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  1. Rocko

    I'm back! 225 Roadster

    Hello all. I'm a bit of a old school member who's been out in the wilderness of BMW/Mini/Ford ownership for the past few years but that's all changed with the acquisition of a TT Roadster for my wife earlier in the week. I've always been fairly fascinated by the amount of car you can get for...
  2. Rocko

    Audi Dealer Complaint - Long but worth the read (I think)

    First of, sorry for the sizeable post. I've been a member here for a few years but after this latest hash, I will never buy from Audi again. This all stems around my ownership of my 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI. 17th June 2010, vehicle collected with 1800 miles. ~17th July 2010, on board computer...
  3. Rocko

    Bit of help needed

    Ok some background, I collected my 2010 A5 back in June. It was the car being driven by the sales manager at the time and was collected with 1800 miles on it And now for the rant. OK time for an update, and not a good one. I'm currently writing a letter to Audi UK to complain about...
  4. Rocko

    Bye Guys

    Audi goes up the road tonight so I thought Id pop in and say goodbye. This forum has been a wealth of knowledge, from arranging the purchase of the A4 to the various mods/vinyl designs I have done over the years. It is a credit to you the amount of information available here, combined with the...
  5. Rocko

    Long time, no see

    Hi guys, havent been on here in months so I thought Id show you what Ive been up to. Dont let the first pictures shock you, it was completed for Edition38 and is now returned to normal! After several lagers we decided to make the car into a Polo Harlequin replica with a twist. The colours match...
  6. Rocko

    Vinyl Graphics

    As Im sure you know by now, I am a sticker whore. Like making them, like applying them etc etc. So I thought Id offer my services to do a few for the B6 FOC. White is my mainly used colour, although I have some black at the minute also. I wont be bringing in custom colours for anyone since Im...
  7. Rocko

    Part codes

    Bear with me on this, just another stupid idea Ive had for Edition38 in September. Can anyone supply me the part codes for: Front Bumper Bonnet Both wings All doors Bootlid Rear Bumper B5 S4 Brakes Or point me in the right direction to find some?
  8. Rocko

    ABT Sportsline graphics

    Offered these to the B6 owners so thought Id offer them here too. Had to use up spare vinyl so cut some ABT Sportsline graphics. 8" x 3" in white Anyone want them? Got 3 free and they are free, Ill just pop them in the post.
  9. Rocko

    ABT Sportsline Graphics

    Had to use up some extra vinyl when cutting a sticker for a fella so chopped some ABT Sportsline logos in there too. Got 3 of these, theyre 8" x 3" in white. So anyone want them? Free of course, Ill stick em in the post!
  10. Rocko

    Time for a change

    Well Ive decided that the A4 is going to be hopefully replaced by an R32 Golf. Had some great times with the Audi and on this forum, but I need a DBP 3.2 V6 in my life. So Ill keep you posted on how it goes. Sad day in a way :crying:
  11. Rocko

    What next? Graphics.

    Ok, some of you may know my car and know Ive a screw loose and like my graphics. Im lucky enough to have a £1500 vinyl plotter so I can pretty much run up anything I chose. Car is getting a full wrap later in the year and a bit of a remake but I fancy something different until then (late August)...
  12. Rocko


    Up to my usual fecking about with a set of rims I picked up before xmas. Only 4 stud so wont fit the Audi, but could fund its next incarnation. Just need laquered and finished with a decal. Handy having a vinyl plotter and a mate with a bodyshop :)
  13. Rocko

    Which mobile?

    Well my current contract is coming to an end soon and Ive been checking out the latest mobiles and have many, many decisions. But I do fancy a touchscreen. Ill throw a quick list up, and if anyone has one can you post your experiences? Iphone 3g 16gb Pros - Very slick, wifi, nice interface...
  14. Rocko

    Late xmas present - Opinions please

    So my mate gave me a late xmas present and had offered his expertise to work on my car middle of next year. Very handy as he owns a bodyshop and offered his work for the cost of materials. Since Im screwed to the hilt on my mortgage until the other house sells, I dont want to be buying anything...
  15. Rocko

    The wifes TT for sale

    Sorry to be posting here to but she wants a fecking Porsche now and itll make my life a lot easier if I get this sold sooner rather than later. Anyway heres the ad, and Im not a spammer, Im a regular member of the A4 B6 forum. Manufacturer: Audi Model: TT Colour: Maro Blue Number of...
  16. Rocko

    Splash Guard

    Im sure you've seen the weather here in NI at the minute and the flooding that was going on. Well I got caught in some and ended up ripping the splash guard under the engine to bits on the water/stones. Anyone know the price of replacement? Ive got a part number here if that helps?
  17. Rocko

    This weekends "work"

    Me + + = One hell of a marmite car. Should be finished by Sunday so Ill get some pics up. You'll either love it or hate it. (As will I:tocktock:)
  18. Rocko

    Black lights - How to...

    Ok heres the "How to.." for doing your lights black like mine. After doing these ones last week Ive upped the difficulty rating to 3 Stars. So only take this one, if you have extreme amounts of patience and you like a bit of butchery! I buggered off before the process was completely finished but...
  19. Rocko

    Cruise Control Charity Show - 2/07/08

    This is a charity event being organised by us with the help from a few of the guys behind the fundraising for this little girl. They have requested we run a Cruise Control for them so we're on the move to Kilyleagh. Ill post more details as I get them but I expect a large turnout for this one...
  20. Rocko

    Front bumper/splitter?

    Buggery hell!!! I decided to have a fight with a speed bump and lost. Ive cracked the side of my ABT front skirt and now its all over the show. Anyone seen any nice front bumpers/splitters recently? Need it fixed asap!!