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  1. Cambaines

    Drivers door parking brake fault

    Hi guys, Had this pop up on the car this morning, anyone else seen this? Cheers Cam Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Cambaines

    Quick thank you and goodbye [emoji847]

    Been on here for 3 years now and have had plenty of help of some of you guys on here! And helped where I'm able! Unfortunately the cars now gone and I shall be moving to the 8v section! Pics of old and new Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Cambaines

    Boost graph, comparison? 2.0 tfsi

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can compare a stage 2 2.0tfsi boost graph with me, looks like I have a boost leak and it also looks like my car isn't reaching max boost fast enough? Can anyone help on this? 1st pic is a 2nd gear pull 2nd pic is a 3rd gear pull Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Cambaines

    Bentley wheel colour?

    It's a long shot but does anyone know the exact wheel colour or a good colour match for my Bentley wheels? I've resprayed one wheel after getting some paint colour matched but it's so so far off!
  5. Cambaines

    Non MFSW cruise control fitting help!

    I know there are many threads about this but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for! I have a 2006 a3 and I'm fitting cruise control, the stalk is a rev D and is sorted but I do not have a MFSW, will I have to get a new control module.. or separate wire or will I be lucky enough to be able...
  6. Cambaines

    Window tinting Manchester?

    Anyone know of any good Window tinting in the Manchester area? There's loads but I really want a quality job!
  7. Cambaines

    eBay intercooler?

    I've had my mind set on an airtec FMIC but my mates linked me an eBay one for about £180 which is cheap! Been doing some reading and it seems like there's mixed reviews! But I don't know if some people are brand snobs, I I sweat and that usually there a lot better but realistically there really...
  8. Cambaines

    Bhp and whp

    Proper car question! My car has been on the dyno at unicorn and is putting out 285whp, the dyno is top notch and is pretty new so I'm trusting the figures! I've just used a whp-bhp calculator and I'm confused it's come out at 328bhp... I understand this is at the crank and not usable! When...
  9. Cambaines

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Would love to know what everyone's running so here is a thread for everyone to post there car spec, remapper and power gains for everyone too see and compare parts and tuners! :redrs4: Use this Legend; Car: Audi A3 2006 2.0 tfsi quattro Parts: Miltek Turbo back decat non res, Ramair...
  10. Cambaines

    Who's running 19's? Suspension setup?

    Hi all, Just purchased some 3sdm 0.06 19" 8.5j et 35 wrapped in 235/35 tyres, my cars lowered on AP wound right down, does anyone know how much I will have to lift my car by, debating rolling my arches too? Anyone with 19's help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cambaines

    Hissing noise? Pcv maybe? Help!

    Hi all, I'm getting a slightly bad idle that you can hear and a intermittent hissing noise from my engine, it sounds like it's coming from the PCV, any ideas if this could be the cause? I had my inlet off a couple of months ago for a thermostat change, the cars booked in for a map next month so...
  12. Cambaines

    Should shocks retract?

    I have two hydraulic rear shocks here, one retracts back out when I push it all the way in and the other doesn't? Is one of them gone? There's no sign of leaking at all, and it seems like I have to put the same pressure on both to push them in? Any help would be great! Piece of mind really...
  13. Cambaines

    Strut adapters help!

    I've found some AP coilovers with a 50mm strut, will these adapters work okay to convert them to 55mm strut? I've really never seen these before! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Cambaines

    Coilovers help!

    I know there's always threads on "will they fit" threads but will mk5 r32 coilovers fit my 2006 2.0tfsi Quattro? I'm guessing they will fit as the struts the same size but will the spring rates be massively different? Or is it really not worth the risk?
  15. Cambaines

    Decat lambda debate

    Me and my mate both have EML on through decatting, My mates a mechanic and I feel silly arguing wit him but am I right in saying that if lambda one has got wrong readings then the ecu will change the fueling accordingly but if lambda 2 is out like mine is then the car will throw up an EML but...
  16. Cambaines

    Dent removal Manchester?

    As title I'm looking to see if anyone has had any business with a dent removal man in Manchester? The internet is full of them but I know some are better then others! Had a lad remove some form my dads car and I can't say it was an amazing job!
  17. Cambaines

    Is this normal s-line height? :/

    Ever since I've had my car I thought the back is on stilts! I've seen other s-lines that look lower than mine, do you think the backs been replaced with standard springs?
  18. Cambaines

    Short Plate/jell plate

    Hi all, I have just ordered my self a private Reg which is 5 letters long, im wanting a short Jel plate for the back (ive had pressed for years and want a change), has anyone bought from a decent and good priced one any where?
  19. Cambaines

    Another Peeling A3, Any experiance?

    As many audis my front bumper has peeled its lacquer mentaly on the front bumper and also on the rear bumper. This is really annoying me now, if i want to get this fixed do i have to get it repainted and re-lacquered or can this just be wet flated, polished and then re-lacquered? because i...
  20. Cambaines

    Wheel fitment! :/

    How will I work out if wheels will fit my car, Currently got some rotiform reps on my motor at the moment. I have a set of 3sdms 0.05 sat there 5x100 18 inch 9.5j rear and 8.5j front et35 (I will need some 15/20mm adapters) I don't mind slightly cambering but I just want to work out if these...