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  1. normski

    TT or S3?

    The decider for me would be that the TT is common and the S3 not so.
  2. normski

    S3 Stolen there's another story...
  3. normski

    BMW Alert! New D3 coming 2008/9

    I seem to recall someone one here making sweeping statements all the time about how s-lines were "chav" for having extra bits on them, as well as any other car that came in more than one variety of trim to make the car look a little more sporty... Now let me think, who was it........?
  4. normski

    Pulled over by police

    Clearly the more informed people on here will understand exactly why they are doing this mate... I bet your are one of the clever people who says to coppers "haven't you got anything better to do?" or "shouldn't you be out arresting rapists and murderers"...
  5. normski

    Pulled over by police

    They can carry out all the checks in the world on you mate if the car had been nicked and the owner hadn't reported it, the only way they would know anything was dodgy was if they tried to stop it....if you think someone in a nicked S3 is gonna stop for the fuzz, that is quite naive... So my...
  6. normski

    Pulled over by police

    The police are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. Had they spotted the nicked Imola S3 from the sticky before it was reported stolen cuz of the windows, the owner would love them eh!?!?!
  7. normski

    S3 Stolen

    I was working nights on the night in question, and although I cover the whole county our place of work so to speak is half a mile from where the car was nicked from...shame the keeper didn't hear it go, as we would have had a good chance of getting behind it and getting it back for him...
  8. normski

    Tints Done!

    I did actually mean the a-pillar (has to let 75% light through)...but you're right , the sides infront of the b-pillar have to let 70% through... As far as I am aware, helmet visors only have to let 50% light through to be legal (with the approp. BS marks)...
  9. normski

    Alpina D3 is ordered!

    Any chance we can be Bowfer-less by February(ish)?...
  10. normski

    Tints Done!

    Well the leather (in summer) in the back is definitely cooler than in the front, and I have to put that down to the air con will cool that down quickly or stop it burning little kids legs... Which two-sided nature of the law are you referring to? Visors that don't let enough light...
  11. normski

    Tints Done!

    I have the factory tints...and they aint blended at all...dark from b-pillar backwards, standard forward... Not been mistaken for a taxi yet mind you...
  12. normski

    S3 8P owners fuel questions slow is everyone driving? I am getting about 240 from a tank...and I aint going too mad either...
  13. normski

    What's on your DIS

    It would appear that the low level oil light comes on before the oil level reaches minimum on the dipstick... It would appear that the tyre pressure sensor comes on with the loss of about 5 PSI, not when it is down to running almost flat... Neither of these conditions are dangerous for the...
  14. normski

    What's the most fuel you've put in?

    Well forgive me if I am wrong...but I have been told this by a friend who owns my local scooby dealer, and the head technical chappy at the Prodrive testing ground at Balsall Common...what idiots eh?
  15. normski

    S3 or R32

    But it's not all about BHP the same Evo timings, I recall that the S3 was less than a second slower than the M3 and M5...would suggest that the S3 puts it down better than most.
  16. normski

    What's the most fuel you've put in?

    I was under the impression that you should avoid running less than a quarter tank on turbo charged cars as it casues a slight loss in fuel pressure and slightly leaner running...
  17. normski

    S3 or R32

    Is the R32 that bad on fuel then?
  18. normski

    S3 or R32

    If you would spec an R32 with all of the stuff that comes standard on the S3 (leather etc.) then they cost pretty much the same price... Makes it a no brainer for the majority...faster...more exclusive...better interior quality by a mile...etc...etc...etc... Of course you should also...
  19. normski


    Definitely next dealer showed me a picture the other day on an Audi circular.