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  1. Simon66

    drivers door lock issues

    it was new,think it was from euro car parts or gsf not sure.
  2. Simon66

    drivers door lock issues

    The same has just happened to mine, new door lock solenoid needed, common fault as I was told, £125 fitted I payed
  3. Simon66

    Transferring Private Plate Along With Sale Of Car? Is It Possible?

    I don't think you need to transfer anything, just sell the car, I'm sure I did
  4. Simon66

    Does this happen on anyone else's car ?

    Yeah normal, my 8P does it.
  5. Simon66

    1.9TDi True MPG?

    Realistically I'm getting between 46-48mpg, with mixed driving.
  6. Simon66

    Good places for cambelt replacement in Nottingham area (for v6)

    Plus 1 for Sport Tech at Ilkeston, only done a couple of minor jobs but all ok:sm4:
  7. Simon66

    Parking sensors not working!

    Got mind from a motor spares dealer on ebay,£25 in the right colour as well.It was brand new still in audi packaging
  8. Simon66

    Chelsea, Chelsea.......

    :sadlike: Not relevant jus saying.
  9. Simon66

    Chelsea, Chelsea.......

    The ball boy is heir to £42 million quid, his parents are the Morgans, they're minted
  10. Simon66

    Chelsea, Chelsea.......

    He was 17 years old and a Swansea directors son, hardly a boy, but he shouldn't have kicked him like that either
  11. Simon66

    The Wheel Specialist (Derby) - anyone used them?

    Used the one in Nottingham, excellent service and back in the same day, year later wheels still the same, no chips or anything:rock:
  12. Simon66

    Hit lampost in snow :( back end came out.A3 sportback

    I bought one off ebay about 3 months ago,£25 brand new in the right colour as well,which was a bonus.
  13. Simon66

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Just changed from an 05 8P1 to this, is it what you would term on here as a 8P2 or 8P3, looked on the guide but headlights look different.Thanks,
  14. Simon66

    optional extra packs

    Think i have the non smoking pack No ashtray and a lid over the cigarette lighter.
  15. Simon66

    Replacement grey plastic wheel nut caps

    I got mine from Audi about 12p each i think
  16. Simon66

    which do you prefer..... (bikers)

    I use the KTM for work, duke at weekends, easy
  17. Simon66

    Parking sensors not working!

    If you have got very flexible arms you dont need to take the bumper off even. Or you can put it in reverse and touch each sensor, the one that is not making a clicking sound is broken.
  18. Simon66

    Radio Code

    Isnt it on the inside of the radio handbook if you have it?
  19. Simon66

    What's New

    I dont know if it my laptop, i have no mark forums read button now. I have to logout to clear.