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    Money sent to me !!! FAO Admin/Mods

    Hi Guys I received some money to the paypal account for some stickers; I don't have any stickers to send anybody!! Please could you remove any reference to my paypal account on the site? Thanks!!!! Jo
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    End of an Era!

    I know I've been a bit quiet on the boards recently so the newbies won't know me, but for those who have known me for a while it's an end of an era. Kitty is finally hanging up her car keys and going back to the leasing company (in English, my S3 company car lease has come to an end and she is...
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    Hi everyone I am going to be in Plymouth for a Saturday on my own in a couple of weekends, any ideas what I can do to entertain myself !!! Is the shopping decent ... ??
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    Clean Kitty :D

    After a bit of pampering with Swissol at the weekend little Kitty is looking lovely and shiny - thanks to Flipper for spending the time on her, so shiny that it was noted and complimented on by the Honda drivers at a BBQ I went to at the weekend :) S3's standing up for themselves, that's what I...
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    Audi Owners Tour

    Posted for Scotty, it's also in the European Meets Section: Audi are again running some tours in 2004 and have provided me with some information. In summary they are : Audi Owners Champagne Tours 3-6 April 2004 16-19 October 2004 Audi Owners Gourmet Tour 14-18 May 2004 Audi Owners...
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    John's MSN

    Just for those that know him, on MSN is not John - not sure who it is
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    Track Day - 28th Feb @ Mallory Park

    On behalf of "IanB" "I have arranged a trackday at Mallory Park Leicestershire for Saturday the 28th of Febuary 2004 starting at 8.30 - 5pm. The cost of the day is £94 but the day will be limited to aproximately 40-45 cars. Consequently there will be an open Pit Lane and the price is per car...
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    Nice car

    NOT !!!!!
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    Accident Blackspots

    Accident Blackspots seem to be on the increase. How do I know this? Because the number of mobile camera van's, GATSO's, front-facing camera's, radar traps, laser traps and general speed traps is increasing. Assuming these traps are put in places of danger, where accidents are caused by excess...
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    A2 Owners?

    Look here ! A2 Owners
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    Audi-Sport Karting Results!!!!

    Conditions were not favourable i.e. heavy rain and deep puddles!!! Slippery grass run off's and a lot of grit and sand (still got sore eyes today!) For once the lighter people were at the slight disadvantage, having less traction than the heavier people, but we were all spinning and sliding...
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    S3 or R32?

    In my never ending quest for a car next year, I have discounted the Cupra R but now I'm not sure about R32 vs S3.... The R32 would be approx 10k more expensive (LOT of money!), but would need a lot less modifying (CAM's, exhaust, remap) in relation to the S3 (wheels, suspension, remap, DV...
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    Meeting Points for Audi-Sport RR on 22nd November

    Well I'll kick this one off - John and I will be there pretty early so not worth us meeting anyone en-route. Start time is 9am at AmD - J9 of the M40. Jo
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    EBC vs Standard Brakes

    I was using EBC Greenstuff Pads & Grooved Front Discs until recently, and never having really used standard discs didn't have anything to compare them to. Changed back to standard recently due to end of life of the front discs (back still fine) and wow what a difference. The main...
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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Driving along a dual carriageway yesterday minding my own business, when 2 lads in an old style Astra pull up behind me about 2 inches from my boot waving their arms around. I'm in the right hand lane, overtaking, doing aprox the speed limit (40mph). I slow right down then accelerate away - I...
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    Oh Dear - maybe the worst loaner you can get...

    From an Audi Dealer: I just dropped the S3 off for a couple of days work and picked up my 1.4TDi A2 First thing is that the car feels surprisingly spacious inside - you don't feel like you're in a small car. So far so good........ Then you go to drive off - I guess because it's a small TDi...
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    Confirmed Details for Christmas Meet - Book Now!

    The date is now confirmed as November 22nd. We figured that December gets busy for people with work do's and family etc., plus it's too cold and dark for the RR and Karting outside !!!! John's got Audi Driver coming along to cover the RR session, so if you make it your car may well be in the...
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    A whole year!

    Well for those who remember back that far, it's one year today that me 'n John met........ At an Audi-Sport.Net Meet! Knew I should have gone for the Scooby instead of the S3 <joke!!!!>
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    Want to see what a RR looks like?

    Check out the gallery for pics of an S3 on the Rolling Road!
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    More running probs with Kitty

    Idle is just shocking; been into 2 dealers but both reset whatever they reset and made no difference. It's stalled itself twice now while idling, and although the idle only fluctuates about 2-300 rev's constantly while idling, it is just lumpy and you can feel it being lumpy thorugh the...