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    DTUK Tuned Audi B9 RS4 Avant - 0-60 in 3.3 seconds (for now..)

    We've just taken delivery of a new Audi RS4 Avant, as it now has a few miles under its belt we thought wed add a DTUK box and see what all the fuss is/was about.. In standard form the car is simply epic, better than any other Audi one owned (in my humble opinion) it has so much grip and so much...
  2. ABYSS

    New A6 40TDI Avant

    after running about in a saloon for 3 weeks, our Avant landed earlier this week.
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    Audi 40TDI 2.0TDI 204PS EA288 Evo Development

    Good Day Guys and girls, I thought id start this thread to give you a little insight into our latest development. Since 2013 weve tuned a lot of the EA288 2.0 TDI engines, these come in various states of tune ranging from 75ps upto 190ps found in a lot of Audis, VW, Skoda etc. This 190PS...
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    11.7 seconds 1/4 mile B9 S4 - DTUK MPT TCU+ gearbox flash

    Hi Guys, one of our customers in the USA has recently taken his S4 to the strip and managed an impressive 11.706 second 1/4 mile time. DTUK MP-T tuning box DTUK TCU+ Gearbox flash Roc-euro intake ECS inlet pipe Another customer in Canada running just the box and TCU gearbox flash managed...
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    New Product - TCU+ DSG Gearbox OBD Flash

    Hi Guys, we have a similar thread going in the B9 section, and have now several TCU’s onto several 300/310ps so thought id share the news with you guys, feedback from an S3 customer David in the UK – Customer with 2018 Audi S3 2.0 TFSI 310PS S-tronic Yeah have to agree. Pulls harder, gear...
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    an extra £50.00 discount on our S4/S5/SQ5 Sent Tuning box

    Between now until the end of August were offering an extra £50 discount on the updated MP-T box for the S4 S5 SQ5 3.0 354PS by using the discount code SENT50 If you'd like some...
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    Audi 3.0 TDi 218/272/286PS Tuning

    Good morning everyone. We’ve just updated the DTUK website and have some good news for 3.0 TDi owners As some of you maybe aware the latest 3.0 TDi uses SENT digital sensors, to be specific a SENT boost sensor. This differs from the usual analogue sensors and up until today we have offered a...
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    DTUK Tuned RS3 saloon is already achieving 0-60 in 3.2 seconds

    So our Nardo Saloon landed last week, and in between a few days away with the kids I’ve managed to start our UK development of the MP-Ta box for the latest 400PS Audi RS3. Really impressed with the car, in stock form were seeing 3.7-3.9 0-60 times with the v-box, last week we...
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    Audi s5 354 DTUK Tuning box

    As the new S5 shares its engine with the new S4 it thought id post an update on how our S4/S5 tuning has been progressing. One of the threads I posted s while ago contains our own DYNO data and 0-60 times...
  10. ABYSS

    new S4 Avant landing this next week :)

    We're loving the S4 so much that we have a fully loaded Avant landing on Thursday :) Another cracking deal from Fraser Burdett at Kings Lynn Audi. ill post some more photos this next week once she lands, but I've got to admit that the saloon has been a fantastic car, but I'm really looking...
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    B9 S4 354PS - 0-60 in 3.85 seconds..

    So the guys from DTE landed yesterday and our first day or development with the S4 created some interesting 0-60 times. we didnt have the v-box available last night, so use Dynolicious on the iPhone. Stock 0-60 figures were around 4.5/4.6 seconds. Their development S4 is due in the next...
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    New Misano Red B9 S4 Saloon

    We this was an unplanned purchase but due to paint issues with the S3 Saloon i was offered a cracking deal on an S4 Saloon that the dealer had in stock. So here she is in all of her glory :) I did have a B8 S4 Avant a few years ago that i loved, and im really impressed with this so far...
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    Pedalbox + available for the new Audi A4 B9

    hI Guys and Girls im sure some of you are aware of the Pedal box throttle response system, well this wasn't available for several new Audis including the A4 B9, Q7 4M and A5 that have switched from analogue sensors to the latest SENT Digital Sensors. Well don't despair our partners DTE -...
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    Our Ara Blue Black Edition S3 Saloon

    Ive just received these photos from the guys at Kings Lynn Audi, of our Ara Blue S3 saloon thats due to land next month, cant wait to see the car in the flash and so pleased i changed from Vegas to Ara. Cant thank Kings Lynn Audi enough for another unbeatable deal, along with their great...
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    Tuning a facelift S3 310ps and TB1

    If you have a new facelifted S3 310ps and are thinking about tuning it, then this maybe of interest.. TB1 - this is a subject that's been talked about for a while, some say the original document was simply a photoshop, others said nothing... Weve recently purchased a new 310ps Audi S3 DSG and...
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    Nano Grey S3 Sportback incoming to DTUK

    After been away from Audi for what seams to be ages, we have a facelifted nano grey sportback landing with us on wednesday :) Nano Grey B and O Audi vIRTUAL Cockpit Folding mirrors Tech pack high privacy glass super sport seats advanced key the car will be used to develop and test the...
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    Audi Tuner came to try out our tuned RS3..

    Davy from AudiTuner popped in this last week to try out our tuned RS3 8V, keep an eye out for the feature in the next issue of the magazine. Its safe to say that he was impressed with the kit after driving the car in both tuned and standard form.
  18. ABYSS

    2015 Black Friday Offers

    to celebrate Black Friday 2015 were offering members the change to purchase our Audi 1.8 TFSI 180, 1.4 140/150ps, Audi S3 300PS FSR+/Pedal box combo for only £500.00 inc vat + £9.95 carriage this offer is only available by calling us direct on 01207 299538 and expires at midnight on the...
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    Today we tuned our first ‪#‎audi‬ ‪#‎8v‬ ‪#‎rs3‬ using the DTUK MP-T Multi-Protocol Tuning System Stock figures 367ps and 465nm Tuned figures 409ps and 527nm currently on offer to members for £599 inc vat...
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    2015 Audi S4/ S5 Tuning now available from DTUK

    DTUK MP-T Multi-Protocol SENT Tuning SystemThe latest tuning solution for the latest in engine technology! A selection of MY2016 engines from premium manufacturers are utilising a sensor technology that is incompatible with existing tuning module technologies. The SENT range of digital sensors...