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  1. junchen

    Brake Upgrade???

    Yes they are. I had the oem q5 3.0tdi 4 pot brembo on my a4 b8. Runs like a dream. You need to order s4 rotors (345mm) and matching oem brembo pads (not s4 pads).
  2. junchen

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  3. junchen

    Free Upgrades you didn't know you had.

    If you have dual zone aircon, you can sync the temp control for both sides by pressing down the driver side air con temp knob for a few seconds. Try it!
  4. junchen

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    My 1.8T after adding a Quattro badge to my front lower bumper. Got it from taobao China.
  5. junchen

    Mods i could do to my car ?

    Yeah add a front and rear dash cam, with full 24/7 operation via a battery saver device. Also alu mirror covers, gear knobs, steering wheels with paddle shifts (if you didn't already have them)
  6. junchen

    A4 B8 LED rear lights?

    Just A) replace bulb with led B) use vcds to remove the annoying rear bulb error. Simple. Probably a quick 5 min job. Don't over analyse it! :)
  7. junchen

    Headlight Bulb issue - A4 B8 s line 2009

    Your stock bulbs are d3s, 4300k. Many of us have changed to 6k lights. It has a slightly blue tinge, which looks pretty cool. The stock 4300k lights has a slight yellow tinge to it. There's many fakes on eBay so probably have to get from a reputable shop. If it's cheap, it's probably fake.
  8. junchen

    What Tyres?

    Do you have the Goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 2 in your area? They are pretty good, cheaper than the Michelin pss, and perform well in the rain.
  9. junchen

    Space Saver for TDIe - What Part Numbers please?

    Thank you for sharing this info OP. V nicely detailed with pictures.
  10. junchen

    Considering an S4

    Good problem to have. I'm on a 200hp a4 (stage 1, 1.8). Would love to have your 'problem'. Haha :)
  11. junchen

    Considering an S4

    Nice ride. Enjoy it for a while, and with a simple remap, u will be flying.. :)
  12. junchen

    Part No's for Luggage Pack/Cargo Nets

    Hi, I wanted the parts number so that I can order it from my local supplier. :) I have a soccer ball that is kept in my boot, and it keeps on rolling around when the car is in motion. Drives me crazy.
  13. junchen

    New Car oredred, my first Audi! (Advice Please)

    If cost isn't much of an issue get the high hp one. Ur resale value is higher too
  14. junchen

    Part No's for Luggage Pack/Cargo Nets

    Any parts number for the cargo net.?
  15. junchen

    Tyre choice A4 2013 177TDI

    If u guys have Goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 2 (two) over in your country, it's worth a try. Grippy, comfortable, and value for money for its performance.