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    AUDI A6 2.0 TDI / 3.0 TDI

    Hi everyone I am hoping for some advice on purchasing an A6. I lost my 8v s3 in a crash , now looking for a bit more of a practical car for work before buying something more performance later on in year hopefully. considered leases, but figured buying something used will see me loose less money...
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    Audi A4 Avant 2.0tfsi / 2.0 tdi

    Hi , after being paid out for my audi s3 8v , I am looking for a temporary car for work purposes . my budget is around £8000 I was very keen on the 2.0 tfsi special edition however I have been a bit put off by the bad suspension reviews. As much as I loved my s3 , I wasn't a fan of the...
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    service for audi s3 8v

    hi I have been quoted £230 for an oil change on an audi 8v. i am based in yorkshire and most audi are owvned under same umbrella (sytner ltd) so i assume they will all quote me the same. I have seen some prices here for £180 with oil and £105 without oil . can someone advse where this was...
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    which tyres do you hav on your audi s3 8v

    I currently have the standard continental sport contact 5 i have had 2 nail n 12 months. i am currently going to change them this week , i have done 12000 miles. considering changing the back 2. unless someone can advise a better set of tyres I might considering changing all 4. any advice...
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    When to service s3

    Hi just wanted to know what other s3 owners are doing regards to servicing their s3 I know audi say 2 years or 20,000 Ive had mine for 1 year and dont 7k Are owners servicing like the traditional once a year and 10k ? Or going with audi advice. Thanks for reading
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    Scratched/chipped windscreen

    Hi. Yesterday whilst doing sone speed down a motorway a stone hit the screen and it has chipped and marked the windscreen on the passenger side. Looks more of a scratch than a deep chip. Could someone advise what the best step to follow would be? Heard autoglass going through insurance is...
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    Best cost effective jet wash

    New to washing cars. Just wondering what the best jet wash will be to invest in for my 8v sepang blue s3
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    Advice. Nail in tyre

    Not been on this board lately as been busy with work and enjoying the s3 for a road trip thorough Europe [ definitely recommended.] nevertheless I have an issue which seem to be going to be costly. there's a nail in the passenger front tyre and kwik fit wont repair as its too much on the...
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    Driving in grit salt-how bad ?

    Right quick question guys and some advice please. Im planning on driving through europe mainly belgium and germany in the next few weeks. Ive been very excited about going in my new s3 However one of my friends has but a worry in my head. Saying that driving in grit salt in europe could ruin...
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    Few s3 8v Questions...

    First Post here, been following the fourm for a while. Recently purchased My s3 in Sepang blue sportsback s tronic pan roof interior light package sport seats b&o park assist nevertheless i have a few questions.. 1) At what engine temperature (found in lap time menu) is it best to use the...