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  1. Jimmy TDI

    Will this be plug and play from the B7?

    Will the below radio from the B7 be a plug and play upgrade on my standard single din concert radio? I am aware of the double din cage/heater controls, but other than that will it work once plugged in? I seem to remember seeing someone fitting a double din from a B7 and having to solder two...
  2. Jimmy TDI

    Auto gearboxes

    Where there two different kinds of auto box fitted to these? I've noticed when looking for a manual that some of the later auto models come with gear change buttons on the steering wheel. Are these fitted with a better revised box, or were the change buttons just an optional extra? I really...
  3. Jimmy TDI

    Lower arm bush sizes

    I want to change the bushes in the below picture, but this company don't do them for the B6. Are B5 and B6 lower arm bushes the same size? I've used this company's bushes before so I know their quality is fine, and the powerflex equivalents are twice the price.
  4. Jimmy TDI

    Boost Gauge

    Is there a diesel boost gauge out there to match our white dash to buy from the UK? I've been on Newsouth's site and they sell one, but it would be $86 (£65?) + shipping and inport tax, and I can't find a UK seller for it. Awesome only sell their petrol version, which I don't see the point in...
  5. Jimmy TDI

    Someone with ETKA please

    Can someone with ETKA check a part number for me please? I have the number, but want to know which car it has come from originally so I know if it will be compatible with mine. 8E0 253 811 CP
  6. Jimmy TDI

    Someone with ETKA please

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place, but it seems the most appropriate? Can someone with ETKA check a part number for me please? I have the number, but want to know which car it has come from originally so I know if it will be compatible with mine. 8E0 253 811 CP
  7. Jimmy TDI

    Unphased RR Day @ ADE Tuning

    A Northwest forum I'm on is having another RR day, but all are welcome. We had one in summer and there were some really interesting cars there putting out some big figures, including an A3 with circa 300bhp. Here is a copy and paste of the original post if you just want to turn up and watch...
  8. Jimmy TDI

    Fitting S4 Headlights

    Am I correct in thinking all that is needed to fit S4 headlights is one of THESE adapters, and to change the coding in VCDS? I know you need auto levelling and washers for the MOT, but I'm just asking about getting them in and working. Jim
  9. Jimmy TDI

    A6 Arm Rest Into A4?

    Would the arm rest from this model of A6 fit into my B6 A4?
  10. Jimmy TDI

    Anyone between Scotland and Manchester selling anything interesting?

    As the title suggests really for a B6 Avant. Im in driving upto Shotts in Scotland tomorrow morning (9/8/14) to collect a S4 headliner trim, so if you have something you think I would be interested in pm me pics and prices. I have three sets of alloys already, so no wheels please. Also no...
  11. Jimmy TDI

    Rear ARB sizes

    Morning all, just a quick question here. Is the S4 RARB the same thickness as the RS4 RARB? Jim
  12. Jimmy TDI

    B6 Front Wings

    Are they all the same, or are cabriolet ones different? I need to replace my drivers side wing as someone did a hit and run on me at Christmas. I plan on buying a second hand one, then getting it painted, so it would be handy to know. cheers Jim
  13. Jimmy TDI

    Sunglasses holder

    Is there a sunglasses holder to replace the drivers grab handle like in the Mk4 Golf? If not has anyone tried fitting one from a Mk4?
  14. Jimmy TDI

    Unphased The Show

    This is the first public show the site has had, but we're hoping it will be the first of many to come It will be a proper show with trade stands, food, staff etc so not just a meet If you are interested in a trade stand then you need to contact If you are interested in...
  15. Jimmy TDI

    Number plate lights

    One of my led number plate bulbs has gone so I'm looking for replacements and I have comeacross THESE. Has anyone used them, if so are they any good?
  16. Jimmy TDI


    This is a smaller north west based forum that I'm a member of. It isn't Audi based, but all VAG and German cars so may not be to everyone's taste. From all of the forums I'm on this is they only one in the NW that has a meet every month, so I thought I would put it up here for the meet starved...
  17. Jimmy TDI

    Standard short shifter?

    Just wondering if there is such a thing for these? For example on my bora I had the front to back selector arm from a six speed Mk1 TT gearbox to reduce the throw as the pin was in a different place. Is there a car for this platform that I can use the parts from?
  18. Jimmy TDI

    Will these 312 carriers fit?

    Are these the correct carriers needed to to upgrade my 130pd B6 to 312mm discs? LINK
  19. Jimmy TDI

    Jim's Black B6 Avant

    I bought this back at the end of August after deciding it was time for a bigger car than my Bora with a growing family. Some of the posts might not make perfect sense, but that's due to me copying and pasting from my build thread on one of the other forums I'm on, so apologies for that...
  20. Jimmy TDI

    New member from Manchester

    Hello to all I've just come across this site after having a little google search for something I couldn't find info on on the other forums I'm on. There seems to be a lot of good info on here, and I hope to add to it where I can. I drive an A4 Avant 130pd Sport with the GMBH kit of which...