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  1. RS3dan

    Windscreen Wiper Problem

    I’d agree, sounds like the motor is on its way. My rear wiper did similar things and upon inspecting it turned out the washer feed pipe was leaking letting water into the motor housing, corroding the gears which presumably was causing it to intermittently freeze (eventually stopped altogether)...
  2. RS3dan

    Aftermarket grills any good?

    I fitted one of the aftermarket gloss black honeycomb grills from eBay on my previous 3dr (same model year) Really easy, takes less than an hour and there are plenty of guides on here and elsewhere for removing the bumper. Advise to be careful of the plastic clips at each end (wheelarches)...
  3. RS3dan

    Newbie: Upgrading from 8L 1.9tdi to 8P 2.0 FSI Sport

    Looks like big brother little brother haha!
  4. RS3dan

    Any idea what has happened to my car ?

    Wish I could suggest anything for you, gutted for you to be honest as I know how nerve racking these non description noises can be! Could be several things.. Hope you get it sorted for as little as possible!
  5. RS3dan

    Cam belt Change

    Belt interval is 70/5k or four years whichever comes first I believe - costwise you're looking around the 350 mark from memory I think..
  6. RS3dan

    24JSeymour Sprint Blue S3 Project Thread

    Yer I can understand that actually - to be honest I've never had a car with it, or even been in one that I recall haha, maybe it's just pictures not doing it justice!
  7. RS3dan

    Newbie: Upgrading from 8L 1.9tdi to 8P 2.0 FSI Sport

    Congrats on the new car, you will love it! Nice leather interior too that's always good :) Those alloys are sweet! Getting the bumper off to get at the grill is a doddle really, just be careful with the clips etc as they will be quite brittle and frail by this point, particularly the plastic...
  8. RS3dan

    24JSeymour Sprint Blue S3 Project Thread

    Lovely car mate great work, alacantara isn't my cup of tea but never has been in any combination, everything else is spot on! Glad to see you're enjoying it and using it well!
  9. RS3dan

    Oil Change / Service light question - TDI Sportback 2011

    Any half decent Indy garage worth their salt would be able to reset the indicator after a service, to be honest a whole host of cheap scanning tools can reset it.. Not that I recommend those but still! Only just changed to a car with the new DIS myself so I can't be certain, but the older ones...
  10. RS3dan

    Audi Aux Problem

    could be the file quality of the track but unlikely if with all tracks.. Might also be related to a poor quality aux cable
  11. RS3dan

    Project S3 - Venom

    What a difference a good clean can make, great work! Always rewarding to bring something back to glory like this! Fairly confused why your friend would buy something so nice, from new, and run it into the ground.. He Should've bought a beater 2.0 tfsi hah..! Enjoy!
  12. RS3dan

    Upgraded my rear lights :) Easy Peasy!

    Does anyone know how early these led style lights came on sport backs from factory, I've literally just switched to an 08 A3 SB from an 07 3dr and the sportback has these LED rears.. Thought they came from later cars to be honest - would these have been added do we know??
  13. RS3dan

    Worrying clutch noise any ideas?

    Ah.. Did not realise the potential outcome could be so catastrophic..! It will be going in this week but annoying since no garages seem to work weekends anymore and I need it to get to work - cheers for all the info!
  14. RS3dan

    Worrying clutch noise any ideas?

    Damn, not cheap haha! Nah not this one its a 1.6 to be honest I want rid of it and onto 2.0 Tfsi but obviously need this running first.. If the flywheel/clutch is failing is it best to not run it at all until it's fixed or is there little additional damage to be done other than it failing...
  15. RS3dan

    HPI check on 2.0T

    Oops sorry looks like I was wrong then!! :flushed: On the plus side, my own is a little better than I thought it was haha!
  16. RS3dan

    Worrying clutch noise any ideas?

    Thanks, yes I do always start the car with the clutch disengaged more out of habit than anything, and you are right it is more audible just after start up.. Haven't managed to get it into a garage yet as they don't seem to work weekends anymore! But looking online it seems clutch/flywheel...
  17. RS3dan

    Worrying clutch noise any ideas?

    Yes I had thought that at worst case scenario but since it doesn't do it when in drive I am hoping it's not within in actual gearbox as that will be expensive!!
  18. RS3dan

    HPI check on 2.0T

    I am pretty sure SE special edition is actually a base model pretty much, that is what mine is and no leather/sensors only cruise really - it's just what they use because it sounds better than base model haha!
  19. RS3dan

    Worrying clutch noise any ideas?

    Hi guys, I wonder if any of you have any idea what might be the cause of the noise in the video (if it works!).. Car is a 5spd manual and this whining noise exists when the clutch is down, but not when its in gear, doesn't do it at idle/neutral and the pitch is dependant on how fast the car is...
  20. RS3dan

    Heater Blower Position change

    So an update, took it back apart this morning and it appears the end of that thick cable has come out of where ever it's meant to live. I can't see where that is though unfortunately, does anyone know? Really hoping this isn't a dash out job as I've seen mentioned!! Cable: Dan