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  1. beachbuggy

    Visual ME7 Logger With a custom driver
  2. beachbuggy

    Visual ME7 Logger

    A proper visual me7 logger
  3. beachbuggy

    Are these turbos on eBay rubbish?

    The issue with eBay turbos are they poorly balanced, like very badly. Generally the parts are ok and even bad parts will be ok of balanced well but they aren't so fail. You may need to port the turbine housing as well so in reality although they are cheap they aren't ideal and by the time you...
  4. beachbuggy

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    You did have the preproduction one. Was the very first one done and very different to the ones made now. Definitely trying to find our feet with yours as people kept saying it wouldn't work, couldn't be done blah blah blah.. I'm impressed it's lasted as long as it did anyway and is was designed...
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    DIY Intake manifold. Pic heavy.

    I'd say it's completely relevant. You can have the same volume of air at 2 different pressures if the speed is different.
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    DIY Intake manifold. Pic heavy.

    More than likely the turbo is out of its effeciency range and either heating up the air. Boost has a direct relationship between speed and volume. So the same avolume of air moved faster will be at a higher pressure than than of the same air at a lower speed. It's why a gt35 at 25psi flows more...
  7. beachbuggy

    Cylinder Head Stuck?

    Turbo oil feed line bolts to the head in that corner
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    Turbo Type?

    The turbo is loosely based on a k03 tfsi from the 2lt engine in terms of internals, it can be upgraded to the larger k04 turbine and the k04 1.8t compressor wheel and should be good for 300bhp if allowed but everything else will limit it before it reaches that figure.
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    K03 Journal Bearing (Twin or Single)

    Single feed has 1 hole. Oil is fed from the bearing housing into the journal bearing under pressure by this single hole. Oil enters the bearing and moves outwards via the small grooves along the bearing supporting the shaft and exiting the bearing at the ends. Twin feed has 2 holes, 1 at each...
  10. beachbuggy

    K03 Journal Bearing (Twin or Single)

    Who is the eBay seller? Well known or trusted?! Fit it at your own peril but believe me it's not worth doing and won't in any away give more more oil flow, actually less! Why? Well look at the bearings. Single has 1 hole room feed inside the bearing and then grooves along the bearing to feed...
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    K03 Journal Bearing (Twin or Single)

    Do not use twin unless you have a twin feed bearing housing. If you do so it will cause turbo to fail
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    Rs6 turbo fabrication

    Turbine housings bolt to manifolds DP flanges need changing 1 housings needs the actuator arm moving Compressor housings need to be cut and shut to match rs4 or use a set of rs4 ones. Actuators needed as well ( to a certain point) Mainly labour to convert and really do well with an upgrade...
  13. beachbuggy

    NEW AET/Badger5 K04-380 (402bhp dyno'd)

    There is more than 1 size of Real K16..
  14. beachbuggy

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Spdt Double throw going to single pole. So signal wires from the 2 sensors go to the 2 throws and single pole goes to device. I've got a link for the device which has a diagram for the sensors I listed but I can't link so I'll send it over.
  15. beachbuggy

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Nick Why not just buy 2 wire (actually 3 pin) knock sensors 0 261-231-038 Then fit 2 and use a switch to change between the 2. Then you have 2 knock sensors covering 4 cylinders. 12 volt and signal wire is all that's needed. I used a knock detector I got off ebay for £40 and 2 of the...
  16. beachbuggy

    1.8t BEX Oil feed / pickup cost?

    If you plan on doing yourself it's not too expensive, £25ish for pickup and o ring, then oil and gasket sealant. However, a4 is a pain to drop the sump. Ideally subframe needs to be dropped, but it can be done by lifting the engine up. If a garage will do it for £250 I'd get them to do it, alot...
  17. beachbuggy

    Another hybrid k04-023

    Won't be the maf readings or scaling. Even a Hta30 running 495bhp on a 3" s3 maf has no issues once it's above the maps 292grams limit. All that happens is the axis stop and last values are used. O2 should remain closed loop regardless and only go open when a variable bit which controls a...
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    Another hybrid k04-023

    Yes of course. If any of the protection systems kick in or the adjustments come in then it will go open loop. BTS is a prime example of this, it ignores the 02 and just dumps fuel.
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    S4 B6 - Cylinder Ignition Angle Delay very high? Low power output

    Timing CF is what is actually being meant. This is the amount of timing the ecu is pulling from the maps value in order to prevent knock. Tuner should know this really and how and why it happens/prevented. Fuel grade 99 v 95 will give a different cf. A faulty maf giving wrong air flow also...
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    Another hybrid k04-023

    what are the rev limiters set too? rev limiter will cut timing.... Both