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    Which system?

    Hi all, Which stereo/nav system is in the 8P? Is it 2g or 3g? I'm trying to order a lead to play music from my glove box. Mine has broken. But also looked at the bluetooth version and need to know. Thanks
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    Morning all, Had a very strange drive into work this morning. My front right Xenon, rear left indicator and number plate lights have stopped working with a number of errors other light errors, but actually working. I have aftermarket bright number plate lights that pop up with an error every...
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    Evening everyone, This question has probably been asked a million times and id had a go at searching through previous posts but nothing recent or definitive. Whats are you all using? Why? And how do you find them? My RS3 8P has Kumho Ecsta Le sports on and are dreadful. Theyre really starting...
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    Wing mirrors....

    Can the wing mirrors be programmed to fold in and put when the doors are locked and unlocked?
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    Black Front Grille Emblem

    Evening all, Not sure if its of use to anybody but ive seen this mentioned a few times. Ive just bought some front RS3 badges from the bay. They seem to also do RS4, S3 etc. They look decent quality for £13. I know the genuine RS3 in black is £60. The seller is haych-styling
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    Ive always been an Awesome/APR customer with my previous 4 Golf's and all honesty Mark and the team have always been 'Awesome' to deal with. Ive been looking at remaps as im not loving the RS like i should. Dont get me wrong it a lovely car. Its great to drive, the wing backs and the bose system...
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    Anybody use this stuff?

    I went to Elsecar VAG car show last weekend at Doncaster race course. Other than the nostalgia of there being every car ive ever owned being there (Even a Vauxhall Nova with Speedline Alessio alloys) I kept getting drawn back into an MK5 R32 with a supercharger. As far as show cars go, it was...
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    Stick on bits.

    Has anybody fitted the lower bumper quattro badge from the new RS's onto an to an 8P variant? I saw an RS6 with it yesterday and looked ace.
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    Xbox Game...

    Anybody on here playing Forza 4? Epic game. Gran Turismo on PS was always my all time favourite. Forza has most definitely passed that. Ive also own/owned 2 of the cars on there too. I have strange sense of achievement! haha Bazgti250 if anybody fancies a game.
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    Car meets and shows.

    As the title says, is anybody planning on doing any this coming year? Ive been to GTI International a fair few years ago and went to a tVAG tuners meet last year but didnt go on track. Ive been looking at these ...
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    Front and rear ring badges.

    Me againnnn, Does anybody know the sizes of the front and rear rings? I ordered some from ebay which have arrived and are sized as 273mmx94mmx10mm on the front and 192mmx63mmx5mm on the rear. These are to big. But i cant find any smaller sizes listed. Im a bit stumped. Thanks
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    New bitssss....

    Hi all, It was my birthday on Monday and i got a few quids of spends. Managed to get a few make up bits for the RS3. I ordered: - 4D plates once the crap Irish plate comes off. -Black RS3 caliper decals to go on the red calipers - Front and back gloss black rings (dont fit and need to swap...
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    Random question.

    Does anybody know the bolt head size on the wheels? Trying to order some new nuts covers to freshen the wheels up and im not sure if theyre 17mm or 19mm.
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    Q3 Potential Q3 purchase

    Morning all, Ive been active on the forum over the last few weeks as ive bought myself an RS3 8P. Since then the other half has got itchy feet to change her Scirocco 2.0 Tdi 140 to her dream car, a Q3. Im looking at a 12 plate S line with 96k also with 2.0 tdi 140 engine. Can anybody give me...
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    RS3 Front Badge

    Does anybody know where i can get the above part? Not the chrome version, the black. Ive found the rear in black for a fiver and the front and rear audi rings too. Just wanted to change a few things and make it my own with little costs. Am i correct in thinking that the calipers should be...
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    Tragic News.

    Horrible news this morning from the Midlands. We all love our performance motors, but there's a time and place.
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    Ohhhh noooo...

    The squeaky bum moment when you get to Awesome for a health check on your new car and 2 people are looking at it and pointing.... #Paranoiddd
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    Question for the RS3 8P Owners....

    Something that ive noticed that is different from my 6R is the gear change. When the s tronic is moved the left in Manual mode. Does everybody else's car change up automatically at red line? Or do you have to flick the paddle to change gear yourself? My 6R did it automatically. Ive bounced...
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    Hedacs3 Motorway Camera..

    Does anybody know what the score is with the new smart motorways and the gantries? I was driving through last night on the M62 near Rochdale at about 5.45pm at between 50-55mph and the camera flashed when the signs were saying 50. Now im panicking that the camera got me. Im almost sure that it...
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    New Member...

    Evening all, New member (kind of) jumping aboard from Oldham, Manchester. I joined years ago when i was looking at an RS4. I ended up buying a Golf MK6 R and joined a different forum. Ive just purchased an RS3 8P in Misano (I think) Red with lots of extra goodies. Bucket seats being one of...