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  1. paulsb

    Headlight Switch

    just ordered one of these too, so thanks to original poster. btw the reason the symbols are at a angle is because the golf switch has the side light at top centre where the audi one has light off at top center. thanks again to orininal poster, saved me £60.
  2. paulsb

    B6 Suggestions?

    imo if you want better mpg with more tunability, go for the 1.8t. if you don't mind a lower mpg and your not planing mods to the engine then the 3.0 is faster than any standard 1.8t.
  3. paulsb

    DRL Headlights????

    got a b7 and b6. would prefer the dayline ones but can't find themfor right hand drive.
  4. paulsb

    DRL Headlights????

    needing a new driver side headlight but for an extra £50 i could get these can't decide which ones to go for. just wondering what you all think of them. any input would be great. thanks
  5. paulsb


    it worth while check with audi that its had the coil packs and plenum chamber checked. they were recalls on both.
  6. paulsb

    Headlight help

    there £10ish from audi.
  7. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    :keule:sorry, its a Y reg. how the hell did i get that wrong:uhm:
  8. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    yes there is
  9. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    tbh when i drove it from london, there was no traffic so i could keep a steady pace once on the M40 and theres no juntions to slow down for all the way to glasgow. when i done 40 on the way to work i was driving to intentional get a high avarage. normally its about 34 combined with 4 miles A...
  10. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    v reg b6 3.0 auto quattro sport.
  11. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    actually it was a AA lorry lol i filled up in london and 400 miles later in wishaw i still had 45 miles on the range. if i'm carful, i have got 40 on the drive to work.
  12. paulsb

    3.0 Quattro owners !!

    my combined mpg is 19 without any motorway driving but when i bought it from london and drove it to glasgow, i got 37 doing constint 80mph all the way up. just short of 1 tank.
  13. paulsb

    Which Oil???

    hi, i have a 94 audi 80 1.6 petrol and i was just wondering what grade oil i should use. cars done 145000, if it makes a difference. Thanks
  14. paulsb

    Changing rear door triangle trim?

    i read somewhere you have to remove the door card then remove the top frame off the door to get to 2 bolts but it was a while ago that i looked into it. btw they where £25 each from audi.
  15. paulsb

    oil level??

    My oil min light has been coming up atleast once a week now but when i check the dipstick the level is fine. i think its my oil level sensor on the way out but i'm not getting any faults on vcds. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had a simular problem or if it is the sensor thats the...
  16. paulsb

    Armrest catch

    mine has been broke sine i got the car and i looked in to it a while ago, you need to by either the whole lid or armrest. can't rember if you can get them seperate. there around £150.
  17. paulsb

    a4 b6 brakes

    when you doing it? if its around december, i plan on putting porsche 993 caliper on mine and i'll need to relpace my carriers any way. you can have them if you still need them by then.
  18. paulsb

    rns-e or one of the non genuine copies from ebay

    don't know if it makes any difference but i came across this on ebay 260748655117. still a second hand one but looks more like the rns-e.
  19. paulsb

    Will this head unit fit my car ?????????

    that is the model for b6, rns-e is for a b7. the seller might have a b7. at £30 and if its still working, you could sell it on for atleast £100. its worth adding that some people have upgraded to rns-e form rns-d. the 2 units will do mostly the same job. try you tube reviews for both and...
  20. paulsb

    Horn/?Hooter problem diagnosis?

    don't know if the same thing but after mine stopped working i found a fuse missing in my fuse box. then i added a fuse an it stared working again. it was pin 40 25 amp