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  1. Sayam

    Q5 DRLs not working

    Hi all Someone I know has reached out for some help. A 2014 Q5 DRL works are normal on 0 position but when you switch side lights on or headlights or use auto function the DRL switches off completely. Does anyone have suggestions on what to try or check? He’s a mechanic and has access to...
  2. Sayam

    Mapping lambda sensor out or not?

    Hi all, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this Coronavirus pandemic. I need some advice regarding remapping. I have been speaking to two different mappers, one has said he will map my faulty lambda sensor out and the other has said they wouldn't do this and suggest replacing the...
  3. Sayam

    Wheel alignment help

    Replaced the front tyres yesterday and the inner walls were worn really bad so I went to Kwik Fit for a hunter alignment and here are the results. Essentially I can't work out what I've paid for because the stuff in red before is still in red after. Car is S-line but lowered on eibach pro-kit...
  4. Sayam

    Snow driving with DSG Cars

    Since that's the view out of my house this morning, I wonder if some of our more experienced members have any tips for driving in the snow with a DSG car that is front wheel drive. I'll start - I usually put the gearbox into manual mode and use the engine braking effect from the lower gears to...
  5. Sayam

    Ultimate Wheel Balancing & TD Pro Race 1.2 Wheels

    So the wheel wobble I have is still there and it's driving me insane now! Other than balancing I've narrowed it to the wheels themselves. Does anyone know of somewhere not too far from West Yorkshire (but I am prepared to travel) that has the dog's danglies in terms of wheel balancing...
  6. Sayam

    Help with tyre size plz

    Hi guys, hope all is well. My wheels are 18x8J ET42. On the rear the tyre rubs the arch with a full compliment of passengers and luggage, otherwise it's ok. I need new rear tyres. If I buy the same as the front (Vred Ultrac Vorti) the rubbing problem will be really bad. This is because...
  7. Sayam

    Help identifying a part from numbers plz

    Hi all Did my DSG box oil and filter change the other day (massive thank you to @mjr901 for the parts) and found this plastic part just sat under the battery tray. I couldn't work out where it was from and it doesn't look to have broken off anywhere. The number on it is 03L 103 870 A RSM and...
  8. Sayam

    Insurance up for renewal next month

    What details do people need to give me a quote?
  9. Sayam

    Calling all mechanics - Hydraulic Valve Lifters/Tappets

    I did a search but couldn't find an answer relating to the 8P/CR TDi engines. I have a very metallic rattle on idle, that goes as soon as the engine is revved. My aux belt was flapping so I assumed it was this. Last week the alternator clutch pulley, belt tensioner and belt was done so the...
  10. Sayam

    Increasing wheel offset

    Firstly, merry Christmas and happy new year to all My wheels are 18x8J ET42 and they rub on the back when I have a full compliment of passengers. I know for a fact ET45 will be fine I've found a company in Essex who offer a service where they machine the wheel to increase the offset I called...
  11. Sayam

    Struggling for grip

    Morning peeps Mines a sportback diesel, 170bhp with DSG box I got falken tyres and they have about 5-6mm left on them Lately as the roads have got cold/greasy I find the car struggling for grip and giving the traction control a tough time. Probably too regularly for my liking I also seem to...
  12. Sayam

    Mystery rumble...flywheel?

    Good morning all Been quiet lately, busy with house move and the usual... Seems like one thing after another with my car at the moment. Got some bushes replaced to cure a wheel wobble and car was driving beautifully for a few weeks. It's developed a mysterious rumble/rough idle. Basically...
  13. Sayam

    Front Wishbone, Back Bushes

    Hi guys Not posted for a bit, hope everyone is OK. I will need to replace my front wishbone back bushes in the next 2-3 months and was wondering what everyone's advice was for which ones to go with. As far as I know the options are: 1. OEM from TPS 2. S3 bushes from TPS 3. Poly bushes - will...
  14. Sayam

    BMW/Mercedes headlights :/

    I was driving up the M1 last night and some quite long stretches are totally unlit/no reflectors. I noticed a few Mercedes (especially bad) and BMWs where it seems like the buggers have collected a piece of the ****** sun and stuck it behind a projector their headlights are so bright! An...
  15. Sayam

    My Audio Build Log

    so i thought i should do a little write up of my previous and current car audio. each to their own but i'm deffo a fan of SQ over SPL and i've only really met nigel from here but as a very small introduction i have a 170 TDi black edition, 5 door sportback with DSG and it's ibis white. nigel has...
  16. Sayam

    Manual headlight adjustment

    Hi peeps hope everyone is well. In the picture below, drivers side, which of the screw do you adjust to manually adjust the dipped beam? And what does the other one do? And am I correct in assuming passenger side is the same? Thank you
  17. Sayam

    Dsg holding gears longer

    Hi, maybe I'm being worried for nothing but my dsg box seems to be holding gears longer and at idle the car is revving as though it's a cold start in the morning. Any ideas??
  18. Sayam

    Wheel wobble/jitter/wriggle/nervousness

    Hi all Not sure what this could be but basically when I drive on motorway say if I'm holding the car on a long sweeping bend even though I'm holding steering steady I feel as though my wheels have play in them Also under heavy acceleration feels like they are fighting each other and pulling in...
  19. Sayam

    Dash repair man

    Hi everyone hope all is well. I wonder if anyone can repair my dash for me, I removed an old knackered parrot from here. Picture below. I'm either in West Yorkshire at weekends or in west London during the week Thank you
  20. Sayam

    H&R Sport Springs vs Eibach Pro-Kit

    Good afternoon peeps Ok so at the moment I'm not loving the car as much as I should be...the cruise control has been fitted and works beautifully (thanks Nigel) but the ride is too hard. Next problem...the springs. As I do a lot of motorway mileage I find the current Eibach Sportline springs...