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  1. jpda4

    Moving on from A4 - Q3 or Q5?

    My PCP was due to end and didn't want to swap into a facelift A4, so moved from a 66 plate A4 Sline 2.0 TFSI 190, to a Q3 sline sportsback 35 1.5 150, back in November... Although not out and about as much, think I have only seen 2 other Q3 sporstbacks on the road. With the facelift A4...
  2. jpda4

    Q3 16 days 400 miles... one fence post

    Well that didn't take long! dark wet night, not paying attention, or looking at the rear camera view, caught the passenger door, not a job for Tcut deep scratches ... still trying to figure out how I managed it but its done now:rage::cry:
  3. jpda4

    Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

    managed to get a side profile image... before!!!!:sleepy:
  4. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    will try and answer both... pleased, Q3 is a different beast to the A4, couldn't talk myself into an A4 to mid life facelift A4 swap or the 15 week lead time. My PCP was due to end 1st march, owing 13k ish, I was only a few hundred negative, have put some cash upfront to get the monthly down...
  5. jpda4

    Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

    jumping across forum sections... now owner of
  6. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    collected... Q3 sportsback 35 TFSI 6 speed with C&S...
  7. jpda4

    No multimedia unit in the glovebox

    Glad I read this post, emptied the car today ready to return and have found an SD card in glovebox SD slot... strange I thought the micro usb drive in the armrest usb slot was the one the MMI media was reading.
  8. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    After much thought and changing of mind many times have decided to start a new deal... moving to a stock Q3 Sportsback 35 tfsi 6 speed... need to swap out the all weather mats, remove the curry hooks (although no good to me anymore), replace rear headrest once child seat removed and the...
  9. jpda4

    What engine for 2016 Audi A4

    The Q3 I test drove wasn't the 2l 150 engine, it was a 1.5 150 so it is not a fair comparison...
  10. jpda4

    What engine for 2016 Audi A4

    I have the 66 plate 2.0 190 tfsi 6 speed sline 47k miles. Into my last 6 months on PCP, my dilemma, as many before is to keep or swap. Currently in discussion with local dealer about my next purchase, I doubt it will be into the newer A4, they no longer do the 190 variant in 6 speed, only as...
  11. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    Track my mileage... opted for 12k a year when signed up... year 1 13259 year 2 12328 year 3 16336 (change of job commute went from 6 to 36 miles a day) year 4 to date 4622 (covid has saved around 5k miles)
  12. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    PCH, might have a look at this... After 3 A4's (B7 B8 & B9) think its time for a change, the A5 shares the interior, so wouldn't be a change in my opinion... Still have a few months to go, will get the settlement figure and then decide
  13. jpda4

    end of pcp...

    I wasn't expecting that, have been invited to visit dealers as they have some deals on and my pcp is due to finish in January, lead time can take 3 months on a new car, blah blah blah.... I have already been looking so know cant get a like for like A4 2.0 190 manual. and the spec differs with...
  14. jpda4

    Audi Connect has expired. Renewal question

    The initial 3 months trial period goes on... On my weekly drive to the shops today - license expiry message displayed, restart once shopping complete no message, checked MMI setting once home expiry now 05/21. no contact with audi all automatic and free... Will i still have the car this time...
  15. jpda4

    No-one buys A4's in scuba blue?

    i decided against tints and bought shades sized for the B9, fitted to the side windows and left the rear screen view clear, does the job, removable with a few clips holding in place
  16. jpda4

    No-one buys A4's in scuba blue?

    my saloon also scuba blue.... does look good clean
  17. jpda4

    Servicing - Audi vs Specialist

    my 1st service countdown is down to 300 miles (18700 from new since jan 2017) to inspection service, rang for a price today 19k miles 2 year major service due. oil, oil filter pollen filter, £380. Asked about the non audi service route, can do it if use audi approved parts and the service knows...
  18. jpda4

    My "clunk clunk" noise....

    why have you got photo of my car.... hehe exactly the same issue found when searching for my clunk clunk noise. road test tech took keys off me and fixed that in 5 minutes, they also booked car in, as in my case it wasn't that causing the noise, they took my car for a day but didn't tell me...
  19. jpda4

    front o/s break disc

    thanks nothing to worry about then, until audi get it for a service and advise to get them changed due to the scoring
  20. jpda4

    TFSI 2.0 190 mpg real world driving

    long term average 38mpg, best 41mpg worst 33mpg ( i have a spread sheet lol) had a few journeys where the display has shown 45+ with the drive select set at auto. i know the car doesn't like the cold weather!!