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    For sale - A4 v6 avant quattro

    After 2 years of flawless and supremely effortless motoring, I've decided to sell my v6 avant quattro. If anyone is interested, here's the ad. I'm going for a complete change; not sure what yet, but it will be a radical departure. I will...
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    V6 cambelt replacement

    I've got a scheduled replacement for my V6 cambelt due in a couple of months time (based on age, rather than miles driven). Have just been quoted £760 by an Audi garage to do it. Is that "reasonable"? Does anyone have a suggestion for somewhere good to go that will be cheaper than that, in the...
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    How practical is the A2 boot?

    An open question to the A2 owners out here - I'm pondering down-sizing and am looking at the A2. I'm wondering, how practical is the boot in real-world day-to-day use. I'll shortly have two children, thus necessitating the use of the back seat for baby car seats, so wondering if the boot is...
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    Finally provoked my TC to come on

    Spent the last few days driving more and more agressively just to see if I could provoke my TC in my v6 quattro to actually start flashing at me (how irresponsible I know, but there you go) as I've been convinced that with a big heavy car and quattro, plus the less harsh torque delivery of the...
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    Does anyone understand the new VED tax bands?

    So car tax is being changed again, with the intention of screwing anyone who doesn't drive a Toyota Pius:asskicking: Anyway, I'm trying to work out what the implications will be financially for me- I'm presuming this is of interest to all of us with our cars...
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    Current Passat vs A4B6 /A6

    This is a little off-topic but I hope you can all help me? I may need to replace my B6 A4 with something a bit larger, and a bit cheaper to run than the 3.0V6 petrol. I'm probably going to have to go Diesel. I'd prefer to stay 4-wheel drive (once you have it, it's difficult to go back to...
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    How much?!

    So pulled into my local Tesco for a dose of the lovely 99Octane yesterday, was rather disturbed by the cost to fill up a tank - £66 :wtf: I only got 250 miles out of the last tank (heavy right foot in town is bad news!), this is starting to make me think twice about driving. I know that's...
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    Front door tweeter cutting out

    I've got the Bose system in my 03 A4, it has the 6x CD changer in the double DIN head unit, all very nice indeed. Except, now the weather's getting cold, I've noticed that the left tweeter unit in the front door is occasionally cutting out/ crackles for a bit. It seems to be worse when the car...
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    Ouch, my poor wallet

    I like to feed my v6 with a diet of 99Octane petrol, keeps it nice and zippy (and I had it re-mapped with 99 in it, so the WOT timing is optimised for that), but that habit is becoming very expensive. I filled up on Sunday, cost me £64 :scared2: 105.9p a litre. Frack. :wtf: If it carries...
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    Avant boot lid non-closure

    Seem to be having occasional problems with the Avant boot lid not closing properly. Is there a way to adjust something? It seems to close better if you drop it with very little height, but if you push it closed from fully open (if that makes sense), it's almost as if it bounces off the catch.
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    3.0v6 induction

    Has anyone tried an "upgrade" on the 3.0v6 air filter? What are the options? Any replacement panel filters, or induction kits out there?
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    Upgrading stock HIDS?

    Just a question about the stock HIDs/ Xenons. Is it possible to upgrade them with more powerful ballasts/ brighter bulbs? It's an arms race out there in headlight land and I reckon I could handle something brighter. Another question, I see some cars now seem to have dual HIDS - so they have...
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    Xenon headlight/ sidelight cluster removal

    Hi there I've got to replace my sidelight bulbs in my stock Xenons on my V6 - I can get at the right side bulb holder no problem by removing the flexible section of the air intake, but getting to the left hand side light is somewhat tricky/ impossible. Any tips for getting to it/ removing the...
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    Best oil for 3.0v6

    Just checking, what's the right/ best oil for the 3.0v6? I just topped up with Mobil 1 0w-40, but what would be recommended for a full oil change?
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    3.0 v6 oil consumption

    Do any fellow 3.0 V6 drivers have any advice/ experience of oil consumption rates? My low oil level warning light came on at the weekend (shamefully I confess to not having checked the oil level for the last 6 months :ohmy: bad I know). I've only driven about 6000 miles in the last year, is...
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    Service "spanner" button

    Quick question about the service spanner button on the dash. Does it actually give the "miles until next service" by monitoring oil quality (as on a BMW), or is it purely arbirtrary?
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    Xenon side light bulb not standard?

    Hi all - my 03 A4 has Xenons, and one of the sidelight bulbs has blown. "No problem" I thought, popped to Halfrauds, double checked the bulb listing and sure enough it said I needed the standard 12v 5w push in type. Pull the old bulb out (tricky, it was in the bulb holder very very tightly, and...
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    Remote key fob dead

    Seems like a silly question, but one of my key fobs now doesn't unlock remotely. I presume the battery is flat - just took said key apart and no sign of how to access/ replace the battery. Any advice, surely I can replace it without having to back to a stealer? :scared2:
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    Decent bodyshop in SW London area?

    Hi there I have a couple of minor dings (well, two rear arch parking scrapes from useless people who can't park :motz: , and one kicked in front wing as a result of wanton vandalism :keule: ), and two scuffed alloys (not me either!) which need repairing. I'm reluctant to call in the insurers...
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    A4 Avant rear wash/ wipe fluid?

    Just a quick and slightly stupid question - but is there a separate resevoir to fill for the rear washer fluid on the A4 Avant? Or, does it take from the main resevoir for the front windscreen/headlamps? If there is a separate tank for the back, where is it?! :readit: