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    Un-Sticking Your TDi VNT Turbo Vanes.....

    Ive got an Audi A4 tdi 2000 year and i am wanting to get this done, would anyone know of anybody who could do this in the Derbshire/Nottinghamshire/Sheffield area it would be really appreciated :)

    changing the standard sub?

    i'll post some piccys tonight when i get home tonight :)

    changing the standard sub?

    I bought my sub off fleabay £40 and i use an Alpine mono amp which sits nicely on one side of the back seat, helps if you have folding rear seats :) it worked out pretty cheeap doing it this way and the sound difference is awesome

    changing the standard sub?

    It is yes I fitted a jl audio 10w6 sub in my shelf and have not looked back you will need to put some dynomat on the underside of the shelf for the large difference in bass rattles the metal

    18" S-Line RS6 style needed!

    Ebay is your best bet there will loads of singles wheels available

    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    Dom is a good guy to try, he used to be in the motor trade and have a show on itv a few years back so i am sure he will know whats what and get his teeth stuck into it. Imagine him saying on BBC1 come Audi sort your life out even MG Rover didnt have these kind of problems PMSL :)

    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    I have to say my heart goes out to all you guys experiencing these problems, it shouldnt happen to a brand like and not get fixed by them. I was a bit gutted when i couldnt afford a diesel last year and eneded up with a 2.0tfsi petrol. But after seeing what quite memebers have been going through...

    Advice Needed please as seriously annoyed

    I would say if you are doing a remap with that sort mileage i would have an AA mechanical breakdown warranty in place they only cost between 70-90 pounds a year and cover the first £500 on each claim which cover most of a turbo unit cost :)

    Anyone with Vagcom near Notts/Derbyshire border

    Thanks for your input guys :)

    Anyone with Vagcom near Notts/Derbyshire border

    Hi all just wonder if anyone with a Vagcom near Notts/derbyshire area could rest my service indicator on my A4 S-line for a nice drink or 2 as they say. I had my car serviced as my local guy Sat but his reset equipment isnt working at the moment so he couldnt reset the sevice light. I cant be...

    Timing belt - when to change?

    Thay maybe 115km which is about 70,000 miles but most do it 5 years or 60,000 miles for each one whichever comes sooner i have 2.0tfsi with 138k on the clock i changed it as soon as i bought the car with 131k on. £300 ballache over £2500 of heartache was a no brainer for me :)

    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    I reckon you should get Domonic Littlewood on BBC 1 on the case he used to trade in cars a few years back im sure he would enjoy geting his teeth into something like this :)

    Cupra Splitter, RS4 Fog Grille's and visit to Richardesty's

    Does anyone know the part number for the Cupra splitter please. It would be much appreciated :)

    Cruise Control Fitting - How easy to fit actual parts - advice needed

    Custard do you have the part numbers for what you got ?? and which delaers did you get it from ?? that seems reasonable :)

    my plans... :)

    What is this??? Britains Got talent lol ;)

    2.0 tdi quattro sline advice needed !

    Flipping heck and heres me moaning about getting 29-30 around town and 36-38 on a motorway run in my 2.0TFSI S-Line petrol :)

    Thoughts on buying high mileage A4 Avant 2.0 T FSI Quattro S-Line

    I have a 55 plate 2.0 TFSI with 140k on the clock, i bought it with 131k on the clock 15 months ago i dont do many miles per year and i find mine runs like a dream. I replaced the cambelt and tensioners as soon as i bought mine.

    Buying Advice, Mileage etc...

    I have a 2.0tFSi Petrol s line on a 55 plate i bought it last year with 131k on the clock i immediately spent £200 doing the cambelt/tensioners etc. its now on 140k it runs like a dream. I do think it depends on how many miles a year you do. I do 8000 as i commute to work so spending 10-11k on...

    Removing non Bose sub

    You should be able to get access via taking the shelf out i did it when i replaced my bose sub with jl audio 10w3 sub and was loads better and saved me going the box in the boot porting route

    This mistake will make you chuckle...

    I always unlock all 4 doors with a double click then do the boot in that way the doors dont lock back in case i leave the keys in the boot which have done before, so i was a lucky one.