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  1. ashaudia3

    Problem dsg a3

    yes usually u would get esp light on and maybe brake warning light, try get car scanned and post results
  2. ashaudia3

    Problem dsg a3

    i dont know mate, i believe theres dif ways to jumping cars as manufacters add points where to place jump leads ect, instead of directly on battery, cant see jumping car doing it, although does sound electronic fault
  3. ashaudia3

    Problem dsg a3

    if i remember correctly if u turn esp off it should redline in P&N so id say try turning off n on. may be bit confussed, if not id say get car scanned as its clearly not right.
  4. ashaudia3

    Help poss misfire

    Yeah 140 Tdi BKD engine, Ive just checked and its well out. sitting at -1.5 so i will be going to VW in the morn. It should be covered. As they put the new cambelt on prior to me signing for the car. Does anyone know what the true readings for the injectors should be, as each one on mine is...
  5. ashaudia3

    Help poss misfire

    Hi guys hope everyone is well. Been a while since been on here and asked for advice as i got rid of the a3 in feb due to having horrendous issues with the 170 engine. Anyhow i got a 140 golf and saved a few quid. However i believe may have misfire. Car seems to shake pretty bad at times...
  6. ashaudia3

    DRL out on drivers side, how the hell do you replace it???

    Mate i think your in for an expensive do. Im preety sure the lights are sealed so your looking at new headlamp. U can use your old xenon bulb and ignitor (ballast) so that will save few quid. But I wouldnt like to imagine price from audi. Try ebay or TPS, It may be worth it to buy a set incase...
  7. ashaudia3

    Sportback Rear LED Light Issues?

    i had something similar to this few months back before i got rid, i had lights come on fine, however soon as i touch the brake would go off. coding was fine, turned out i removed the light and the adaptors were either cheap or its how they are. I will explain, the insides off these should have...
  8. ashaudia3

    Moving up in world

    Hi guys and gals. After bit of info and personal views. Got a a3 2.0tdi 170, every toy on there ect but just isnt pressing all right buttons, Am thinking of trading in for a s3. Im not gonna ask the daft question of what they like on fuel ect, more so on side of serviceing cost ect is there...
  9. ashaudia3

    Bi-xenon headlights!

    I had exact same thing last year, mine was under warrenty though, turned out to be a bulb issue, as i only had car two months i got it done very cheap, both bulbs got replaced as over time the xenon tint fades and would look odd if only one bulb done, cost me £46 which i cant moan. if you go to...
  10. ashaudia3

    Horrible rattle from rear left bose sub. Evan with bass turned to quarter.

    Hi guys Hope everyone had good xmas and new year. I need some advice. As title says i have located a horrible rattle where my bose sub is located. so am guessing either bolt as come lose or i need some sound padding put in there. Just i'm a bit stumped how to get access to it. Any help would...
  11. ashaudia3

    Headlight bulbs

    Hi mate, Believe them to be H7 for main beam, I could be wrong though as ive had all halogen on previous car and now bi-xenon so never had just xenons. Also side lights are 501w seen different numbers there too such as t10. Just type 501w in ebay ect. Hope this helps
  12. ashaudia3

    My Mauritious Blue S-Line Conversion

    where did you pick up your wheels mate? what was price, will PM if you dont want to put it out on forum
  13. ashaudia3

    Led drl xenon headlight

    hi chris, i did upgrade bout year ago, bought them from audi part num: U8K0 941 597 C @ 164.09 INC VAT EACH hope this helps
  14. ashaudia3

    Check DPF Soot Levels in VCDS? this is off a a4 forum but it works, i had problems with my sensor so wanted to monitor it. Go into engine then measure block believe thats 08 then on the selection screen pick number 075 that gives you a...
  15. ashaudia3

    Engine Management Light on and DSG not matching revs

    Hi mate ive got same car but on 56 plate. its a common fault with exhaust pressure sensors. mine touch wood hasnt done it but i have had dpf sensor go, its more than likely, its giving false readings which is telling the ecu do a regen so to send more fuel through ect and hold onto revs longer...
  16. ashaudia3

    just got 07 A3 Sportback 2.0 TDi S line, advice on suspension knocking needed.

    pratically same car as mine however i have the rns-e and bluetooth. i had nightmares with the injectors prior to vosa getting involved... anyhow mine has just had rear shock absorber done under warrenty with audi. have no idea on cost mate but it sounds same thing, horrible metal clangy noise...
  17. ashaudia3

    Xenon or Bi xenon?

    my bi xenons did same, also gave me bulb out error on dash. My car was in warrenty and turned out to be the bulbs playing up, (which wasnt covered by the warrenty) :(
  18. ashaudia3

    A3 Face lift Headlight problems. HELP

    if you have auto lights then your light switch would have auto just like the picture i sent. I think you have lights off then side lights and then dipped beam. if you have auto.. it will be off, auto then side lights then dipped
  19. ashaudia3

    rear brakes,plastic tags?

    I changed my rear pads recently and i cam e across this tag. I was stumped and did not have a clue what it did. so i left well alone, if aint broke dont fix it :)