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  1. bredhurststeve

    Powered glovebox

    have searches on here and elsewhere but cannot find the answer as to which fuss is used for the glovebox as mine has suddenly stopped working. The silver stickers on the fuse box covers do not list the fuse I want to check the fuse first as there is no click from the switch, also where is the...
  2. bredhurststeve

    Boot lid

    Can someone tell me if all C6 boot lids are the same, I have a 3.0 Lemans 2007 model with a damaged lid and I have seen one for sale at a great price but is just listed as a C6 S-line model, 2004-2008 but do not know what size engine it came from.
  3. bredhurststeve

    3.0 Quattro A4 what gearbox ?

    am going to look at a A4 3.0 Quattro Avant 2007 which the owner says is fitted with a six speed multitronic gearbox, yet when looking through posts most seem to say that all were fitted with Tiptronic ? Is there a way to be sure before I go and view the car?
  4. bredhurststeve

    Cv joints

    Hello, I need to either get 2complete drive shafts or new inner and outer cv joints for both sides of my a61.9 tdi avant 54plate, can you give me an idea of cost and availability of said parts please
  5. bredhurststeve

    lower valance

    Could you give me a price for a lower front valance and an undertray for an A6 1.9 avant 2004 (54) WAUZZZ4BX5N008594 thankyou
  6. bredhurststeve

    decat pipe

    does anyone know if you can get a decat pipe for an A6 1.9 avant 2004 as the spring around the flexible part on mine has come apart and i dont really want to shell out £300 or more on a new cat,
  7. bredhurststeve

    one wheel drive

    just changed the cv boot on my A6 and had the car up on stands so popped it into 1st gear and both wheels were revolving but then the nearside wheel stopped ???? is this normal and something to do with a diff or may i have a broken driveshaft? car drives fine and could not see anything amiss.
  8. bredhurststeve

    vehicle data sticker

    just wondering if anyone knows where i can find what all those 3 digit codes mean on the sticker with regards paint/ optional equipment. cheers
  9. bredhurststeve

    broken spring

    whilst out yesterday enjoying a nice drive we could hear a mettalic rattling noise from the front nearside wheel. It sounded like a rattling brake pad, so today i jacked up the front and had a look and found A broken suspension spring!! it was nearly a full circle of the bottom coil, so a...
  10. bredhurststeve

    Traction Control

    just wondered if anyone knows if traction can easily be added to a 2000 1.8t as it was a factory option for my car
  11. bredhurststeve


    My A4 1.8T is tending to hold back at about 5500 revs, as this is well before the red line i wonder if anyone has any ideas it is really noticable in third gear and the engine is standard 150 bhp
  12. bredhurststeve

    sony and very quite rear speakers

    ok i know you lot do not like sony h/u but i am happy with the sound from it BUT the rear speakers are extremely quite. Halfords ice man cannot find out why this is so, any ideas please? Sony CDX CA900 a4 1.8T
  13. bredhurststeve

    stuck radio

    the concert radio on my 1.8T A4 2000 is jammed on the right side,using the keys the left side unclips easils but the right side only comes out 20mm ,it seems to be stuck further back, any ideas? it has also stopped after trying to pull it out
  14. bredhurststeve

    radio security code

    I have an A4 1.8T 2000 which has the concert radio in it, i am now fitting a sony 6 disc changer in the boot and running the new cable and interface to the head unit but i have no security code for the radio,i bought the car last week from audi in stafford but they haven't a record of the...
  15. bredhurststeve


    has anyone used JABBA for tuning, they seem to give out very good horsepower
  16. bredhurststeve

    MOVED: Chipping

    tuning-ML-34226-ML- Moved to tuning
  17. bredhurststeve

    photos A4 1.8T sport

    i would like to find a site that shows photos of the interior of a 2000(W) A4 1.8 T sport,can anyone help ? cheers
  18. bredhurststeve

    Steve from Medway in Kent

    In 3 days time i should be the owner of a A4 1.8T Sport so have joined the group steve