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  1. y2kcurran

    Strange high pitched sound when moving...

    Ok so I left the car into a local indy and got him to have a quick look over, he didn't address the whistle noise because he got distracted by a chirping noise under the bonnet, something I was going to ask him about anyway, turns out my alternator belt is flapping about and needs a new...
  2. y2kcurran

    SW Dealership meet

    Definitely up for this!
  3. y2kcurran

    Strange high pitched sound when moving...

    Hi, Just wondering if any of you can help identify what's going on, Just recently i've started to hear a constant strange whistley hum while driving my 2006 2.0tdi. - It doesn't sound engine or turbo related as putting the clutch in, changing gear or revving the engine has no effect on its...
  4. y2kcurran

    Wanna get my wing mirrors sprayed silver

    I tried vinyl wrapping and wing mirrors are a complete B**CH to get right and you cant do them as one clean piece leaving a seam which isn't ideal. I did mine with matt black plastidip followed by pearlizer and am very happy with the result, it gives a lovely texture and so far has proved very...
  5. y2kcurran

    A3 brake upgrade

    Hi, I am wanting to upgrade my 2006 A3 2.0 tdi (140) brakes to the 312mm setup as I have the car mapped and need better stopping power! I've been googling and believe I only need the 312mm discs and carriers changed. Could you give me a price for a pair of 312mm discs (dimpled/grooved if...
  6. y2kcurran

    VAG independant specialist in South West

    Hi guys, apologies if I should have posted this elsewhere but I was just wondering who you guys in the South West trust to service your cars? I've just moved to East Chinnock near Yeovil and am looking pointed in the right direction. I've googled but each place seems to have mixed reviews...
  7. y2kcurran

    Rear wiper, remove or replace?

    I like the blanked off look when you remove it, I had mine off my old mk4 gti...however I have completely decided against taking it off my A3 for the simple fact that I depend on it way more than I did with the golf. For some reason the A3 seems to kick up waaayy more muck off the road :/
  8. y2kcurran


    1. SPORTSTRACTOR (James) - Barnstaple 2. ScottB5 (Scott) - Plymouth 3 (Scott) - Torquay 4. Audimad100 - Penzance 5. pats3poa (Pat) - Exeter 6.JD007F (James) Hayle 7.tonya4 (Tony) -Barnstaple 8. dancupra225 (Dan) - Redruth 9. Jack_Of_All_Trades (Jack) - Street, Somerset 10. rokape (Josh) -...
  9. y2kcurran

    Calling all hybrid turbo owners

    Keep us up to date, i'll be interested to see what you think.
  10. y2kcurran

    Painted my grill black...opinions?

    Great change, looks spot on mate. Black grills look great on dolphin grey IMO!
  11. y2kcurran

    Jack Slipped - Whats the damage?

    Same thing happened me, I trusted a mate to jack the car and he used the sill... A good bit of spray-on underseal will keep it protected. You don't see the dent unless you're walking up a hill with the car parked sideways lol. I've noticed a good few cars with matching dents actually
  12. y2kcurran

    FIRST GROUP MEET (Belfast Audi Dealership)

    I have to opt out :( I'll be on the ferry to Pembroke this time next week for my move to Somerset! Gutted! Have a great day up there everyone, I'll keep an eye out for pics.
  13. y2kcurran

    Pedals done!!

    This is next on my to-do list, looks great!
  14. y2kcurran

    I plastidipped my rims and wing mirrors - pics

    @Sebbie - Yea it was just the black plastidip I got, here's a closer image of the pearlizer in action. You might notice that the finish isn't completely even. I found the pearlizer quite difficult to use, although I have pretty much zero experience in spray painting anything so maybe I should...
  15. y2kcurran

    I plastidipped my rims and wing mirrors - pics

    Hey man, no worries i'm a bit of a novice myself but trying to learn as I go along. I took the wing mirror covers off the car. If you do a google search you will find some info on how to take them off, however the info I found was a bit lacking in detail so here is what I did: - Using the...
  16. y2kcurran

    I plastidipped my rims and wing mirrors - pics

    It has been too miserable outside today to get pics and I've a 12 hour shift tomorrow but I'll throw some up when I get a chance. The pearlizer can be tricky to get a completely even shade but if you're going with black they should turn out really well. They will be matt with a slight texture to...
  17. y2kcurran

    I plastidipped my rims and wing mirrors - pics

    So after a while of deliberation about what color to go for I finally decided to have a go at plastidipping my rims and thought i'd share the experience in case there are any of you thinking of doing the same. The rims were on the car when I bought it and all of them had curbing and one or two...
  18. y2kcurran

    Anyone know these rims? Also looking for opinions on height.

    Cool thanks for that, now just to source Audi caps that are the same size. Any opinions on height or if spacers alone would suit? I have plastidip ordered and now I can't wait to give the rims a go, i'm going to match the wing mirror covers to them if I have enough left over, gonna go with matt...
  19. y2kcurran

    Anyone know these rims? Also looking for opinions on height.

    Hey guys, does anyone know what rims these are? They are quite rough around the edges so I am going to plastidip them until I can get a bit of money together for something better. I want to try and source new centre caps to go with the plastidip job and don't really know which exactly to get...