced after 6 months of nagging. The unit is manufactured to VIN/Chassis No, the part installed at the factory has now been superseded with a new part...
  6. Andy101

    Black Edition Sound System

    I have the comfort and sound in my Black Edition (Rear Camera, Extended LED, B&O). The sound is a massive improvement on non B&O but it is not as sharp as a previous 2008 B8 A4 which had B&O. Some have said there is insufficient base, the kids have asked me to turn the base down as it is too...
  7. Andy101

    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    Think I have cracked it. The updates applied by Audi did not work. Audi Technical requested that the dealer replace the Gateway Control Unit. This had to be manufactured from VIN and took two weeks. Once replaced i have had no further issues. No continual re-logging in Sends destination to...
  8. Andy101

    Downsizing wheels from 20”

    I'd say its personal preference and depends largely on the state of the roads you are driving on. I spend my time up and down motorways. I've had two with 19's and one with 18's. Visually the 19's look better. The downside is the rubber costs more. In my opinion difference in ride quality is...
  9. Andy101

    B9 sports trim 2015 interior lighting?

    White LED interior lighting was standard for the 2016 MY. The extended LED Interior lighting pack (multi coloured) was available on the SE, Sport and S Line. Option Code QQ2 - it cost £325 on the SE and £100 on the Sport and S Line. The extended interior light pack (multicoloured) was also...
  10. Andy101

    Post your A6/S6. C7 Chassis Ebay, Classified and For Sale Links in here.

    Pair of Isofix fixing cover trims. Audi A6 PAIR Isofix Car Seat Fixing Trim Cover Black 4G8 887 187
  11. Andy101

    Post your A6/S6. C7 Chassis Ebay, Classified and For Sale Links in here.

    Pair of tailored front mats. Non OEM. They were supplied by the lease company and have lease company branding. Audi A6 Fitted Car Mats - Front - C7 2011 Onwards
  12. Andy101

    2020 Audi S4 TDI Avant - What Fuel Economy do you get?

    Using about a gallon a month. :sadlike: Not an S4 though.
  13. Andy101

    Hey - good decision made on the A4 / A6 option. Loved my A6 190 TDI - it never missed a beat...

    Hey - good decision made on the A4 / A6 option. Loved my A6 190 TDI - it never missed a beat over 130,000 miles in 4 years. Loved it. Daytona Grey is also the colour of choice on these. Looks like you may have dropped on a great specced car - you never know may see you about as i commute into...
  14. Andy101

    2016 A6 C7 Black edition or 2016 B9 A4?

    I moved from a 2016 C7 A6 Avant Black Edition 190 TDI to a 2020 A4 Avant Black Edition 163 PS. Both S-Tronic The A4 is a bit quicker and smoother off the mark and the virtual cockpit is fantastic. The A6 had loads more boot space and in my mind looks better with the additional length. If i was...
  15. Andy101

    Massive IT Failure Affects All Audi 2020 A4 vehicles

    OOOOOH Hope this isn't a false start. Booked in for 8th June Hope this email finds you well. Please check the below answer we have just received from our technical team: There is a software update for the connected gateway (cGW) available now. Please visit your authorized workshop. Kindly ask...
  16. Andy101

    What did you & your B9 do today?

    What colour is your then...... I'll take your black rings if they are going spare :) Looked at mine out of the window again. Just for a change.
  17. Andy101

    MMI not remembering user profile

    Can this lot be kept to one thread. Admin can they be merged?
  18. Andy101

    New A4 MMI - Sending location from MyAudi app to car issue

    I can happily send locations my phone to car, that has been sorted but still struggling to get updates from the car on the myAudi App on my phone. We are writing to let you know that your case is still under process by our technical department. As it appears your case is slightly more...
  19. Andy101

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I believe that VAG have announced that all european factories will be closing until at least 1st April. Understandable.
  20. Andy101

    Audi Manufacturing Status?

    Just been reading VAG are closing all European factories, this is likely to be until April 1st.