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  1. rhubarb4

    Starter Delay ?

    Any joy with this, when it starts does it struggle to get going or just the first turn on
  2. rhubarb4

    Westle and S3baby's late night mechanics. (Replacing Alarm Batteries)

    Wanted to attempt this today but thanks to our wonderful weather another weekend job
  3. rhubarb4

    Wrong radio aerial and loom

    My fm reception is poor I wonder if I have the same issue.
  4. rhubarb4

    Power steering problem

    Did you fix this.
  5. rhubarb4

    New S3 (8P) Gearknob

    Anybody’s started to wear, mines very slightly losing it’s shine
  6. rhubarb4

    TPS account

    My local TPS is also limiting access, the normal service office is permanently closed at the moment, i don’t know when or if it will be back open to walk in..
  7. rhubarb4

    Interior scratches repair?

    How did you get on with this, it looks like the soft touch plastic.
  8. rhubarb4

    My s3 pulled a sneaky on me

    Did you manage to sort this, guessing it’s new sills with the amount of rot.
  9. rhubarb4

    Modern day 8L S3 review - S3MTM Audi press car

    Jeez 20 years old, even though I hate the damn thing, compared to some of the other brands it’s build quality, interior and exterior is still a nice place to be.
  10. rhubarb4

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    Hi, where did you get the bump stops and the other plasticky/rubbery things for the rear springs. Thanks Chris.
  11. rhubarb4

    * DIY Injector cleaning how to * Pic Heavy

    Ah no worries Paul, thanks for trying.
  12. rhubarb4

    * DIY Injector cleaning how to * Pic Heavy

    Any way we can get the photos to show on this thread mods. Thanks in advance
  13. rhubarb4

    Fitting - Bilstein B8's & H&R 25mm Lowering springs

    Hi if your based in the Midlands then give Jody a call at Midland VW, they are a great garage with decent prices, Chris.
  14. rhubarb4

    ASN's Pub

    Good day chaps it’s been a long long while since iv seen the pub chat back up, hope you guys are all keeping well, Been a while since the old camping days too lol. Scott. Is your BBq still going lol. How’s Chez, Welly, you hear off any of the old crew. Stay safe guys
  15. rhubarb4

    Panel or Cone filter?

    Holy thread revival batman Old thread but I use a JR cone filter, sounds great and definitely gives a little extra power especially if it’s mated to a Badger 5 TIP
  16. rhubarb4

    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Nice one il try my local one cheers
  17. rhubarb4

    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Hi bud when you adjust the headlights is there a set measurement that you use to get the correct height, I have had a few people flashing me now I’ve started using my headlights with it getting dark earlier now. I’m guessing it’s just the one white adjuster screw, I’m just not sure what height...
  18. rhubarb4

    Group Buy - Electrically heated windscreen for A3/S3 8L

    How do these wire in and where are you guys going to fit a switch to control it
  19. rhubarb4

    Adrian Flux Insurance Services – Up to 15% discount for club members

    Hi just want to say thanks to Adrian Flux’s Josh for making renewing my insurance so easy, really positive guy and offered me a cracking deal to get me covered for another year. Cheers Chris.