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  1. jimbobery

    S3 8L Bose advice please

    I've been suffering from this problem too. Andy, I recently brought a replacement amp from eBay (very sure it was from you), but the problem still exists, in fact its actually worse. I have total confidence that the new amp works correctly, I brought that amp from ebay because I was pretty sure...
  2. jimbobery

    Coilover fitting?

    Changed my suspension for the second time a few weeks ago to H&R coilovers. I put a cheap weitec spring & shock kit on two years ago and instantly regretted it, the rear shocks knocked straight away. Complained to Weitec and they sent a new pair straight away, but they knocked too, complained...
  3. jimbobery

    Audi dealer 8L S3 Full service cost

    I had mine done by Audi last week, Engine Oil/Filter Change, Brake Fluid change and Haldex Oil/Filter change = £181, but I did supply my own Engine Oil so add £40 for that. The invoice actually showed £12 labour for the oil service. The full service will include changing things like air filter...
  4. jimbobery

    Found my rear end knocking........

    I've got a 2001 AMK and I've changed the rear dampers (4 times actually because I had to keep sending the poor quality weitec dampers back), and the bolt definitely screws into the lower part of the rear hub. This is the same for both sides. When I first changed mine I threaded the thread in the...
  5. jimbobery

    Left Xenon pointing at floor, Bumper off? Part No? Easy fix?

    Try this, it's worked for me:
  6. jimbobery

    Disable auto range adjust, xenons.

    Item 7 in the diagram is the leveling motor, simply unplug the lead to this when the lights are at a good height. The lead clip is the same as all the other electrical clips in the engine bay so you can practice taking one off that easily accessible to get the hang of it. Or try this...
  7. jimbobery

    Cambelt, should it be changed

    Audi are also 440 for cambelt including aux belt and water pump. The 349 deal doesn't include aux belt and water pump. I need an oil service and a haldex oil and filter change too and Audi have quoted ok for this too. I've gone for Audi, they pickup and drop off my car and they've given me...
  8. jimbobery

    Cambelt, should it be changed

    Parts on my quote comes to £182 (cambelt, cambelt roller and tensioner, water pump, coolant and aux belt), that doesn't sound too bad if the basic cambelt kit is £106 from eurocarparts
  9. jimbobery

    Cambelt, should it be changed

    Cheers for the responses. Even though I could leave it a bit longer I'm getting the feeling I should do it soon, even just for peace of mind, and I've got the money to do it at the moment, but I don't have the money for a cambelt failure! The £440 quote includes cambelt, cambelt roller and...
  10. jimbobery

    Cambelt, should it be changed

    Hi, got a quote for a cambelt change (with rollers, w/pump and aux belt) for £440 Inc vat as I thought it was time to change it. I've checked my history and it was done at 48k in Aug 06, I'm now on 89k. So is it pointless to change it after 41k and 3.5 years?
  11. jimbobery

    Wheel Spacers (again)

    Thanks for the responses. I've ordered some through esp engineering. Didn't get quite as good a deal at £75 but I'm still happy with that.
  12. jimbobery

    Wheel Spacers (again)

    Sorry for another boring wheel spacer thread but I've searched through posts and I cant find what I need. I'm looking to add spacers to my standard 17" Avus wheels. It seems 10mm each side for the front and 15mm each side for the rear is the way to go. Any thoughts? I'll go for H&R spacers...
  13. jimbobery

    Auxiliary Coolant Pump

    It'd be great if you could look it up, I'm keen to know the criteria that the ecu uses to start the pump after the engine is switched off as I find that it doesn't start after a journey that's had some spirited driving in it, but sometimes it does when I've driven gently? I'm going to scan the...
  14. jimbobery

    Changing Rear Dampers

    Nelson, I'm stuggling to think of any easier job that involes jacking the car than changing the rear dampers, I've done this four times in the last couple of months due to warrenty issues with my new dampers. Having said that, really take your time locating the lower bolt, I didn't first time...
  15. jimbobery

    Auxiliary Coolant Pump

    Does anyone know if the aux coolant pump should run after the car (S3) is switched off after every journey, or is there some criteria that the ecu uses to decide if it should activate or not? Mine only comes on sometimes and I can't find any pattern for when it starts or not. I've used a...
  16. jimbobery

    Plastic Trim

    I did mine, picked a grey I liked from the colour charts at my firends paintshop and they sprayed them and coated them in matt laquer so they didn't look painted. They are really easy to get off... -Door trim: open the door and at the bottom there are some rubber grommits, pop them off and shine...
  17. jimbobery

    Had my S3 rolling roaded

    The graph looks a bit off, the torque and power should cross at about 5252rpm?
  18. jimbobery

    S3 wing indicators.

    They are different shapes; the pre's are fairly square and the post's are more rectangular.
  19. jimbobery

    O/S facelift headlamp. FREE (just pay for postage)

    I know I'm too late, but if simch doesn't end up with the facelift light for any reason please put me second in the queue
  20. jimbobery

    BT S3 cutting out randomly

    if you've got a grease like substance in your coolant system shouldn't you be careful its not oil cooler or head gasket failure?