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  1. northernlights

    Radio Harness adaptor help!!

    Ive got the standard Audi symphony cd changer from a mk1 facelift s3 wanna get it out but need a harness adaptor I've been looking but not sure I've found the right one I know I need to find one with allows the Bose system to work but can any one show me or direct me to the correct connection...
  2. northernlights

    down pipe nightmare help!!!!

    PROBLEM driving home and I can feel a vibration from the underfloor. the car was jacked up an the flexi pipe has spilt and now bouncing of the drive shaft. I ordered a new down pipe and decat for my BAM 225. took the car to the garage today to have it fitted but i was told it wouldn't fit...
  3. northernlights

    Big judder when pulling off

    My 8l s3 judders when pulling away from a stand still. Noticed on the way home from work yesterday. I think it's the exhaust which is a turbo back system. Can any one shed some light on it. Check brakes and drive shaft and springs and all seem fine.
  4. northernlights

    The 225 bam lump question

    Hello people I've got a 8L s3 a 225 bam lump but wanna swap or sell and buy a MK1 TT. What I wanna know is the 225 engine in the TT the same as my s3 same power same out put etc etc?
  5. northernlights

    Xenon failing

    Hi guys I've got two questions. One of my Xenon is white and the other side is slightly blue. I've Been told it means one is failing/ on the way out so its that true??? My other other question is the DS2 bulb I been told that the lower the K the brighter the light for example 4000k vs 6000k...
  6. northernlights

    Xenon head ligts Help!!!

    My headlight unit (CLIPS) have broken off leaving the head light lose and moving. I've tired to glue them back but broken again. I wanted to get a new headlight unit (the whole light) but the s3 are xenon set up so my question is..If I go to say euro car parts and buy a normal A3 head light...
  7. northernlights

    About me and my s3

    Hey guys so I've been on here for years had a tdi a3 before had a few cars inbertween so when I got rid of my last car decide I wanted my dream car. When these s3 came out I was in school and couldn't afford one. When I finally brought mine it was a dream come true,silghtly reunined because my...
  8. northernlights

    Leon Cupra R Brembo's onto s3 8l

    i wanted to upgrade me braking system so I was told that the Brembo's from a Cupra R say a 03 version would bolt straight on to my s3 8l. Is this true will it fit just so or will it need modifying
  9. northernlights

    Fog lamp bulb fitment Help!!!

    Hi guys my passenger fog lamp in the bumper is faultly or gone when I turn the fogs on in the bumper it flickers twice and goes out. So wanna know is what is the bulb fitment I was told is a D2S is this correct? A question about the it two female to male wire blue and white...
  10. northernlights

    HELP!!! S3 8L headlights/fogs playing up

    Hi people ive got a 2002 225 s3 with zenox headlights. When I turn on the headlighs on to the drivers side makes a loud short buzzing sound and doesn't light up only after turn them on and off for about 20 tryes will the drivers side finally come on amd stay on untill you tirn it off again. Has...
  11. northernlights

    HELP! ! ! s3 8L zenon and fog lamp playing up.

    Hi people ive got a 2002 225 s3 with zenox headlights. When i turn on yhe lights the drives side dosnt come on it makes the loud buzz and doesn't light up but after about 20 tryes of switch the head lights on and off it will finally come on and stay on. Do you know why this is or has anyone had...
  12. northernlights

    Class c licence.

    just wanted know how long do i need to hold full licence before i can apply for m class c licence.
  13. northernlights

    Class c licence

    just want to quick adivce. how long do you have to hold a full licence before you can otain a class c licence?
  14. northernlights

    why you shouldnt mod your car!

    this has to be one of the worest self made a3 about.
  15. northernlights

    reset the service light on dash?

    ive been told that it can be done via the two pins under each clock, hold them down for a set amount of secounds and it rest your service light. this has'nt worked for me so how do i reset it? 52 plate.
  16. northernlights

    Anyone used VRS in Northampton

    Ive orderd a fmic from them over 3 weeks ago and in my eyes its just been a **** customer service they have shown me. problems with delivery then when i finally got the part after a week and half it was wrong, all because he didnt check my engine code properly. :confused:
  17. northernlights

    Looking for a *********

    (5) Commercial trading on is permitted only by authorised partner companies – commercial content submitted outside this condition is liable to be deleted and sanctions are likely to be imposed on the offending account. Private trading (between individuals) must only be conducted...
  18. northernlights

    help with part numbers

    just brough a intercooler for my 2002 a3 1.9 tdi 130bhp but part number is for 1.8t 1jo 145 803 will it fit? wanted to put it on car tonight but not sure if it will fit.
  19. northernlights

    Help with part numbers

    i just brought i standard fmic for a 2002 1.9 tdi 130bhp but i been sent part no. 1jo 145 803 which is a fmic off a 1.8t will it fit? looks the same but got to extra holding braclets for srews. was hopping to put it on car today but not sure if it will fit. please help!!!!
  20. northernlights

    Another key

    Any idea how much its going to cost me to have a another key made up? ive tryed a few places but all tell me they cant read the code in there computre so is there any where esle u may know of in the london area or do i have to take it to main dealer? If so how much you reckon?:mad: