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    3.2 V6 Hesitation at 1800-1900RPM with only Partial Throttle.

    I have an 04 Reg A3 3.2 and it has always had this quirk but it seems to be getting more prominent. When on light 10-30% throttle in any gear I will get a hesitation almost like a missfire, on an uphill it is worse but it is only very brief. It doesn't seem to care if it is hot or cold but if...
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    A3 3.2 V6 R-Tech Remap Progress thread.

    Hi Guys, I wanted to start a progress thread as R-Tech are using my car as a test bed for the MK5 chassis R32 engine. Niki is a great tuner and I have followed his work with the turbo engines with much interest as he tunes Mylos Octavia and a whole load of my friends cars getting fantastic...
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    Haldex Gearbox and rear diff oil?

    I have an 04reg 3.2 V6 A3 on 55k miles My service manual says change the Haldex Oil at 60k miles so therefore in all its years it has never been changed. I have inherited the car from my mum who has had it from new and now spending my time fixing it up. The gear box has a faint whine and i...
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    BOSE System Left Speaker Louder

    I have just fitted my Alpine CDE-103BT into my A3 with Full amp BOSE system, and it seems the left speaker is louder than the right. I have faded it over for now but it is a bit odd to me, anyone thing of any reason this is happening? I have used a PC9-410 to connect the system
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    A3 3.2 V6 Quattro Which wheel bearings?

    Audi A3 2004-2008 (8P) Parts need to change the front ones, do i need the 4 bolt or 3 bolt? I have quattro , so im guessing its obvious but want to make sure before I order and strip the front down to replace them.
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    Cam stretch symptoms

    Car feels fine but in the interest of science I did a vcds scan , found the intake cam at -5 and the exhaust at -7DegreesKW I read the limits are -8 to 8 but will this get worse quickly or slowly , ie should I be worried ?
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    IM BACK!

    After Selling the first Audi I've driven this for the last 2 years. But having received a hand me down from the family I am now selling this for a very reasonable price and am back with. She is a 3.2 Quattro Sport with only 50k miles and drives beautifuly.
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    My Old car

    Friendly help, if anyone is looking at buying this car, feel free to pm me for history. Or do a general search for my posts on here. 2004 AUDI A4 1.8T 190 Quattro S
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    Audi gone This now in!

    Audi was breaking engine by the dozen, couldnt understand just how shitly built an Audi could be compared to my Leon, Left it doing about 18mpg, clutch was higher than cheech and chong too,so I have gone back to SEAT. This added with tax insurance both being rediculous for the performance the...
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    Cya Later Aligator,

    Just part ex'd the B6 for a Seat Ibiza Bocanegra, Im sure I'll be back on here one day but for now this is so long and thanks for all the fish :) p.s if anyone wants to buy some parts, i got a votex grill and a forge BOV stripped off of it. along with a stereo fitting kit and a brodit mount.
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    Where is the IAT Sensor?

    Its the last thing that could be giving me poor MPG, MAF is reading fine CTS Replaced O2 sensors are reading fine on vag com. Only thing i can think of now is IAT so where is that lil sensor and ill give it a clean.
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    OH ****!

    I have just gone to replace my breaks, first wheel off beauty, got to the hex bolts and gave it some welly and its just sheered in the caliper housing. Upset is an understatement. This is gonna get very expensive.
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    Getting poor MPG

    I have my DV unfreezed but im still getting poor mpg, I put vag com on and got no codes at all, so im thinking it may be a dodgey MAF. There are two part numbers on gsf for MAF. 187VG0130 AIR MASS METER "A4 AWT,AVJ,AMB,BFB,BEX" 37.50 187VG0131 AIR MASS METER "A4...
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    Car is Sluggish

    1.8T 190bhp QSL Feels like its not getting much boost but i can hear the turbo spooling. Ill get it on vag com tonight any ideas?
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    Further to recent bad luck

    Not only did i accidently push a blown sidelight bulb into my headlamp, but i lost the clip on the back of the headlamp that holds the cover on. I know this si a long shot but has anyone smashed there front lights up and has a spare clip?
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    Usual Tread wear ... Nearly Died!

    Had a Blow Out last night managed to hold it and get the greenflag out to rescue. Got the wheel off and it appears on the tread its all fine until right at the end there is a CM or 2 worn right down, Same on the other front tyre only hasn't burst yet! Rears are fine! I'd have though tracking...
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    Air Bag Problem

    Right my passenger curtain airbag is chucking up a fault, I have recently changed the roof bars which could have caused this to be knocked but it was 2 weeks after the swap the code came on. Where is it plugged in? front or back as before I sort anything out it be good to just have a look and...
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    Golf Advert

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    Anyone know about O2 Sensor readings.

    I had a site that told me what the O2 sensors should read but I've lost it. Bank 1 Sensor 1 Bank 1 Sensor 2 Acording to vag com one of my sensors is bolloxed but which one?