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    robbing gits

    Came back to my car this morn to find some fooker has ripped off my headlight washers leaving me with 2 holes, a puddle of screenwash and a fecking annoying beep to remind me of the fact when i start the car. Anyone know if you can get just the top parts of the washers? not bothered about them...
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    high idle speed s4

    my s4 has randomly started idling at 1100 - 1200 rpm i've checked all the hoses i can get to for leaks, the recerc valves are seating nicely, i've cleaned the throttle flap and reset it. the only fault codes i'm getting are the EGT sensors (supprise supprise lol ) and an intermitant lambda...
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    speedo/ dials fault, no not the dis for a change

    I've just got myself another S4 and i've found that the needles on the clocks are very dull infact almost blue rather than white, and the speedo one doesn't appear to be working. Is this a fault from age or do you think someones been at them with new leds? if so is it possible to re-solder in...
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    I need a copy of vista / xp pro

    Basicly I'm in the market for a copy of vista ultimate or xp pro, I don't really want a oem version as I tend to tweak and change bits including the mother board, And I know the oem versions can be picky about that. So has anyone got a retail version of either for sale or know a cheap place to...
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    Haldex controler?

    After a drive in some ice I noticed that my S3 has become 2wd :ermm: Vag com reads the controler with no problems but under fault codes it lists an error reading the modual. Does this as i suspect, mean the controler has expired? If so does anyone have one they would like to sell me? Also is...
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    Exhaust temp sensor confusion

    Right, have been trying to get hold of a pair of early ETS for my S4 for a while now (078919529f) I had them on order for a while with vagparts who said they were on back order from germany, but since they've closed I've had to go direct to the dealers. Now I know the later cars ran a single...
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    Just failed it's MOT

    Took the old girl for her first MOT in my ownership, as with any car you've not owned for long I was a little concerned about what might be found, although as of yet I've found nothing to say the car isn't a good straight one. sailed through the emissions (at least that's most of the expensive...
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    FAO 2.7T owners

    As seems to be common place with most dual mass flywheel equiped cars, mines foobared, so I've been looking into single mass replacements. I've spoken to one of my customers from work who specialise in motorsport spec and custom flywheels, they do a fair bit of work for various teams in btcc...
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    EGT sensors

    I've finally got round to putting the pennies together for a pair of EGT sensors for my S4, spoke to vagparts and Audi are currently on backorder with no due date, doh! I've noticed a couple of posts on american sites where they've used the later brown sensor and sanded off a bit of the plug to...
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    S4 rear diff

    does the b5 s4 run a normal open rear diff or is there some kind of limited slip setup in there?
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    quick spring question.

    would std Rs4 springs fit my S4, and would there be any bennifit to fitting them? ie lower ride or stiffer?
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    S4 gearbox oil?

    Does anyone know what oil should be in a s4 6 speed and diff? and what about the rear diff? I know these arn't really service items but i've come from the world of evo's where you have to change them every 2 miles so i'm kinda in the habbit of over servicing cars.
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    short shifter help

    I've just aquired a shortshifter for my S4 but it didn't come with any fitting instructions. I know most of these kits are basicly the same, so i'm wondering if anyone out there has a copy of their instructions they could email me?