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    Trade in, or sell privately (incl photo)

    Audi A3 2007 2.0 TDI. 35k Full Audi SH Cambelt last year Alcantara/leather Individual colour 2 owners 4 new tyres Perfect bodywork and alloys Non smoker package and ipod connection Bought from Audi dealership I have been offered £6,800 trade in. A friend in the trade says the trade in value...
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    Is there a way to search for an A4 on all franchised dealerships?

    I look on the Audi site most days, and i have started looking on JCT600. Is there any way of checking all franchised dealerships, ie widen the search. I'm fairly specific what i'm after.
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    Looking to buy a B7 or B8 TDI, any comments, good options etc.

    Probably 2.0 ltr. Any preference between the B7 and B8. Auto or manual, anything to look out for. Moving from a 2007 2.0 tdi A3. Any comments appreciated.
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    How do people buy tyres nowadays?

    Normally i ring round, go to the cheapest place (or get them to price match) and get them fitted. Looking on the web there are some places that sell tyres at a good discount. Per tyre....... Kwick Fit Pirelli p Zero 225/45/17 £148 all in. £89 delivered. Obviously fitting is extra...
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    A3 five years old due for service. What should be done by now?

    1. Delivery service 2007 august. 2. Long life service 2009 august------ oil, Filter and pollen filter 3. August 2011 As above and brake fluid plus i had the cam belt changed. I am going onto annual service. Anything else need doing this time except for oil and filter.
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    £1600 for a set of genuine Audi alloys..............Ouch......(pictures)

    Old car at top, new car at bottom. Cost to buy a new set of genuine Audi alloys as per top picture is £1600 although i have knocked them down to £1280. Still blo0dy expensive, but it would finish of what is otherwise a near perfect car. Any thoughts.
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    £336 Cam belt and water pump change @ Grimsby Audi.

    Got them to price match with Louth VW centre. Normally £410. Lincoln Audi £449 incl WP. Local Skoda dealer £290 incl VAT and WP. 57 plate 2.0 TDI.
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    If something is rated at 2 Amp, what does that mean?

    My car sat nav is rated at 1A. I have a usb adaptor to put in my car fag lighter which is rated at 2A. Is that 2A the output of the USB, or is the 2A the maximum that can be drawn through the USB by the Sat Nav.
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    Any good solution to protecting door edging for new car.

    Hello, i have just taken delivery of a new (ish) A3 with perfect door edgings. Any way to protect apart from the normal (rather ugly) door strips. Its black.
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    A3 automatics, any thoughts good or bad.

    I am thinking of getting a newer A3 2.0 tdi and have seen an auto for sale, steptronic. In general is the automatic gearbox on the A3 seen as a good one (like Mercedes) or something to be avoided. I've never had an auto before, thought it might be fun. Checking the figures, combined for a...
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    Headlight lens has stonechips, what are my options?

    Hi, My 2005 A3 headlight lenses have stonechips and are looking a bit scruffy. What are my options with them being plastic. 1. Is there any sort of "polish" or "repair" available. 2. New lens, is it the whole unit, or can you replace the cover. How much do they cost. Both sides needed.
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    Smoke coming from the exhaust when i floor it....should i be worried?

    Yesterday, i had to floor the throttle to overtake a lorry, and noticed smoke in the rear mirrior. Not loads, but enough to notice it. It uses a little oil over a 12 month period. 2005 A3 tdi, 65k Any advice.
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    What checks can you do to see if your car has been clocked.

    I bought my A3 one year ago, but would like to try and verify the mileage as genuine. Its a 2005 2.0 tdi and has done 65k. What checks can i do to do this.
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    Any wheel size experts. 8po 601 025 T......what doesthe T stand for?

    Hi I just bought a set of A3 alloys for my car. Looking at the part number, some are 8PO 601 025 AF, some are 8PO 601 025 T, and one is 8PO 601 025 BF What does the last letter mean. I know the AF one came direct from Audi. All are 7.5 x 17 and ET56 Ronal.
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    Cabin rattles, anyone got any solutions.

    Hi, I have a few rattles in the cabin of my A3, notably the centre section of the handbrake. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you have any solutions. My previous car was a 3 series BMW which had nothing at all, so maybe my standards are a bit high. Having said that, i do find the...
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    I've just been told about thewell known diesel particulate filter problem............ some filter blocking up and costing a fortune. My friend told me to run the car at 4k revs for 10 minutes every so often to stop it blocking up. Anyone add anything to this. Its the first i've heard. 2005 A32.0 tdi.
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    I'm struggling to find a set of alloys for my A3.

    Okay, so its a bit of a plug, but its also a genuine question. As per sig i'm after a set of these alloys. I check Ebay daily, and do the odd search on Gumtree. Most sets are kerbed and go for around £250, but ideally i'd like a set near perfect and would pay up to £400 (as long as they didn't...
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    Post one tip you have been given by someone in the trade.

    In my last few MOT's i have had brake caliper sticking issues. I asked my local mechanic about this. His reply. "Every now and then, find a bit of quiet road, speed up to 60 mph (ish) and slam the brakes on. Do this a few times" He reckons that people using their gears to slow down, and a...
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    Anyone done any custom mods on the interior ?

    The reason i ask (apart from the blatent plugging of my signature search for some new alloys) i am thinking of getting a USB socket fited inside my glovebox, and exploring ways to hardwire my Garmin sat nav. Looking for inspiration guys (and gals).
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    For anyone thinking of getting an ipod connection (my experience)

    Today i had the new ipod nano 6th generation fitted. Yes the new touchscreen, really small one. Connection kit by ICD. Cost £180 fitted by Audioisland Grimsby. How it works. 1. It charges the Nano 2. It doesn't freeze the nano so you can take it out the glovebox and choose an album. 3. It...