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  1. dplovin

    Are the front wings from a S4 the same as A4

    long story short I'm in the market for some front wings for a S4 B6 as mine are starting to show signs of rust/rot underneath just a tad. are the ones from a normal a4 the same ? I'm ideally looking at breakers
  2. dplovin

    Vcds in Cheshire area ?? Please

    dont suppose anyone would be kind enough to re sync my fob with my car so I can use the central locking again, I've been told I'd need vcds since replacing the battery but don't have it, I will pay :)
  3. dplovin

    Help!! can't get into my car. fob not working

    car in question S4 B6 key fob suddenly stopped working this morning and also i can't even get into the car by just using the key in the door for some reason. don't have a spare key either :( changed the battery and still the same. any ideas ?
  4. dplovin

    How to replace clutch pedal switch ?

    I know this has been covered but there is much confusion in my eyes. Some saying you need to depress the clutch first and some saying you don't need to. I've tried both with no joy! Pushed the clutch all the way in but can't get the switch to lock into place I.e won't turn clockwise. And also...
  5. dplovin

    Replaced 2 clutch pedal sensors, still getting error

    As title says I've replaced 2 in the past month and still experiencing Rev surge after changing gears. I've cleared the fault via vagcom and it still comes back. Any other ideas of what it can be ? The only other faults I have is one number plate bulb out and G65 sensor needs replacing. I'm...
  6. dplovin

    Who's fully vinyl wrapped there car?

    maybe thinking of fully vinyl wrapping my car, not myself! Couple of questions. How long does it last. Is it easy to clean. Does it peel after a certain time. Rough estimate on cost. What are your views peeps is it really worth it my bodywork could do with a touch up here and there few...
  7. dplovin

    Cream leather seat care ?

    Whats the best way to restore the cream leather seats to somewhat good clean condition again. Previous owner didn't really keep the interior in good shape. No tears, just need a good clean also have pen marks on one seat.
  8. dplovin

    Anyone came across this fault before?

    Has anyone came across this fault before below. any idea where the sensor is located on a audi S4 V8. hoping this has something to do with slightly loosing coolant issue I'm experiencing. Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8E0-820-043.lbl Part No: 8E0 820 043 AA Component: A4...
  9. dplovin

    Guessing coil pack?

    im guessing coil pack has gone cylinder 7, which one is cylinder 7. heres my scan results. Address 01: Engine Labels: 079-910-560-BBK.lbl Part No SW: 8E0 910 560 HW: 8E0 907 560 Component: 4.2L V8/5V 0030 Coding: 0011711 Shop #: WSC 06435 000 00000 VCID...
  10. dplovin

    Options on lowering the front end...S4

    to me it looks like the front end is higher on s4's options on lowering the front end Ive heard that B5 suspension cups give it a much more even look ? just weighing up options I'm not after the slammed look
  11. dplovin

    Slight surge upon acceleration. s4

    Ive came across a slight surge in power when accelerating. Seems to happen more in the lower gears. Power eases off then back on again for a second when accelerating. Any ideas? Car in question is an S4
  12. dplovin

    Part number for number plate plinth ?

    I'm after the part number for the number plate plinth. The one on the boot which surrounds the plate light casings. Rang audi and there unsure which part im after, sent me a diagram and there's no number corresponding to the part I need. Car in question S4 B6 saloon
  13. dplovin

    DTC 17947 clutch pedal switch implausible signal?

    Getting this error code (17947) that keeps popping up even after I've cleared the fault. the clutch and flywheel has been replaced in december. any ideas
  14. dplovin

    bonnet release cable replacement??

    anybody changed there bonnet release cable before? mine has broken. ordered a new cable and inside lever today, just wondering if anybody got any tips or a clue how its done. I've done a quick search but can't find anything thats well explained.
  15. dplovin

    Black window trim ?

    I'm after the trim that runs round the windows ? Mines silver at the Minuite and would like it black. Best place to purchase ?
  16. dplovin

    Ami port for s4? Wanting to connect ipod

    Is there an ami port in the S4 I'm wanting to buy a lead so I can connect my iPod to the concert stereo somehow of its possible. Anybody connected up there ipod ? How have you done this. I can vaguely remember doing it in my s3, had to give up the 6cd changer but can't remember how I done it
  17. dplovin

    My audi S4, Any Advice (new owner)

    Heres my audi s4 i purchased this week. other than saving money for petrol :( any advice you could give to a new owner. also where could i purchase an all black lower front grill. made up with this car puts a smile on my face
  18. dplovin

    Buying an S4 in a few weeks.

    ill be in the market for an S4 this thursday and can't wait!! just wondering if theres anything i should be looking out for before purchasing. any known problems that occur. also whats everyone doing mod wise these days, any recommendations on a cat back except for miltek like a kid waiting...
  19. dplovin

    what cars have K03S turbos Stock

    my k03 is on its way out at the seals. so im after a upgrade just wondering if anybody knows which cars have the k03s that would fit straight onto my a4 B6. gonna look out for a few breaking you see. the only one I can think of is the b6 190 sline. I aloso understand the k04-015 is a straight...
  20. dplovin

    turbo leak??

    lately if I put my foot down my car uses a lot of oil and then I get white smoke from the exhaust. just removed the pipe connecting to the maf and there is a sh*t load of oil residue on the maf and inside the pipe. so im guessing my turbo seals are leaking?