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  1. J

    Bluefin handset for 2.0tfsi

    I have sold my car and have a bluefin handset for sale,it can be sent back to superchips to reprogamme to your car if anyone is interested let me know thanks dave
  2. J

    Sold the A3 today

    Sold my A3 2.0TFSI s-line se q today and used this company service is 1 st class. I hope to return to the fold soon when the house purchase is sorted.Thanks for all your help
  3. J

    Another 'How Much?' Thread...

    I have the same car as yours on a dec 56 plate same miles 12k was up for sale a couple of weeks ago,advertised for 15k heard nothing dropped it to 14k,got a call from a guy who wanted it but he would only offer 13k so refused.Then someone else wanted it for 12k so i took it off the market,will...
  4. J

    Ipod Shuffle Glove-Box Connection

    i have a snooper strabo which i fit into the retractable coin tray using the windscreen mount, i have stuck some lexan ( plastic ) into the bottom of the coin tray which the mount sticks to
  5. J

    Sports cat on a 2.0tfsi q

    does not sound much of a problem then
  6. J

    Sports cat on a 2.0tfsi q

    I am looking to fit a sports cat on to the standard exhaust the car is a 2.0tfsi quattro reg in dec 06 on a 56 plate to get the existing cat out do i have to drop the subframe i have been told this may be the case
  7. J

    Anyone have a Jabbasport remap on a tfsi

    I have been looking on the jabbasport website and have looked at their bhp and torgue boosts for their stage 2 custom maps for the mk5 gti as there is nothing for the A3.Has anyone had a remap done at Jabbasport and what is it like
  8. J

    Change of wheel colour

    I need to refurb my wheels so do i stay with the original colour or change the shade,the wheels are the 5 spoke rs6 on a avus silver car anyone got any ideas
  9. J

    creaking (windows not me....)

    yes it is from the passenger side
  10. J

    creaking (windows not me....)

    I also have a rattle from the back seat and have dropped the back passenger back and the rattle has stoppped what do i need to do now to stop the rattle
  11. J

    creaking (windows not me....)

    My drivers window started to do this recently and is driving me mad what is the problem
  12. J

    How quick is the 2.0TFSI Quattro??

    I have the exact same car as yourself but i have bluefin fitted and i think the car is plenty quick enough, power always there when required and just keeps pulling thru the gears up to 147 mph
  13. J

    10mm Spacers as Standard??

    What about some photos so we can see what car looks like with spacers ie how it sits
  14. J

    Few pics after visit to pentagon

    It is avus silver and they are tints not supaglass thanks for the comments
  15. J

    Few pics after visit to pentagon

    Pentagon in Glasgow did the work for £255 all in
  16. J

    Few pics after visit to pentagon

    There is a slight difference in the shade but not to much was going for light all round but pentagon recomended this which i am very happy with
  17. J

    Few pics after visit to pentagon

    Light smoke front smoke on rear
  18. J

    Pentagon glass

    There does not seem to be a leeds workshop on the website
  19. J

    Pentagon glass

    Decided to get windows tinted by pentagon glass as the seem a have a good reputation , has anyone had work done by the glasgow or manchester workshops as i am in the middle so not sure which to use. Any ideas on the tint on an avus silver car light smoke or smoke all round
  20. J

    emulsified oil on filler cap

    Cleaned oil cap and went on a 30 mile blast along the A68.On returning left car to cool then checked again only small amount of deposits on the cap so hopefully just condensation , will have to get out and give a good blast once a week to keep it clean. thanks