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  1. mully

    A3 140bhp TDi Siren Noise - Refurb or Hybrid?

    Hi guys, my audi a3 2.0l tdi has started to make the dreaded siren noise, its done 85k on a 2005. Im not sure what to do next, get my turbo refurbished or get a second hand hybrid. The thing is i dont even know what the difference is between my normal turbo and a hybrid!! can people help me...
  2. mully

    A3 2.0L Tdi Quattro S Line ABT Sportback for sale

    Hi people, i have my sportback for sale, im in Lancashire. Please see the classifieds for more information and pictures. Thank you Ian 07795364750
  3. mully

    Best Wax/ Polish for Dolphin Grey Colour

    Hi guys, iv just bought a dolphin grey a3 and was wandering which was the best after wash product to use to make it gleam and protect? Iv heard polishes take layers off? am i best using a wax in that case? As you can tell im not an expert so all ideas welcome..... Thanks
  4. mully


    Hi guys, just thought id introduce myself. Im a new Audi A3 2.0 Tdi Quattro SB owner and in the north west. Near Blackpool. Sold my golf 25th anniversary gti to get an audi. Im up for going to a few meets soon, and shows in the summer. Looking forward to the season next year! See u all soon!!