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  1. Daza

    what double din fo B7

    Hi all Looking at replacing the factory DD head unit in my a4 b7 quattro, not fussed if original or after market but must work with BT from my phone for music and work with MFSW, price wise was thinking around 250 -300, i have fully amped Bose if that helps. advice would be apreciated many thanks
  2. Daza

    what double din?

    Hi all, im looking at taking out the factory headset set and putting in a double din, not bothered if its after market or audi but must blue tooth to my phone for music and be adaptable to the mfsw. what do u guys recomend??
  3. Daza

    new turbo for 2.0 TFSI quattro

    Hi Im pretty sure my turbo is on the way out as when i accelerate herd there's a hi pitch rattle or squeak from the engine but not if i dont make the turbo spin up, so, is it possible to put a slightly better turbo in, bigger or more powerful one without any other modification? Thanks
  4. Daza

    Bad radio reception

    Hi all Ive got a 2005 a4 b7 with standard symphany radio cd unit with bose, it sounds ok but the reception is crap, i can press the search and it doesnt even get a station some times, what can i do or fit to improve this?
  5. Daza

    Looking for a boot spoiler/lip for a salloon b7 quattro??

    As the tittle says really guys, would like to purchase from someone recommended, nothing to much just subtle and poss painted,
  6. Daza

    what is a safe re map for a 2.0 tfsi??

    Hi Just had a remap and the guy used a company called evolution chips, its all good, but i was hoping for a bit more, mine was puting out 197 and its added another 35, im thinking of a decat down pipe and a miltek wich combined should give another 10>15 bhp, does this sound safe to you guys or...
  7. Daza

    B7 heated cloth seats not working, vcds read out!

    Hi, having trouble getting front heated seats to work, i had this come up when i dine a diag with vcds, anyone seen this before, or knows of a common fault? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8E0-820-043.lbl...
  8. Daza

    Best origianal radio to fit in a B7

    Hi, looking to fit a sat nav, blutooth/phone head set in my B7. would like to keep it audi, what is the best one to fit from a later model that will not need to much doing so it will fit?
  9. Daza

    A4, 2.0 tfsi B7 lumpy tick over

    Hi I have a B7 A4 2.0 Tfsi quattro, its been running fine, a little juicy perhaps but drives ok, tonight it started to tick over lumpy, would sit at 2k then if i blip the throttle it would come down an go all lumpy. There has been no management light come on so i cant vcds to find out, has...
  10. Daza

    Retro fit DIS stalk

    Hi, Has anybody ever fitted a different wiper stalk with DIS available on it at the same time as doing cruise control, i have a MFSw so i presume i can do this. Its a a b7 quattro 2005 year. And any links to any videos to do either would be helpful,i already have VCDS so not a problem to recode...
  11. Daza

    Connecting Iphone

    Hi I have a standard factory fitted sound system with bose in my b7 a4 quattro, how can i connect my iphone if poss, or what factory unit can i replace it with that enables me to connect either Bluetooth or through an AUX socket?! Thanks
  12. Daza

    what are these fault codes?

    Just done a check with a genuine ross tech hex+can and the following have shown up, the car is a a4 b7 2.0 tfsi quattro, is it still safe to drive, the car starts and runs fine at the moment. Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.clb Control Module Part Number: 8E0...
  13. Daza

    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Quattro engine knocking on tickover, when hot :(

    i love my a4 b7 quattro, only had it two months but it feels like im driving an old alfa, never know whats going to work and when. Ok, i had oil pump failure, managed to turn it off straight away. Put a brand new ballancer pump in with new pick up also timing chain and tensioner at same time...
  14. Daza

    Water laying in battery well

    Hi guys, iv'e realized after a few days of driving away each morning and hearing water swishing about that its actually laying in the battery well, does anyone else have or had this problem, i would think its just blocked drain ways as the car has not lost a drop of water!
  15. Daza

    b7 quattro exhaust

    Any one fitted a miltek exhaust to an a4 b7 quattro, if so what they like, i already know there expensive, any others that are as good but not as expensive?