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    Rear upper control arm bolt seized.

    What did you use to cut it out?
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    Rusted sil/side skirt - can it be replaced?

    Grind the the welds to a flatter finish
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    Rear upper control arm bolt seized.

    Due to limited access WD40 and a hammer to release to bolt ,But there is very little room.
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    Rear upper control arm bolt seized.

    Anyone have any ideas how to remove the rear control arms with seized bolts? Im able to remove the nut but the bolt is seized into the bush,
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    Going from S3 to TDI, advice needed

    What age are you after? 2.0 tdi models from 2004-2012 have 140/170 bhp and 2013 on wards 150/184 bhp..
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    Brakes failed on the way home

    This is an image of a 2014 reservoir,it shows a yellow plug which i presume is a float indicator,for fluid level.
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    Anti Roll Bar / ARB sizes on 8P front wheels drive A3s

    Looking to renew the bushes its the Rear Arb size im after...
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    How long can you use dash cam while parked in winter?

    I use this
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    ECU or something else?

    Have you cleared the codes and re scanned? You may have some old codes stored that have already been sorted.
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    8P puddle light LED kit for 5dr, any recommendations? well known site member
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    Fuel filler cap strap broken

    Is just the strap not an option.number 1 or 2 picture?
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    Fuel filler cap strap broken

    New cap? Or...
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    8p1 Newly installed rear wheel bearing Play

    There are 2 sizes of bearings 30 mm & 32 mm do you have the correct one?
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    Coolant leak please help newbie here

    looks like a secondary coolant pump 1K0 965 561
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    S3 Rear coil replacement
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    Rear caliper help

    Have you seen this video? It gives you an insight to how far the piston goes back.
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    Climate control unit removal

    Does the radio need to come out first?
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    Climate control unit removal

    Can someone tell me the best and easiest way to remove the unit? (single din). I have an error code 00796, thinking the fan has given up.