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  1. Ellis

    What to check when test driving?

    Cheers Mr.Storm, I'll check the history and the tyres then. I'm all about the toys so that's a big plus for me and my bro, as an ex audi-technician says that sort of mileage isn't an issue now, they're good to run for plenty (and I don't expect to put too many on it.)
  2. Ellis

    What to check when test driving?

    It is, us Brits do like a good stick shift, the ad mentions 'paddle shift' but I assume that's a typo!
  3. Ellis

    What to check when test driving?

    Hi All, I've put a deposit down on the car linked here: , going to pick it up on Sunday pending no problems on the test drive. It seems cheap for the spec but that could be due to the mileage, is there anything I should be looking out for on the test drive that would...
  4. Ellis

    MMI cable types come collection time

    So I got my car, it came with a green collar cable which has the following traits: It charges the phone. not sure yet whether it's providing 1amp or the 2amp that the 6 plus can take. It treats the phone the same as an SD card, folders of Artists, Albums, then Songs It also has the phones...
  5. Ellis

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Today I watched my brand spanking new S-Line 2.0 TDI being delivered to the office car park, and at lunchtime I shall drive it for the first time ever! :D
  6. Ellis

    MMI cable types come collection time

    Well the lease company have come back and said they'll ask the dealer but that it usually comes with the 4s cable, a phone that came out over three years ago :keule: The dealer then responded with: “The correct cable will be in the car tomorrow subject to availability.“ Not sure what colour...
  7. Ellis

    MMI cable types come collection time

    My new A3 (no tech pack) is being delivered by the lease company to my work tomorrow sometime and they haven't mentioned anything about cables so far. I've just sent an email explaining that I have an iPhone 6 plus so will require a cable compatible with it, will see what they say...
  8. Ellis

    Advanced key - easy theft

    I get my A3 with advanced key on Wednesday, is there anything I can do to reduce the chances of theft without putting a steering lock on every time I park?
  9. Ellis

    A3 sport sport back colour

    Can't see the option on the site, lots of discussion here though.