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  1. squiretolley

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    I had them on my A3, great tyres, but got discernably more noisy after 5k miles.
  2. squiretolley

    Ended up just getting it.

    £386 p/m??? That's a ****** bargain!
  3. squiretolley

    Rusted hubs

    Don't paint the face of the hub though! A 'professional' detailer on Detailing World posted photos of a Ferrari he did where he painted the face of the hub! I asked why he painted the face and he said 'why do half a job'.....hilarious.
  4. squiretolley

    Anyone who uses Amex

    Thanks for the heads up, will fill up there tomorrow
  5. squiretolley

    Would you buy these wheels.....

    That's a bargain with tyres....get them bought!
  6. squiretolley

    S3 - 1st Clean

    EXO should go on before wax, as it bonds better to bare paint. Some like to add wax on top, but it's not strictly necessary.
  7. squiretolley

    Useful website about detailing tips

    Polished Bliss guides are good as well. Junkman vids on YouTube are great for first time machine polishers.
  8. squiretolley

    Grazed my Alloy...

    I'd heard he only has red!
  9. squiretolley

    Grazed my Alloy...

    The rim is diamond cut and you can only re-cut it a few times, depending on the depth of re-cut required. You can use clear nail varnish to seal it, ask the missus first though!
  10. squiretolley

    Mortgages, Babies and Cars

    There's no reason why the OP can't remain the legal owner of the vehicle.
  11. squiretolley

    Mortgages, Babies and Cars

    That does seem very expensive. When I had my A3 2.0TDI (150) S-Line SB with a few options I was paying £365 p/m with a £1k deposit. It was based on 10k miles p.a. Can your Dad buy the S3 outright for you and you pay him back cash in hand? Or would he be willing to take out a loan so you can...
  12. squiretolley

    Unicorn Motor Developements S3 Stage 1 Dyno and Vbox Results

    Are you still thinking of getting one Rick?
  13. squiretolley

    Unicorn Motor Developements S3 Stage 1 Dyno and Vbox Results

    Nice one Rick, glad it all went to plan!
  14. squiretolley

    Welcome to The Hulk

    I think the gold wheels would look awful IMO. Great colour, but I think I'd have stuck with Java. Hope you enjoy the car!
  15. squiretolley

    Poorboys Sealant

    +1 for Shop n Shine, great prices and customer service. Bonus for me is that they're based a mile from my work, so I can collect and save on postage.
  16. squiretolley

    Audi 2.0tdi 150ps/184ps tuning

    +1 for Rick at Unicorn. He did a fantastic job on my 150 TDI.
  17. squiretolley

    Jumping Ship!

    I drove the saloon version the other day and it's a great drive, like you say very planted. The 8 speed auto is a work of art, the shifts are barely noticeable.
  18. squiretolley

    Jumping Ship!

    I agree the A4 is probably the better looking car, but it's **** to drive, being replaced next year and Audi couldn't sort me a good deal. I would've gone for the A6 black edition if my budget could've stretched.
  19. squiretolley

    Jumping Ship!

    Yes really like the new c class and in premium plus spec it's fully loaded. Unfortunately though I need a car pretty quickly, so the merc didn't fit the bill. The saloon version looks ****** awful though.
  20. squiretolley

    Jumping Ship!

    Yes it is a little strange, but they must think its one That was my wife's comment ha ha. Yes it is a little old fashioned but the m sport kit and the 19's help give it a bit more street cred IMO. Yes will let you know how it compares.