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    2.5tdi engine cover

    Mine also has some padding on the underside so I'd say it also has a noise reduction function. If you don't notice or mind the car being any noisier then I'm sure it will be fine without it. I wouldn't like to guess how much a new one would cost from a dealer.
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    "Bump-Steering" and general wobbliness.

    I found that on my Allroad. The sterring was very vague for the last 20k miles. I had the track rod ends and upper control arms done, but that made very little difference. I then did the front lower control arms and drop links. All this improved it somewhat, but it still wasn't great. I...
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    Allroad 2.5 TDI Woes

    I got the timing and auxilary belts done on the car duirng the week at a specialist based in Belfast. The car was running great until this afternoon. I was driving normally and heard a loud bang. I though I'd hit something on the road, but there was nothing behind me. I stopped the car...
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    A6 Allroda

    I live in Ireland and have a 2003 2.5 TDi from new. It has covered 135k miles. Besides the normal oil services every 10k miles or so (around €300 euro from a mail dealer), I've done the following: - Two front air springs failed and replaced (one at 80k and other at 100k miles - €500...
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    Allroad 2.5 TDi Oil Leak

    Hi, I was servicing my Allroad last night. When I removed the under tray, I noticed oil around the sump. It looked as though it could be coming from the sump gasket. Is this a common problem? The car has 134k miles on it. The car doesn't use oil and is checked every couple of weeks. I...
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    Bulb Replacement

    Make sure the bulb is straight. It's very easy to seat them incorrectly. Our car manage to fail the NCT (Irish MOT) becuase of this. It's easier to check through the lens.
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    Allroad 2.5TDi Noise on Startup/Shutdown

    I had a look at the workshop manual and found out what a flywheel is. My car is an auto so doesn't have a dualmass flywheel. That's only on the manual. it looks as though the flywheel would be at the back of the engine next to the gearbox? This noise does appear to be coming from the front...
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    Allroad 2.5TDi Noise on Startup/Shutdown

    Thanks for that. Where would the dualmass flywheel be located? I've heard the term, but not sure the car has one or what it is. I got a basic quote to do the timing belt from an independent based in Belfast of £300. Any parts outside the timing belt that need to be replaced would be on top...
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    Allroad 2.5TDi Noise on Startup/Shutdown

    I did a bit more research on this and unforunatley it is major piece of work to get at the alternator/belt. It's below the cambelt and requires the front of the car to be removed before you can do anything. It would make sense to get the timing belt done at the same time I'm getting this...
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    Allroad 2.5TDi Noise on Startup/Shutdown

    Hi, It's great to find a forum with TDi knowledge. There are some good Audi forums out there, but most are based in the US and TDi knowledge is lacking for obvious reasons. I have my 2003 Allroad from new and it has covered 132k miles. It has been pretty bullet proof over the years only...