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  1. brough74

    Viewing my car

    Ive got a bloke who has offered me cash for my car when he comes up to look at it. But its a lot of cash and im worried some might be fake. Ive asked him to bring a photo ID and a household bill with his name on etc to put my mind at ease a bit, so it proves who he is if any notes are duffers...
  2. brough74

    Thinking of selling up, so whats it worth

    Just wondering what my car would be worth, in the process of removing my number plate. Ive looked on auto trader and simalar mileage seem to be going for between £16975 and £18495. AUDI S3 2.0T FSI QUATTRO 2008 with 18500 Miles In stunning Metallic Phantom Black with black leather interior...
  3. brough74

    8P2 S3 grill surround

    Are the grill surround and grill 2 seperate pieces ? Just a stone has hit mine and cracked the surround but not the grill piece. Does anyone know a rough price for the surround or has one they can sell me ? Not bothered if its silver or black Cheers
  4. brough74

    S3 steering self centering ?

    Hi im just wondering if the 8P2 S3 has a self centering wheel ? Just put my steering wheel striaght as it was off slightly after tracking and now it seems to want to pull to one side, ive checked all the tyre pressures and they are fine. Any ideas ?
  5. brough74

    Best spacers for the S3

    Hi im going to be putting the later spec S3 wheels (split 5 spokes) on my 8P2. But i want them to fill the arches so which are the spacers to go for 10 mm front and 12mm rear OR 12mm all round Or any better ideas ? I was looking at the H & R ones from DPM do they come in pairs or 4s ? ALso...
  6. brough74

    TT alloys

    Will TT alloys fit the S3 They are 18 x 9 with an offset of 52 mm Are they too big as my car is lowered 25mm and i think they might be too wide
  7. brough74


    Hi due to work circumstances changing i might be selling my S3, this means that my Buckets might be up for sale. So the question is how much are they worth bearing in mind i would want some standard OEM S3 black leather front seats in exchange aswell which are in good condition and heated...
  8. brough74

    19 inch MTM Bimotos

    Hi due to work circumstances changing i might be selling my S3, this means that my MTM might be up for sale. So the question is how much are they worth bearing in mind i would want some standard OEM S3 wheels in exchange aswell which are in good condition. They have goodyear eagle F1 on in...
  9. brough74

    Thinking of selling up, whats its worth

  10. brough74

    A8 20" alloys

    Someone is selling 20" inch A8 alloys. Original audi wheels from a A8 Sport Quattro. They are 9J wide with a 46 offset, Decent condition with minimal marks, could do with new centre caps (£15 on e-bay). So would these fit and how much are they worth without tyres ? I hope these are...
  11. brough74

    Stage 2+ problems

    Hi ive just had the garage on the phone as they are setting up my stage 2+, but they said it feels like its holding back and not giving full potential. As they have set up other S3 with simalar spec before. They have contacted revo several times and they say it could be because its ran on...
  12. brough74

    Gutted bad day with 2 cars.

    Last night i told my girlfriend to take my S3 to work so i could get the tracking done on her car (MK5 Golf GTI). While that was getting done i noticed some rust at the bottom of the door which will need sorted and its only 4 years old. Might take it to VW to see what they say. Anyway when i...
  13. brough74

    Audi front grill rings

    Im thinking about changing my front grill rings back to silver, but all the ones i look at have 8 fixings where as mine has 10 (top and bottom of each ring and one either side). I dont want to sand the other ones down (currently painted black), so any ideas where i can get some without dealer...
  14. brough74

    Not the normal clutch question.

    Is the clutch on an A3 2.0 tfsi 8P2 hydraulic, like a MK5 golf gti ? Can the hydraulic clutch be adjusted as the clutch biting point is 2/3rds the way up, rather than the normal 1/2 way up.
  15. brough74

    Which 19 should i keep

    Hello people im trying to decide which to keep and which to sell, 19 inch MTM bimotos 2 or 19 inch S8 rep alloys, just refurbed in gunmetal by a regular on here (with purple alloys), both 8.5 inch wide. Here are some pics for an idea
  16. brough74

    FAULT CODES on a Audi A3 3.2 8p1

    Hi the engine light is on my A3 3.2 8P1 2004, i have just scanned this and came up with the following. 17755 - Camshaft position sensor 2 (G163) / engine speed sensor (G28) : Incor . Correl P1347 - 002 Lower limit exceeded - Mil On Anyone have any ideas what this means ? Do i need a new...
  17. brough74

    VCDS is it the same for VW as Audi ? or anyone in cumbria with VCDS

    Hi ive got a A3 3.2 quattro 8P1 with the emission light on, i took it to my local garage who said the could not see the code but reset the light. But today the light has came on again, the nearest Audi dealers are an hours drive away but the nearest VW garage is 20 mins away. Can a VW...
  18. brough74

    3.2 V6 Emission control light on and info needed on brakes

    The emission control light has come on today on a A3 3.2 V6 2004 8P1 any ideas or will it need to go on the diagnostic machine ? The car still drives fine, i had this on my R32 years ago and it was a faulty sensor in the exhaust. Also any ideas where to get some better brakes as when it was...
  19. brough74

    S3 fog light grill removal

    Hi i have a 2008 S3 8P2 and i want to remove the fog light surrounds/grill, and then the solid backing plates to allow a hole to be cut in it for an air intake. Do they pull off or unscrew ?
  20. brough74

    DMF maybe need a need one.

    Hi after an annoying slow driver in front of me finally turned off, i gave my car some revs and let out the clutch well the car just sat there spinning and no forward momentum lol. I changed gear and the same again, look at the revs and it was 5k. Backed right off and set off slowly once i got...