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  1. J

    Bluefin handset for 2.0tfsi

    I have sold my car and have a bluefin handset for sale,it can be sent back to superchips to reprogamme to your car if anyone is interested let me know thanks dave
  2. J

    Sold the A3 today

    Sold my A3 2.0TFSI s-line se q today and used this company service is 1 st class. I hope to return to the fold soon when the house purchase is sorted.Thanks for all your help
  3. J

    Sports cat on a 2.0tfsi q

    I am looking to fit a sports cat on to the standard exhaust the car is a 2.0tfsi quattro reg in dec 06 on a 56 plate to get the existing cat out do i have to drop the subframe i have been told this may be the case
  4. J

    Anyone have a Jabbasport remap on a tfsi

    I have been looking on the jabbasport website and have looked at their bhp and torgue boosts for their stage 2 custom maps for the mk5 gti as there is nothing for the A3.Has anyone had a remap done at Jabbasport and what is it like
  5. J

    Change of wheel colour

    I need to refurb my wheels so do i stay with the original colour or change the shade,the wheels are the 5 spoke rs6 on a avus silver car anyone got any ideas
  6. J

    Few pics after visit to pentagon

    Light smoke front smoke on rear
  7. J

    Pentagon glass

    Decided to get windows tinted by pentagon glass as the seem a have a good reputation , has anyone had work done by the glasgow or manchester workshops as i am in the middle so not sure which to use. Any ideas on the tint on an avus silver car light smoke or smoke all round
  8. J

    emulsified oil on filler cap

    Checked oil today needed top up took off filler cap and it was covered in a white/green slime what can cause this on a 56 plate 2.0 tfsi with 6500 miles on the clock the car was serviced in dec with 5000 miles on
  9. J

    dropped wheel

    Cleaning wheels today dropped one on the peebles in the garden which has damaged the lacquer leaving small indentations tried to remove using scracth x no luck . Can he wheel be rubbed down and relaquered easy enough or will it need a refurb . Why is the lacquer so soft on the wheels.
  10. J

    custom exhaust by mij

    Thinking of fitting a cat back s/s exhaust by MIJ in wallsall to my 2.0 tfsi quattro with bluefin ,anyone used them before and how will the exhaust affect the remap thanks
  11. J

    avus silver with black optic grille

    Wanting to change grille to black optic, anyone have a pic of a avus silver with thisdone before i order one
  12. J

    2.0 tfsi ecu update

    I have had my bluefin firmware updated to include flashcounter reset.My car has had the ecu update done at the dealers, would anybody know what the flashcounter number would be for when i reinstall bluefin
  13. J

    H&R spacers on A3 s-line

    want to fill the archs on my a3 tfsi quat with 18" 5 arm alloys thinking of buying 10mm spacers all round or maybe 15mm on the rear and 10mm on front what do you guys think will the 15mm on the rear make the wheels sit out too far
  14. J

    concert III plus sony cd changer

    i have the concert 3 fitted and looking to fit a glovebox cd changer i have looked at the sony cdx-t69 is this compatible with the concert3 will it display track info on hu and will it fit in the glovebox without having to cut huge parts out to make it fit
  15. J

    bluefin today 2.0 tfsi q

    well eventually applied bluefin today very easy to do even for me took the car for a quick blast and quite impressed normal driving style much the same but when you open it up in 3rd 4th and 5th the thing just takes off still pulls up to 6000rpm car only has 1900 miles on so can only get better...
  16. J

    new ecu software

    dropped car off at dealers for some minor warranty work they informed me that the car needed to have new software loaded into the ecu anyone know is 2.0 tfsi q 56 plate
  17. J

    2.0t remap at the dealers

    want to get my 2.0t quattro remapped and would prefer to have it done at a main dealer mainly to keep the 3 year warranty anyone know of any dealers offering performance upgrades in northern england
  18. J

    engine noise on 2.0 tfsi

    i have noticed that on tickover the engine seems very noisey when outside of the car whether engine is cold or hot ie tappet noise maybe anyone noticed this
  19. J

    silver T badge

    picked up new 2.0 t sline q se last week and noticed T badge on rear of car is silver not red as before anyone know why is there any reason for this thanks
  20. J

    new concert 3 with bose

    picked up car today with new concert 3 and bose can anyone tell me how to get in to alter the bose settings also notice when you turn on radio it does not flash up that bose is fitted although speakers have it on