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  1. Sandip

    Sandip's Silver TQS

    Hi Everyone, not posted on here for a while, not a big post anyway. Thought i'd share where i am with my Silver B5 TQS. Members a more familiars with me from when i had my 8L S3 with the 3.2 v6 conversion, sold that on a while ago now (it's getting pampered) and moved onto my favorite...
  2. Sandip

    Wanted Audi A4 B5, 2.8 OR TQS

    As above, if anyone has a B5 2.8 Quattro or TQS they are planning on selling send me a PM.
  3. Sandip

    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6

    I'd like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has guided me through my ownership of my 8L. It's with deep regret and heartache that I'm now putting my S3 on the market. This is the hardest decision I think I've had to make in my life. I'm hardly driving it and I have other plans which...
  4. Sandip

    Will a TQS exhaust fit on a 1.8T FWD

    Hi, recently bought a fwd 1.8t B5, does anybody know if a TQS system will fit on a FWD car? I'm planning on getting a full custom TQS system, not standard.
  5. Sandip

    Pearl White A4

    Hi, recently bought a pearl white A4, just wondering if there are any on here?
  6. Sandip

    DUB FICTION 2017 (9/7/17)

    I am organising a stand for 8L S3's, it's a rare sight to see a group of 8L S3's together so I'm giving it a go this year at DUB FICTION 2017. There are already 5-6 cars on the stands but the more the better! I've set to a group on FB Messenger for all who are attending, if you wish to come...
  7. Sandip

    New Daily 1.8TQS

    Not been on here in a while, but slowly making my way back! Still got the S3 (3.2) but been buying a few Audi/VW's to commute to and from work, currently driving an AUM A3, stage 1 but I bought a A4 1.8tqs last week. Planning on keeping the A4 for a while as the B5 platform is my favourite...
  8. Sandip

    GTI International 2015 - Sunday

    Anybody from the Northwest driving down to Inters Sunday morning?
  9. Sandip

    Window Fault

    My windows started playing up lastweek and was wondering if anybody has had this trouble before Basically my window and passenger window goes up and down on their own when the ignition is on, it did it initially whilst i was driving and i thought i caught the switch but once i put it back up...
  10. Sandip

    K03 to K03s Straight swap?

    My dads turbo has gone on his 1996 B5 1.8T (AEB), would be as simple as a straight swap from K03 to K03s? The car is mapped,k&n panel filter Pipewerx downpipe, sports cat and full system, standard intercooler Ideally if a k03s was to go on it would need to be mapped again to get the best out...
  11. Sandip

    my new daily

    Hi all, i've not been on here for a while, normally use the 8L most of the time. Just thought i'd post up photos of my new daily driver for winter. It's an AJL, 145k, has lots of history (not been on longlife) but nothing to tell me if it been tuned, although it does look like it has a catback...
  12. Sandip

    Car not sitting level

    Hi all, not posted a thread for a while but got a niggling issue and wondered if anyone has had this problem before I've got AP coilovers with the adjusters removed at the back and for a while now the car seems to be quite a bit lower on the drivers side rear, about 10-15mm. I've had a quick...
  13. Sandip

    Northwest Mini Meet 16/9/12 - 12:00 noon

    Hi people, time for a mini meet :) Northwest Mini Meet 16/9/12 - 12:00 noon The Game Bird East Lancashire Road Eccleston, St. Helens, Lancashire WA10 5QN Who's coming? :)
  14. Sandip

    Show Our Support

    Hi all! I saw this posted on Facebook and as i will be going to show my support i thought perhaps some more people would also like to show their support for the little boy. losing my son please help - ScoobyNet I'll be going regardless but we could go as a group if people think thats a good...
  15. Sandip

    Northwest VCDS logging session 13/4/12 - 7pm

    Think it's well overdue so doing another logging session on Friday 13th April :faint: Awesome GTI Irlam, Manchester M44 5AH 19:00 Start Anyone who would like some logs done or car scanned for faults is welcome. It's normally a good little meet but try to get there early as logging can...
  16. Sandip

    NEW JBS K04 and K03 manifold arrival !

    Went to JBS on Saturday and got some good news! The manifolds have been dispatched and arrival is imminent :yahoo: Mutantfatcat took some pictures whilst we were there, the difference between the 1st manifolds produced and the ones that are being released is the cast quality internally and also...
  17. Sandip

    Northwest Meet Sunday 29th May 2011

    Ok another Manc Union meet, hoping to see some new faces on this meet :) Time - 12:00 onwards
  18. Sandip

    Northwest Meet Sunday 17th April 2011

    Meeting 17/4/11 at 12:00, Lankro Way (truck stop). Next to west one shopping retail park,Salford Eccles. M30 0DX Due to the police cracking down on meets at Trafford Park the location has changed, there's a McDonalds and Subway nearby though :) This meet has been organised to be earlier...
  19. Sandip

    CUMBRIA vag 2011!

    Cumbria Vag had their 1st show last year and it was a big success I'll be there, who else can make it?? :)
  20. Sandip

    ELSECAR MEGAMEET April 25th 2011

    Went to this show 2yrs ago and it was a good turn out! I'll be there, who else can make it :)