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    Cold Heater B7 3.0TDi Cabriolet

    Hi Guys, not posted for a while, no need car has been perfect :smile new: But I must have thought this to soon as several weeks ago on my daily commute on the M27 I got a red coolant warning flash up in the display and the car went into what I thought must be limp mode, but before I pull over...
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    S4 Cabby cutting out

    I must admit I considered this but these sensors normally cut the engine out when warm and once left to cool let the car restart, but this one restarts every time immediately after it dies, and will cut out when the engine is still cold. One of the codes that has thrown me is the rear window...
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    S4 Cabby cutting out

    Hi Guys, Not been on here for a while mainly due to the Audi's running well but I have had an issue with the S4 Cab which I have been lending a friend. The car is an 2005 S4 Cab that has now covered 61k miles, have owned it approx. 2 years during that time has never missed a beat. The fault cuts...
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    S4 B6 Cab Rear Fog Light

    Hi, Put up the scan from your CCM, Comfort Control Module, as I,m thinking someone has mistakenly coded it wrong, possibly in an attempt to gain extra functions.
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    Hi, I,m in Totton New Forest side of Southampton if that's any good.
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    Bose amp

    Speakers on a cabriolet, separate tweeters and subs in each door, mid range top of the dash (one each side), centre speaker top of dash (in the centre). In the rear either side are 3 way speakers I think though small. Only sub(s) are the ones in each door no separate one in the boot.
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    another broken glove box hinge, Glove box compatibility

    Hi all, I have a B6 S4 Cab with the all to common broken hinge, I have tried fixing it with no luck so I have decide to replace it. I have been on the look out with one with a CD Changer slot and fitted fridge (to make it the same as my B7 3.0tdi B7) so its been a long search but I have found...
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    A4 B7 Cabriolet Interior light help!

    The interior light unit above the rear view mirror in my B7 Cab is exactly the same as my mates B6 Cab, just lever the light unit out from one end, its only push fitted in the roof rail.
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    A4 3.0 Quattro or A6 3.0 Quattro?

    Recently replaced my injectors in my A4 B7 3.0TDI march 2006, for just under £1600 (faulty injector symptons from 75,000miles replaced at 88,500miles), I was told specifically not to use supermarket fuel and to only use branded fuels, as the failling injuectors have something to do with the...
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    Audi A6 V6 TDi Intake Manifold EGR cleaning refurbishment help & info ...

    Hi, I have had to do almost exactly the same thing recently to my A4 Cab 3.0TDI, I was getting EGR DTC codes coming up on VCDS, and thought I had a blocked EGR valve but taking the car apart it was due to the fact the "Throttle Adapter" pipe to the EGR unlike yours mine was completely blocked...
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    Servicing in Southampton Area

    Hi, I have had good experiences regarding Harwoods Audi Southampton though my experience is only based on the spares side of things though my friend has had a S4 B5 and now has a B6 S4 Convertible and has had them both in their workshop for servicing and recall work and he has always been...
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    DPF delete = MOT failure!

    Hi, My understanding of the DPF removal and the new MOT rules, is if it had one from the factory and it has been removed then it will fail. BUT its how the MOT tester will know what was fitted from the factory, as an example my A4 was available with or without a DPF, this info can be gained...
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    [B7] Reg LED lights

    Hi, Does anyone one know whether the number plate light fitting that Kufatec are selling will fit a Convertible? (B7).
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    A4 Aluminium pedals Including footrest

    Hi, I fitted them to my car last year, the foottrest is really easy but the three pedals (manual gearbox) were a real ***** to do. I ended up removing the lower dash panel beneath the steering wheel, and the complete throttle pedal assembly so I had enough room around the brake pedal for the...
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    Steering wheel wobble?

    Hi, If it is knocking like that there is no point taking for a wheel alignment, it could be many things with those symptons anything specific would only be speculation, get it booked into a good VAG independant and get it checked. Did it just suddenly happen? if so have you hit a kerb...
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    VCDS around Bournemouth

    Hi, I,m just outside Southampton New Forest side, if you don,t mind travelling a bit. Is it a B6/7?
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    Hi, I found it on another forum, when searching Audi 3.0TDI Injector problems. I have also googled the tech issue number which gives links to some very useful info. Google "Audi TPI 2013969/11". I must admit the negative and positive values confused me a bit, I think that is why the examples...
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    Rowdyboy, here is the info regarding VCDS and how to diagnose faulty injectors. Technical product information Transaction No.: 2013969/11 White smoke or juddering at idle speed - V6 2.7 l / 3.0 l TDI Release date: 11-Aug-2008 Customer statement / workshop findings White smoke from...
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    Defrost side windows on

    Hi, I use Gummi Pflege a rubber conditioner, link below, I haven't had the glass stick to the rubber yet. Einszett Gummi Pflege Stick - Rubber Door Seal Restorer,Suit,MGF,MGTF,MX5,AUDI. | eBay
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    Hi, I asked the same question, and his reply was that in time Bosch may offer recon ones and all the ones that are being returned on exchange basis now will be the base units for the exchange system. The £245 price was exchange as well, M&B fuels did say I could buy them out right but they were...