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  1. Danno57

    Does an A3 have a passinger Airbag?

    Mines a 1999, the seats have a little rubber logo on the side saying 'airbag', so if you've got that then you will.
  2. Danno57

    Headlight options?

    Go for the genuine facelift lights (2nd hand) and if they're badly oxidised do the wet n dry restoration method. The poor aftermarket ones are notorious for bad condensation and quality.
  3. Danno57

    headlight restoration?

    I had to spend a lot of time using 600grit (around 30mins) on each headlight to fully sand off the oxidisation on the top layer, once I could see all the yellow discolouration and stone chips were gone I then moved onto 800 for 10 mins a piece, then 1200 (15 mins) then 2000 and finally 2500...
  4. Danno57

    Pre facelift to facelift REAR light swap - 8L S3 - Little spoon feeding required ;-)

    I done this last week, the only thing I had to do was buy some silver coated amber indicator bulbs. You don't need to change the bulb holder. When fitting the new light units make sure to use some sealant on the rubber.
  5. Danno57

    The Junkyard A3

    Ew, S3 front and back definitely!
  6. Danno57

    Hayfever :(

    I have tried ALL off the shelf stuff and nothing worked (and I get Hayfever REALLY bad - to the point I can barely breathe) So last year I went to the docs and he finally prescribed me with something different: Fexofenadine Hydrochloride tablets. I take one a day along with this nose spray he...
  7. Danno57

    The Dreaded Airbag Warning Light & Vagcom - Please hellllp!

    Today I finally fixed it! Hardwiring didn't fix the problem with the dashboard airbag, it turned out to be the actual airbag itself! Found a tested one on eBay for £12 from a breakers, fitted it today and cleared the code with vagcom and the light never came back on!! Literally jumped up and...
  8. Danno57

    Audi A3 1.6 exhaust help fitting! S3 system (.TT.)

    Jetex do some nice exhausts for the 1.6 (also fit the 1.8) They just have an adapter for the change in pipe diameter.
  9. Danno57

    The Dreaded Airbag Warning Light & Vagcom - Please hellllp!

    Hi John thanks for the information. I hardwired both seats yesterday to no avail unfortunately, I cleared the code with VCDS then went back into the controller to do a new scan and the fault code came up again. Seeing as the error code is for the dashboard airbag I hardwired that as well and the...
  10. Danno57

    head light upgrade for audi a3 8l

    I was going to get some Depos but went for 2nd hand OE Hella ones in the end for £60 each and glad I did! They were badly oxidised but I followed the wet n dry method with a high cut rubbing compound afterwards and they came up like new! Took about 2 hours to sand down properly and to get rid...
  11. Danno57

    Battery Drain

    Mine usually lasts around a week and a half if its not being used.
  12. Danno57

    were to buy vagcom from ?

    Have you fixed the airbag problem first? VCDS won't turn the light off unless its fixed, I'm guessing you're using it to diagnose the fault and clear the code? I got mine from an online shop in the uk called Gendan.
  13. Danno57

    What is this broken thing please?

    Check number 21.
  14. Danno57

    The Dreaded Airbag Warning Light & Vagcom - Please hellllp!

    Haha :) The only reason I said that was because someone said online they could (rarely) be set off at any moment if its faulty. Going to get this guy to do it I think, then if its still showing up after a vagcom reset he might know where to go from there.
  15. Danno57

    The Dreaded Airbag Warning Light & Vagcom - Please hellllp!

    Thanks mate, I just spoke to my brother in law and he knows a guy who does the MOT testing/repairs at an Audi dealer, he said confidently that it wouldn't be the airbag itself but definitely the yellow connector under the seat as he's had this problem loads of times. I did check this connector...
  16. Danno57

    Facelifts headlights to a pre face lift

    Maybe he's bodged the adjuster screw thread with glue and you can't adjust it any further? On another point, I restored my Hella headlight lenses yesterday after about 2 hours of wet n drying, (mine were in really badly oxidized) But here's what I did: 1. 600 Grit wet n dry for about 15 mins...
  17. Danno57

    The Dreaded Airbag Warning Light & Vagcom - Please hellllp!

    So my MOT is due next week and I have just read the 2013 pass requirements, one of which is that if there are any warning lights displayed on the dash after the ignition-on bulb test, its an instant fail! Instantly started crapping myself. Well my airbag warning light has been displayed since...
  18. Danno57

    Is my car dead? :(

    I bought a head gasket leak detection kit to check if mine had gone once, it wasn't the problem in the end though. The kit consists of a test tube which you place on top of the expansion tank and some blue chemical reactive liquid, if the liquid turns yellow after sucking up air into the tube...
  19. Danno57

    Facelifts headlights to a pre face lift

    I'm not really sure as the ones I bought are OEM Hella ones. What I did was made count of how many full turns I did on the manual adjusters (the allen key ones on the top of the headlight) to get the clip in the correct position for the ball joint to clip into. Once I managed to get the motor...
  20. Danno57

    Facelifts headlights to a pre face lift

    Please ignore my above post, I fitted the clips yesterday and turns out that the facelift adjusters will not work with the pre-facelift, either that or both of the ones that came with my facelift lights are bust which I find hard to believe. My dads a sparky and seems to think the circuit board...