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  1. Wheelmanwayne

    Audi VW show Telford

    Might attend this as well, put the feelers out on my car while I'm there. Do you have the post code.
  2. Wheelmanwayne

    18's or 19's on your B6????

    I run 19" on mine, each to their own on this subject 9.5x19 with 265/30-19 rear 8.5x19 with 235/35-19 front
  3. Wheelmanwayne

    Wheelmanwayne's 1.8t 190 sport

    Gauging interest on possibly selling the S line people offers around the 3600 mark as it is! Or possibly swap for something diesel or smaller. Polo tdi, a2 tdi etc. Full 12 month mot, 6 months tax. Message me for more info
  4. Wheelmanwayne

    B6 Bumper Options.

    That's a rieger front bumper... There's one on peebay at the moment
  5. Wheelmanwayne

    2004 Audi A4 1.8T Sport Convertible *P2101* DTC CODE

    I had a similar problem but it didn't limit the power, just the epc light and fluctuating revs turned out to be a crank sensor might be worth a look if the above don't work
  6. Wheelmanwayne

    Today's Rant: puncture and Headlight tray fail.

    Very true lol I suppose it would help if I used a bit of common sense haha ill whip the light back out and have a looksy. I have managed to secure the light pretty well for the moment using a nut and bolt. James I think my fix will suffice for now but the man above me with two broken ones...
  7. Wheelmanwayne

    Today's Rant: puncture and Headlight tray fail.

    Driving home and the indicator was doing its nut being intermittent, I know the problem as I come across a thread on here about it a while back. So I get home garage the car hear a hissing from the rear wheel and there's a nail in my fresh 265 that can just legally be repaired, whip the wheel...
  8. Wheelmanwayne

    whats on the xmas list chaps?

    Me too I think that's what makes them look a little more oem, defo the best option of drl I've seen for the b6
  9. Wheelmanwayne

    whats on the xmas list chaps?

    Don't tempt me jake I don't think the kids or the wife will like the idea of me spending there Xmas money on my car especially with what I just spent putting it back on road
  10. Wheelmanwayne

    whats on the xmas list chaps?

    I like the look of them nice sort of o/e look to them not cheap looking like most
  11. Wheelmanwayne

    pictures of a4s and estates

    Acocks green/south yardley bud
  12. Wheelmanwayne


    Ahah well I'm from acocks green but I'm helping my brother out at the moment dropping my nephew to school at perry beeches then back through to erdington for work, you'll probably see me again and again give us a bib!
  13. Wheelmanwayne

    Is running staggered 19" wheels a "no no" on a quattro?

    265/30-19 rear will run within tolerances of a 235/35-19 and is ideal fitment for staggered fit on a4 earlier a6 models, 275/30-19 sits the exact same height as a 235/35-19 but clearance issues will occur on the rear
  14. Wheelmanwayne

    pictures of a4s and estates

    Running standard s line suspension, 9.5x19 et40 rear with 265/30-19 & 8.5x19 et35 front with 235/35-19
  15. Wheelmanwayne

    Lower Centre Mesh Style Grille. Avant Sport

    Search lower mesh grill on the forum I'm sure there's a how to thread on this.
  16. Wheelmanwayne

    is quattro wider than tthe front wheel drive?

    Body width are all the same apart from Rs models which we all know aren't made in b6 guise. Quattro models run a different suspension setup but saying that if the car has been lowered and running a pokey setup with its wheels it will look wide
  17. Wheelmanwayne

    Throttle body clean with vcds/vagcom

    What about if I clean it without removing the body? Haven't got access to vagcom/vcds at the mo something I need to invest in, I have the lead and a laptop but no vcds software unless I can download a free/cracked version
  18. Wheelmanwayne

    Throttle body clean with vcds/vagcom

    Morning all can I clean the throttle body on my 1.8t without calibrating it via vagcom afterwards?
  19. Wheelmanwayne

    Wheel fitment problems....someone help!

    I second this I've been fitting and working within the wheel and tyre industry for around 12/13 years. Extreme stretch isn't safe, now my car is lower than standard due to it being an s line but I run a 9.5x19 rear with 265/30-19 rear and I have no catching/fouling even under load. If I where in...