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    Tinting front windows to match rears - what % ?

    Hey Peter, you weren't known as 'Pedro Pedro' in a previous life were you, just that you appear to have very similar outlook to him.
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    Puncture repair or replace tyres, how many

    We all have different tyre change limits and lets be fair the tyres are getting worse from the moment you put them on the car. Why have 1.6mm as pass for mot etc if they need to be changed 3, 4 or 5mm . Each to their own perhaps??
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    Interior mirror

    Is that on all or only when interior light package was specced?
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    Audi A3 2016 Emissions Control Light Flashing + Start/Stop not available?

    Just out of interest CanadaA3 what sort of rev range when you change gear?
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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Not sure if this is of any help but previous cars have had this problem and variety of causes. Have you checked the front scuttle under the wipers to make sure that the wiper motor is not under water, drain holes blocked . Is there any water getting into the rear light assembly causing a short...
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    LED Headlight help needed!!

    @Dubjam are you sure, my wife specced xenon on her 2019 a3 and no washers fitted.
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    Lightbulbs H7 WTF!!

    Not 100%sure it is 1- o -clock and the idea with the phone is not to try to work from that, but to see the lugs and the slots, 5 or 1-o-clock position. The problem with looking through the front is the tendency to just get the lug in the slot but they are then not locked as you have found...
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    Lightbulbs H7 WTF!!

    you need to look at the positioning of the lugs and the holes they go into. I eventually took a phone picture of the lens and then could make sense of how the holders go into the retainers. I think they go in at about one oclock and turn back to 12 from there. Any deviation either way and you...
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    A new thread about the cambelt service question

    So about 8 years for you?
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    automatic boot opening

    It's not the ball joint that breaks on the strut it's the hinge on the roof lining that distorts if too severe and too much bounce. There was a lot of conversation about this some years ago. I think the consensus then was that if powered it is controlled but if sprung it bounces and opens with...
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    Silica bag removed

    Looking at the above posts made me check and to my surprise none of the family cars, (15A3, 19A3 and 17A1) had one, or had the tank identifier. I wonder why some do and some don't, anybody know? The two a3 are both 1.4 COD and the A1 1.4,all from new and no new tanks fitted.
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    OEM switches!!!

    Julian, Sent you a reply, click on your inbox at top right of this page
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    OEM switches!!!

    Julian, I have one of these off my last 8p. I had replacement seats and door cards so they were stripped off those along with all the trims etc. PM me if you want to discuss, sure we can work something out if your interested.
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    Facelift Auto trunk opener - sportback

    I must admit I did like the B8 a4 boot release button on the door card, much better than getting the keys out and pushing the buttons, or getting the hands dirty from the boot handle.
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    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3

    look at the first review for the item and it appears that it is jets, just advertised incorrectly.
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    Speed/Radar detectors?

    I use the cheeta 150 which has free updates for life, but not the cheapest one out there. All it will do though is tell you where the designated cam sites are and alert you to the road speed for that section. I find them pretty good and accurate whether around my home between the A1/M1 north...
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    servicing help

    Another method,I go to a trusted indy who is not on the electronic system but I bought a service book to get the stamps and backed up by all of the receipts. Not had any problem with that system when trading in.
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    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3

    'Seems to me that someone needs to ask Crewe Audi, bu5 no-one has. They won’t be watching this thread, so best to pm them. I’m happy with the A6 ones I got, so it’s up to someone else :) I did , and got the A5 ones (2019 £20 pair) using the part numbers above and they were no good for me so...
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    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3

    I thought, when I tried them they did not fit the A3 properly and were not as effective as I hoped for. I might need to have another go at the Q2 one then as really fed up adjusting the oem nozzles back on now. I also found the best price via our parts sponsor.
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    A3 1.5 19 plate advice please

    plus one with Colin, my 19 has completed about 5k and none of the jerkiness that others seem to have. Bought new so no patch unless before PDi completed.