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    Upgraded igntion coil packs?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a upgraded ignition coil pack for my audi 1.8t quattro? If there is what difference would it make to the OEM coil packs? Cheers Ibs
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    Revo stage 3 remap to custom remap

    Hi, I bought my car a couple of months ago it was just a spur of the moment thing but to this day i am still happy with my purchase. The thing is i hardly know anything about engines and how to modify or what to modify. I was told the car has a stage 3 revo map on it and i was given a receipt...
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    Anybody on here using a Haldex controller?

    Hi i have been thinking about getting a Haldex controller fitted to my car, just wanted to find out if anyone on here has one and what are they like? Do you think they are worth money? Looking at a couple of vids on youtube they look like they make quite abit of difference. R32 -...
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    What products to use for service on a 1.8T?

    Hi my car needs a service and i want to spend some good money and get some decent products for it and take them down to the garage for them to fit. The car is a 1.8T Quattro W-reg done 100,000 miles. I've just bought the car recently and it has had quite abit done to the engine aswell...
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    Turbo problem please help!

    Hi, I was driving down the motorway and all of a sudden the car has just lost all it's turbo power. It's not pulling as usual something is definetly wrong. When I put my foot down and look at the gauge it's only goin up to bout 10psi! I've tried turning the boost up using the adjustable...
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    A3 1.8T quattro brake disc maximum size enquiry

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what the biggest size disc i can use with the standard 1.8T calipers? Thanks